Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Beautiful Post!

Several months ago Karen and I made a barter deal she would applique for me and I would quilt for her. Karen requested a design called Deb's Feathers for her Trumpet Tulips quilt. This is hot off the frame and now in the mail back to her. I can't wait for her to see it in person.

The lighting isn't the best but I tried to get a photo of what the quilting looked like.

A good size quilt with a man sized quilt holder. LOL Isn't this one a beauty?!!

I've shared Marcie's Fish Creek Cabin quilt pattern information in an earlier post. The quilt is now finished and I had considered using it as a gift but now the rave review I received from my husband makes me think it needs to be kept in the family. I love when he chimes in to say he likes my quilting.
The quilt fits perfectly on my kitchen table and added bonus was the "just because" flowers I received from DH yesterday.
I emailed Gene Black early this morning with news that he was the winner of the Mix & Match Accuquilt book. Since I had quilts to mail today I wanted to get the book posted as well.


Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Mary,
Yes, that does look perfect on your table. It is definately a keeper (well, like all of your quilts!)

And flowers? You are a lucky girl!
Happy Weekend. ~Nataliear

Darlene said...

Karen's quilt is stunning! The allover quilting works perfectly.

The other one looks fabulous on your table - beautiful indeed.

Carol said...

Your Fish Creek Cabin quilt looks great on your table and I love the flowers too. I'm so glad you are keeping this quilt for yourself. Karen's quilt is beautiful, very nice with the Debs Feather design. Have a good day!

onlymehere said...

He was right to want to keep this one! That tulip quilt is beautiful. She does great applique work. I wish my monitor let me see your quilting better but I know you always do a superb job so I'll just imagine it today! Boy, I need a new monitor soon, lol!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Beautiful applique. They are both beautiful quilts.

Kim said...

Ditto what Carol said! Lol, she said it so well. :-D Must be a typo where you said this is Deb's Feathers...shouldn't it say "Mary's" Feathers? Heehee.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Beautiful quilting work! The one on your table is equally beautiful.

Sherri said...

Yes, you are right...this is a beautiful post! It is nice when my husband offers a comment on a quilt...the ones he likes best aren't always my favorites...but I try to use them in decorating since he mentioned he liked them!

Kim D. said...

More gorgeous quilting Mary! I do love the quilting on your table topper, good thing you kept that one.
Congrats to Gene, he's a lucky guy!

Shakerwood said...

You and Karen both do such lovely work!

A Plain Path said...

I's a keeper. Looks beautiful on your table! And Karen's quilt is gorgeous! More lovely work on one of my favorite blogs. Love coming here!

WoolenSails said...

That is a beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting, she will love it. I love your table piece and would keep it too, it looks beautiful on the table.


Fiesta said...

Mary, Karen is so going to love that quilt. Of course, your creativity is imbedded in it.

Barb said...

Karen's quilt is just awesome...and your work is as well.

Kaaren said...

Double W-O-W, Mary!

I love the way Karen's quilt turned out and you already know how much I love the Fish Creek Cabin one...especially with the feathers that you quilted on it. Mr. QH and I have good tastes, huh? *wink*

Joyful Quilter said...

Sigh...I wish I lived closer so I could pet those quilts. So beautiful! And yes, you must keep the table topper, the quilting you did on it is fantastic.

Michele said...

You should keep that's a beauty! The tulip quilt is a winner too! Lovely flowers :)

Вика said...

Очень красивая работа!

Leeanne said...

I'm on your husbands side, that has to be a keeper!
Hey what a great idea bartering on skill for another.

MARCIE said...

Karen will be so happy with your quilting on her beautiful quilt. I love it! And your Fish Creek Cabin looks great on your table. I am glad that you are keeping it and that your husband likes it.

Maureen said...

Lovely quilts and flowers. Thanks for the eye candy!

AnnieO said...

Love the zig zag sashing in that tulip quilt--and your quilting shows up beautifully on those background fabrics. Your new kitchen table adornment is wonderful! How nice to get "just because" flowers, awww!

JCnNC said...

The log cabin is a beautiful table quilt and so glad your DH spoke up. When my DWH comments on liking a quilt I make, I immediately put a label on the back that says, "Marty's Quilt" so the kids don't get any ideas. I just love applique quilts especially when combined with piecing.

Linda said...

OMG Mary, they are just so beautiful. I love Karens applique and your fish creek cabin..DH made a wise choice..

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh the applique quilt is so pretty - love the feathers! And, Mary - I just love your log cabin. So glad that hubby loves it too - and told you to keep it! What a sweetheart to send flowers "just because"!!

Quilt Rat said...

LOVE that applique.......your quilting just adds to it's perfection!

Sharlotte said...

Both are fantastic Mary!!

Ariane said...

Oh I just love the quilting!!! It's gorgeous!!! You do such beautiful work!!! Love it!!!!

SewCalGal said...

Beautiful applique quilt and excellent quilting. And I love your table topper too. But so sweet to hear that your husband also loves it. Please give him a hug from me for this.


Lori said...

Your quilting is gorgeous and I'm sure Karen will be thrilled with it.
Love your table topper!!

Irishgirlsews said...

Beautiful quilts, beautiful quilting!!! the tulips.

Sherrill said...

I made that quilt (Trumpet Tulips), too!! I LOVE that quilt!

Shelley said...

It would a shame my friend to not have that runner on your table! I agree with's a keeper! Love the geese units on the end. We got 15" of snow in 6 hours! Yes, I'm complaining LOL!

Shelley said...

Brain Fart! Lol;, there are NO geese units on that runner! I need to go to bed :)

Kathie said...

that is my favorite quilting all over pattern ,i have it put on all my quilts I have professionally quilted.
Glad you kept that little quilt for yourself and that your DH said he liked it!
yeah he noticed!
have a great weekend

Karen said...

Glad you shared my quilt on your blog. It looks very good and will look even better when the binding gets done.

Fish Creek definitely belongs on your table. The quilt is not so big that you, that given a little spare time (LOL!) you could whip out another for a gift.

Mary said...

Now that is one pretty table topper. Very nice!

Quilts And Pieces said...

I"ve had Deb's feathers put on a few quilts before. I do like that panto! Karen's quilt is gorgeous! But I"m so disappointed.... I loved your log cabin quilt, I thought for sure it was coming to me!!! :) Really, it is beautful, and is awesome on your table!

Tonya said...

amazing work you do, i just love it

Wendy said...

I wondered how all over quilting looked on applique. The trumpet quilt has been on my list forever. Your table looks fantastic.

QuiltSue said...

Lucky Karen, she's going to be so happy with that.

Lucky you too, that quilt you show looks as though it was purpose made for there. It's lovely.

Lucky Gene too for being your winner.

Carol said...

Karen's quilt is gorgeous...I love the all over quilting. Your Fish Creek is wonderful...perfect on your table! LOVE it!

julieQ said...

This is a beautiful post!!! I love your quilting, and the quilt tops too!!

Cindy said...

Most definitely a keeper, Mary. Looks beautiful with those gorgeous flowers from hubby.

Ah, geez, what a nice guy.

CaraQuilts said...

I love you found some one to barter with! That is such a great way to get what you want. It's a really neat idea. Both are lovely!

Sharon said...

Both quilts are so beautiful! As usual, your quilting adds to the beauty. Don't you just love getting flowers "just because" hubby does that too!

Loris said...

Yes, your DH is a wise man. That log cabin looks beautiful on your table..especially with the lovely flowers :-)
Gorgeous quilting on both!

Angie said...

Beautiful!! Both of them are just beautiful! :D

StitchinByTheLake said...

It was all so beautiful - very much "my colors!" Your quilting is just amazing! blessings, marlene

Dandelion Quilts said...

It looks so nice on your table like that. It is fabulous.

Needled Mom said...

What a beauty, indeed!!!! The quilting really makes the quilt pop too.

I think that table topper is a keeper too. Flowers for no reason - extra special bonus!!!! He's another keeper.

Jen said...

Beautiful photos! You are so talented! I too love the Cabin quilt!

Linda said...

I love the allover quilting on Karen's quilt! Just enhances the overall beauty! Fish Creek looks perfect on the table. Beautiful quilting!!

Micki said...

Both quilts are beautiful, but the applique quilt is my favorite.

Allyson said...

The quilting is beautiful on the tulips quilt. But that little log cabin table runner steals the show! It's darling! And how cute is it that your husband commented on it. (And DIDN'T say anything like mine did about one of my quilts and how it looks like something you would find in a second-hand store!)

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Mary, I agree with your hubby about keeping that one. Beautiful is the only word I can think of. Love the table topper and the tulip quilt is another stunning work sewn. Your post are always full of inspiration.

Millie said...

Just beautiful Mary!

Barb said...

love that little LC table top quilt! so cute - and the flowers are lovely.
The quilting is gorgeous - just gorgeous!

Keep It Thimble said...

Mary, I agree you should keep the quilt in the family. It is beautiful and goes perfectly with your table :).

Carrie P. said...

the tulip quilt in stunning. Love the border design.
How sweet of your hubby and he has very good taste.

Joan said...

Dont know how I missed this post - its all beautiful!

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