Friday, July 30, 2010

Joy Luck Schnibble

Woo Hoo...I have a finish of my own. I finally finished getting the binding stitched last night. This quilt hasn't been washed, dried and crinkled yet for that aged look I love.
@#$%^& photo below turned!!!

Remember I while back I shared with you that I cut my Jo fabrics into 5" charms? I used them in Joy Luck.

An Accuquilt GO is headed my way (well on backorder). Yes, the majority of the comments left in previous post were correct! I'm anxious to use the GO cutter on my next batch of Jo Morton fabrics. But here is the best part for YOU, I will be giving one away in the near future!

Now for some of you who want to get in on a giveaway for one NOW...scurry over to Pat's Blog. Her giveaway ends this weekend!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mail Call

The last few weeks I've received fun mail besides usual bills and junk. I've gathered it all up in this one photo. Angie's Bit and Pieces sent me a copy of her autographed EQ6 Applique Drawing book that I won on her blog. Pajama Quilter has a brand new DVD out called Rethreaded. She makes free motion quilting a breeze. Go HERE to see a preview. Cindy was a sweetie to think of me while she was visting Sister's Quilt Show and perhaps felt sorry for me since I couldn't go. She gifted me with the sweet Little Wallet pattern kit and goodies. Then today the cutest card showed up in my box with a brand spanking new Schnibble pattern called "Jacks" from Carol just because she knows my addiction well. Thank you everybody for making my mailbox a fun place to hang out!

My blog's background has been replaced with this one for now. Thank you to all who filled me in on the happenings at The Cutest Blog. One thing that I discovered was lots of wonderful information under their SECRETS tab.

I'm busting at the seams with something I want to share with you! You would have thought that I was the winner of the lottery last night when I read my email. My husband and son #2 just looked at me as if I was nuts and they were so confused as to what I was talking about. After telling my son what the item was he quickly says, "Isn't that was scissors are for?" Any guesses?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

Here is a glimpse of my Joy Luck Schnibble. I've finished quilting and started binding. It would have been nice to have finished and shared my whole quilt but here is what happened in the midst of my sew-in. I checked my blog and much to my surprise the background is completely white and I have this little photo bucket thing scrolling back and forth. This sent me into a bit of a panic and with that came a headache. I'd already been feeling a little out of sorts all day and wondered if I could have been catching a bug son #1 had around me earlier in the week. SO...I closed up shop on my sew-in a tad earlier than I wanted, popped two Motrin and went to bed early.

My blog will have to keep for a bit and I'm quickly posting as my guys are waiting for me to head out the door.....toodles.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Night Sew-in

This is my first time actually putting my name in for some Friday night stitching. So many times I never did because I wasn't sure if I would be stitching. There has been two times that I sat quilting on a Friday evening and thought DANG IT! SO...with good intentions I plan to do some stitching this evening and will be back here tomorrow to share my post of what I accomplished. To learn more and see who all is participating go HERE.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lucky #7

Everybody shared wonderful comments with regards to selling quilts, value, cost, time, market place, economy and the list goes on. Thank you so much for taking the time and giving your views and opinions on the subject. There were emails also sent separate from the blog post asking about quilts I had for sale! Even though I'm a longarm quilter and take in client quilts it is good to know there is another avenue for me to take if I choose. But for now I simply enjoy making and giving as gifts to those who truly appreciate the value of a quilt.

In my previous post I asked about the Schnibbles addiction and also received some wonderful comments to include those who still don't know about Schnibbles. I did my best to explain of course. I call Schnibbles my "instant gratification" quilts. A no-reply blogger left a comment that put it this way: "What I love most about them is I can step out of my fabric comfort zone and try some different fabrics without a huge commitment. Plus, they are just so dang fun!" I couldn't agree more.

Now what you are really here for is to see who the lucky winner is of the quilt valued at an easy $150. (hee!!) Lucky #7 of Tins and Treasures.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


If you haven't caught the Schnibble addiction by now than may I ask WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!

Thank you to all who have offered much input in my FEEDBACK post. If you haven't read it and are a regular to my blog I would like to suggest you do not miss the post. If you left a comment and I haven't responded I apologize but the response was overwhelming and I'd be here all day. I do appreciate each and every one of you for giving me your suggestions!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dear Ms. Kaaren and Prudence

Hello Ms. Kaaren and Prudence,
My journey to North Carolina was bittersweet as I had to say good-bye to you in Canada. My time that was spent in your home ever so brief and lovely. I made it here to my new home today after having traveled many hot and bumpy days as a true prairie doll. My wool pinafore is very warm.

I can tell you that Quilt Hollow is comfy and cozy. Mary already had a special chair for me. I'm still finding my way around her home before I finally choose my perfect place but can tell you I love all her quilts, spools, baskets, crocks and warmth. Oh Kaaren and Prudence, you would love it here! The barter was an excellent idea. Mary quilted your basket quilt in exchange for my adoption and I can tell you by the look in Mary's eyes that she loves me. She just can't get over the way you painted my face so pretty. You should have seen Mary trying to figure out how you made the scissor fob. She really liked that too. I do believe I'm in a good home as she is a quilter!

Here are a few photos Mary took of me and also your quilt just after she finished quilting it for you.

I'm in good hands,

**note from Mary*** Persophone has fit into my home perfectly and I couldn't be happier with the barter we shared. Although I must admit your quilt looked fantastic in my home and I hated to send it back. Thank you again Kaaren for the wonderful exchange. I surely got the better deal!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feedback Please

I could really use some feedback and am asking all my favorite quilting bloggers this question. If you were not a quilter and wanted to purchase this much would you be willing to pay for it? As quilters we know the value of good quality fabrics such as Moda that I used, we too know the hours spent in not only piecing the top but quilting and binding the quilt. So I ask the question of value. One reason I ask is because I am considering selling some quilts soon. But not this one! This one can be yours!

Yes, you read correctly. I'm having a giveaway! It has been two years of blogging for me and I've really enjoyed getting to know so many of you. If I could I'd whip something up for each of you I would. So here is the deal to be in the giveaway tell me honestly what you think this quilt would sell for? I want a dollar amount and no beating around the bush. If you walked into a consignment shop, tea room or wherever....what would you expect the price tag to read? Also I'm asking that you do not advertise this giveaway. I truly want one of my true blue regular customers or blog friends to win. I'll let the winner know by next Tuesday evening.

Also thought I'd share with you a little wool picture I made recently. Mind you...not mine to keep. ******* you have a surprise heading your way!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Special Friendship

Yesterday was spent visiting with my friend. Look at the WOOL pillow with wonderful variegated embroidery stitches she made for me. The photo doesn't even do the pillow justice as it is absolutely gorgeous.

When I got to her house I unloaded the bag and her hairless kitty found himself a wonderful napping spot. He is a real lover!

Remember two post back I asked which quilt looked better this black one or the lighter one? Well, what I didn't say on the blog was that I made the black one for my friend's birthday. I wasn't sure if she would read the blog and I didn't want to spoil the surprise. So at our Jo club meeting I pulled out both and she quickly nabbed the black one as hers.
All of the black Jo Morton fabric is sold out at the quilt shop. I'd only purchased enough at the time to make this quilt. How many times have you ever done that?

Friday, July 9, 2010


It has been so hot here this past week that is was fun to imagine snowflakes while quilting Rebecca's quilt. I'm only giving a peek here so she can be first to see her quilt finished.

Look at this wool jacket I bought at a neighbor's garage sale for a dollar! It was darned toasty out there and worth the find. Take a look at the close up below.
A fellow blogger posted some very pretty pictures of a quilt I quilted for her awhile back. If your interested in seeing her pictures please click here.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Between Charming Friends & Asking For Opinion

Here's my Between Charming Friends quilted and bound. It is much smaller than the original pattern measuring 23 x 27.

I've rounded the corners. Thanks Kelly and Darlene.

May I get an opinion? Look at the two photos below. These were taken in a corner of my living room. Which quilt do you feel looks best in my home? They are both Schnibbles Picnic pattern using Jo Morton fabrics.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gratitude and More

When I opened a customer's quilt box today there was this adorable bag gifted to me! It is the sweetest gift with a fun drawstring pouch sewn in the middle. If I remember correctly I spotted this on her blog month's ago and admired it then. It's even prettier up close and personal! Thank you Rebecca it is a treasure.

I bought a gadget called, Lil Twister. It reminds me of a template I would make to use with the Square Dance book, only this is much nicer and easy to use with a rotary cutter.
I had several Autumn looking 5" squares and yesterday I wanted a very quick and easy piecing project. Do you ever just want to piece? I stitched the 5" squares together and added a 3" border.

Then used the Lil Twister template (see above) to cut out all my pieces. At this point I'm thinking ALOT OF WASTE.

Here is my end result with exception of quilting and binding. This could be the fastest project I've ever made. Does it look like Autumn leaves?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun Things

I realized that I hadn't shared my bobbin box. This was a purchase I made at the Liberty Antique Show that Cathi and I attended a few months ago. It was in a booth on the ground and I want to say the vendor may have been tired of lugging it to shows because she was willing to deal. You can see in the photo below wood bobbins in the box. At first the vendor asked $3 a piece for the bobbins. I felt that was a bit much for a bobbin and declined. I asked about the box. She then said $50 on the box her body language showed me she was still willing to deal. I counter offered for the box with the bobbins included $25.00 and she accepted. It may or may not have been a deal but I like it.

I'm always appreciative to the gifts and prizes I receive in the mail. I owe Stefanie a huge thank you for asking me if she could pick up EQ7 for me at market. It arrived last week along with the book she gifted me called, American Patchwork. A few weeks ago Carol had a giveaway for the Fresh Vintage pattern booklet and I won. I recently quilted for Carol and in with her quilt top was not only the book I won but some FQs just because. Bear Paw Quilts, Sinta and Sherri sent charm packs I won for last months Schnibble.

Thank you to all these wonderful gals! Can you fill in the blank on what I'm thinking? If it weren't for blogging I would have never _________________________.