Saturday, July 30, 2011

Orion Star

I love how the star shines!

Just look at the texture!

Simply a wonderful finish.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm Feeling Like Me Again!!

July 2011 goes down in the record book as a blurr for me. I just can't believe how sick I was and am finally feeling like me again. I've spent the last couple of days back to work quilting and will show Valerie's quilt when I'm finished.

Because I like to see a photo with a post I am showing a peek of my "Let it Snow" quilt. I've been slowly stitching on snaps and buttons for their faces and the noses are wool.

For those who are always so kind to ask about how the sale of our home is coming along; it's not. We've had only two lookers. Houses in this area seem to be on the market just over a year before selling. Thankfully we have lots of time and we are excited to start building on the lot we purchased once this home is sold.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Update and Giveaway Alert!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! All my blog friends who were so kind to leave sweet comments on previous post and to my blog friends who gifted me with cards and gifts. My July has been spent recovering and very little quilting or much time spent on the computer. I went to my Dr. again yesterday and he says I'm looking good and to give myself another two weeks before truly feeling like myself again. Yeah!! I've contacted those of you who have quilts here to be quilted and want to thank you for your patience and insisting I'm the one who quilts your quilt. You guys are the best!!!

Before I became ill I had been working on my "Let it Snow" quilt. I just had to make this quilt when Karen told me she was using Moda's Fruitcake fabric. You can see Karen's quilt here. I've quilted mine with snowflakes and was just needing the snaps for eyes and mouth. I was able find these yesterday after the Dr. appt. I'll show my quilt after I get the wool noses and snaps on. It will look pretty much like Karen's though. I'm such a copy cat!

Long overdue thank you to Stephanie at Loft Creations for thinking of me as soon as she saw another copy of this coloring book. Stephanie posted a picture of it here. I think it is an awesome coloring book to use as stitchery ornaments.

Shelley of Red Quilts has been going through such a tough time yet she is so sweet to take time out to send me the panel fabric, clothespins and antique spools of thread as a just because gift. It truly brightened one of my icky days. Thank you!!!

Kathy Brown had a blog book tour giveaway in June. I was lucky to have won both book and ruler. It just arrived today so I haven't had a chance to play yet but wanted to show you it. Looks like a good one!

Also arriving today is a copy of Sue Abrey's NEW book just released! I'll be settling in with feet propped up later today to review her book. I can tell you that a blog book tour will be coming to my blog next month! Woo Hoo! Scurry on over to Sue's blog to get your name in a fantastic giveaway that she is having at the moment!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This is my first at the computer in days and not because I was off having a wonderful three day holiday either. Friday was spent quilting in pain at my lower abdominal area that felt more like severe menstral cramping. By the wee early am hours of Saturday I felt as though I were having contractions and my back killer. (Thank you heating pad for the bit of relief.) Making a long story shortened...I pulled my back in the shower on Sunday OUCH!!!!! My weekend was pretty much spent on the heating pad in bed all weekend. Yesterday I went to Urgent Care to be told there was much more than just my back being pulled and I needed to go to ER for a cat scan and further evaluation because of my tender abdominal area. Do you know how much I hate IVs? (bad experience years ago) Test were done and it was confirmed that I not only pulled out my back but I have a good case of Diverticulitis. Thankfully at moment they will see how the two antibiotics for 14 days work before removing part of my colon. I've been nursing my back with pain killer and muscle relaxer and trying to get my inners working properly again.

SO....please don't think I've forgotten you or ignored your emails; I'm taking care of me at moment.