Sunday, August 29, 2010

Homespun Christmas Quilted

Homespun Christmas belongs to a client who doesn't have a blog. All last week it felt like Christmas holidays while I worked on this one. Naturally I didn't want to give it back. But then what else is new?

This is the neighbor's dog, Lexie on the bench on my front porch. My heart aches as all she wants is attention. The owners are gone most of the time so I friended her. I let her sleep in my cool cemented garage, gave her plenty of water, one daily biscuit after our early morning walks together. A very long story goes with this that I won't go into here but the neighbor lady came up and wasn't happy with me about her dog spending time at my home. Lexie doesn't understand why I'm not the same person she loves and my heart aches. She still comes up to the house just about daily waiting for me. In this photo, I'm hiding from her and my heart just aching.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sewing Party Day!!

Here is my final update for the day. I had a bit of an intermission when I left to go to the movies with DH and son otherwise I could have made several of these. I'm pleased with a finish of nearly three. (middle ones seams aren't sewn) These will be fantastic gifts.

This was my first attempt at making "Snap Happy" and I do have a finish!! Woo Hoo!! It's a gift!

As I sit here looking around the room I have many projects that I can be working on to gift for Christmas. I do plan on working on something specific for a certain blogger that I just love to bits but can't tell what it is or even show it or the surprise is ruined. So I will also hope to work on a sweet little pattern that was given to me by Shelley at Red Quilts.

I do want to give a big thank you to Sew Cindy and Accuquilt! A few days ago she had a giveaway for a GO! and three dies. I was absolutely blown away when I heard my number was pulled and I had won dies.

Ok everybody...let's sew away Saturday!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Go Vote For Your Favorite Minature Quilt

Hi all! This is a very fast post with a very busy day ahead. I just wanted to bring attention to the Quilting Gallery's Miniature Quilt Contest that opened for voting today. My Mini Star quilt that a friend made for me has been submitted. I'm not asking for you to vote for me but simply to go over and enjoy the miniatures and choose your favorite. They are awesome! Love it!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

GO! Winner Announcement!

The moment you have been waiting for! The entries were overwhelming and I couldn't possibly reply to all. One thing is for sure is that the GO! is a hot ticket item in the quilt world! It would have been wonderful to give out more than the one. My giveaway was very simply to enter and I know many of you appreciated that. So with that said, this announcement is simple too!

#47 Stephanie wins the GO! cutter (my DH's age this week)

Kelli Barr was #26 requesting dies to go with her cutter (26th today and I've been married 26)

The above quilter's have been sent a notification.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Can Share This Quilt Now....

Awhile back I shared a peek of this quilt and didn't want to share more until fellow blogger Rebecca was able to see her quilt in person and post to her own blog. I would love for you to see the finished quilt at Rebecca's blog. Her work is wonderful and you'll see the Dalmation quilt she just finished as well.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

GOing! Crazy

If you are looking for the GO! post please look at previous post to enter. DO NOT enter on this post. This is a photo of a client quilt I am currently quilting and I'm not taking time out to reply back to request to win the GO! Sorry but my inbox has been overwhelming. Also there are several entries that are "no reply blogger" so I would have no possible way to contact you if you should be the winner. If you are anonymous please leave your email address. Now...back to work I GO!

Monday, August 23, 2010

It's GO! Time

All the buzz in blogland is about the GO! and there are so many opportunities to win GOing on. I don't know about you but I hate having to jump through hoops. I am asking you however, if you haven't familiarized yourself with the GO! to visit their website at Accuquilt. While there you can watch fantastic videos, see all the free patterns, make a wish list of the dies you would like and so much more. Also, did you know that on Accuquilt's Facebook page they give one away every Friday?
This giveaway is a wee bit different than most of the GO! giveaways. There are many of you that already own the GO! cutter and would love to win more dies. Am I right?
Here's how to enter so I can keep it all straight; If you DO NOT own a GO! please tell me in your comment you want a GO! The GO! cutter does come with a value die. This die is for making 4.5" square, square 2.5", and half-square finished triangle with FREE project idea.
If you already own a GO! and would like to add to your die collection please tell me in your comment that you want dies. (does not include the GO! you already own it!) Accuquilt is giving you three dies of your choice!
Another wonderful thing that Accuquilt will do is ship to international address! So spread the word (or not that's up to you) and let's get this GOing!
This is a fast hoops or fuss and leaving you time to check out Accuquilt's website. Winners to be annouced this Thursday, August 26th.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


If your confused by the title of this post then you have missed my last post about my frustrations on this basket handle. I was following the directions given on the pattern and found it just didn't work for me so I did it my way!

Using my bias bar, gluestick, a hot iron and with some hand stitching and I've got myself a basket handle. This block was fast to cut with the GO! and piecing the block together was a snap.
Sue if you would contact me I would like to send you some GO! cut pieces to make your own little blocks as my way of thank you for encouraging words of wisdom today.
Debbie you are the winner of the giveaway. Please send me your address! You will be receiving four pre-cut basket block pieces to create your own.

Bountiful Basket Pieces

Frustration post here on these baskets so I am asking for advice. Julie has some really cute finished 4" baskets at her blog and the handles are perfect! Why am I having such a time? I've made basket blocks before but for some reason these smaller baskets are giving me fits. Here is a run down of the pattern included with this GO! die.

Press the 1" strip in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, to make a handle. (yes, the GO! cuts this on the bias)

Stay-Stitch long edge of one of background triangles (don't skip this step). Did it.

Trace handle placement guide on template plastic. Cut on lines and transfer markings. Center the handle with the marked placement line. (The folded edge of the handle should face bottom edge of triangle). Machine stitch a scant 1/4" from the raw edges of the handle. There is no handle placement guide in the pattern so I tried to guess with the "actual size" finished block shown on pattern. I also cannot get the handle to stitch down nice. It does say a scant 1/4" seam allowance.

I've stitched the block as far as I can. The handle must be on before attaching the rest of the pieces. I really wanted to have a block together before I announce a winner of four blocks to make yourself. The giveaway is closed with a winner or winners soon to be announced...that is if I can get this block together soon!

On a good note....I was smart enough to just cut two different fabrics with the GO! and stopping to try a block first. I absolutely love how fast the GO! cut all the is me, myself and I feeling frustration at moment.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew-in

This week was a doozy with my sinus infection and I'm thankful that this evening I am starting to feel better though not completely 100%. Thank you well wishers!! It was over a week ago that signed up to participate in the Friday Night Sew-In. The way my week was going I wasn't sure I'd be here.
I've spent the evening pressing and prep folding some of my older fat quarters to run through the GO! this weekend. Actually I did cut one of the fabrics for the basket block as a "test run" so I knew I was doing it correctly and would not be "hacking up my cloth." This die suggest a few options for cutting depending on the outcome you want for the blocks. I'm choosing to mix & match baskets with backgrounds like the photo. I'm using 11.5" wide strip from FQ. I then fan fold fabric to 5" wide before placing on the die. This enables me to get 4 backgrounds and 4 baskets out of the piece of fabric. The basket handle on the die is on the bias.

The finished block size will be 4" x 4". I thought it might be fun to have a little mini-giveaway of cut basket blocks from the GO! I'm not sending pieces for the whole quilt but will send you at least four blocks to play and do with as you choose. I was thinking these might be the perfect size for pincushions. If your interested leave a comment and Sunday I'll draw a name.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

Quilt Hollow's mailbox was filled with some wonderful gifts this past week. Thank you Cindy and Rae Ann. You both sure know how to make a gal smile.

All the buzz in blogland these days is the GO! cutter. I hadn't realized until this morning that the Accuquilt website has many videos that will answer your curiosity questions. Scroll down to see the listing. I've been watching them and learning so much myself as I nurse this sinus infection. Thanks to all well wishers. This is one of the worse I've ever had.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Easy Nine Patches

A few of you have been emailing and asking me about the GO! The verdict is still out and only because I didn't feel well this weekend to just play with it. There were a few hours spent in the Urgent Care waiting room yesterday for an antibiotic to kill my lovely sinus infection. The left side of my face is in pain and feels like my top teeth need pulled.

One of the dies I have is for 2.5" strips. One thing I do not like is alot of waste so I put my fabric on the die and was careful not to have too much going over the blades. The fabric was a full WOF piece folded over so I cut through 4 layers. The die cuts three 2.5" strips at a time.

In this photo I have the strips stacked but wanted to show you the leftover. This is about how much I would have cut off to straighten fabric with my rotary cutter. I could see that the GO! will certainly speed strip cutting.

Here's 78 stacked nine patches that required 2.5" strips. The blocks are now in the mail to Julie for the exchange.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where is the week GOing?

This week was Jo club at the quilt shop I drive over an hour to get to. What I love about the shop is they constantly switch things up and have new displays each time I visit. This quilt caught my eye instantly! I've seen many wedding ring quilts but this one with the reproduction and shirtings just does it for me!

Did somebody say templates?! In that case, I'm out! It just isn't going to happen. However, did you know that Accuquilt will have a new die out in September for the wedding ring quilt block? Imagine how easy this would be to cut now.

The UPS man showed up today with my new GO! I've been working on quilt tops all week and have several going back out in the mail tomorrow so this means I get play time and will have a GO! this weekend.
I also owe many of you a huge THANK YOU for voting on "My Sweet Addiction" Schnibble at Kelly's. You can see the post here. I guess now I'm in the running for the larger prize. I don't expect to win but it is fun having my Schnibble in the contest.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

This was fun!

A few weeks back I was contacted by Subee Sews Quilts to quilt her Crabapples quilt top from Bonnie Hunter's book called, "Adventures with Leaders & Enders." You betcha I told her; along with if you can get the top to me before Thursday I can show it to Bonnie since we are spending the day together. Suzanne just might be Bonnie's #1 fan! So here you go Suzanne! Bonnie's holding your quilt top in my living room.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Quick Nine Patch Method

Several of us are doing The Great Nine Patch Celebration Exchange at Julie's blog. Here is a Quick Nine Patch Method that was a free pattern I received recently so I thought I'd share. I know Julie plans to post this after her hectic weekend. (hugs Julie!!)

Accuquilt GO! will be here this week sometime for those who have been asking me how I like it. It was on backorder. The fun thing is I will be giving one away too! I was trying to think of fun creative ways for the GO! giveaway. Ideas? My giveaway will likely be September sometime.

A little blogget birdie called me earlier this week to tell me she too will be receiving a GO! and giving one away. It was so much fun to share in the excitement. I'm sure she will reveal her identity soon. Then today....I heard that ANOTHER blogget friend of mine learned she is receiving a GO! The Accuquilt company sure has impressed me so far with their generosity and way they spread word on the GO!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Got Thread?

Got Thread?
I did get the quilting finished and this was what was left on the spool. It was fun watching it dwindle down and I kept wondering if I would make the finish without reloading another spool.
Also another reminder that you still have plenty of time to go vote in the Schnibbles Times Two Contest mentioned in my previous post. Even if you don't have a blog and just lurk or would like to be entered for a prize yourself go on over and vote for your favorite! It's like can't win the lottery unless you buy the ticket.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Please Go Vote and WIN!!!

Please go to Kelly's blog Charming Chatter and vote for your favorite entry for the Schnibble Contest. This is my entry #11 My Sweet Addiction. I'm not asking you to vote for me (though would love if you would)...but am asking you to not miss the opportunity to win a Voter's prize for yourself!

BTW - this is my second post of the day. Check out JACKS in previous post.

JACKS....The Schnibble Kind!

So this weekend I felt like piecing. Here is one of the latest Schnibble patterns called, "JACKS" that Carol gifted me last week. I used Moda Civil War Homefront charm packs that I bought from Kelly.

Drats! Again with the photo turning...tilt your head or computer monitor. Hee! This is winning loot I won from Jo. I didn't expect so many patterns! Thank you Jo!