Monday, March 29, 2010

Won't He Be Stunned?

Won't he be stunned because here I am already posting (you should read last post if your confused). He also enjoyed your comments to the last post. My husband is a keeper and has always been wonderful about surprising me with flowers "just cause." But I have to tell you that I've always said if I can't have flowers to enjoy while I'm alive than don't bring them to me when I'm dead as I wouldn't get to enjoy them.

Here is my Roundabout. In order to complete this Schnibble on time I would sew in little bits of spare time here and there. The quilting isn't done just time! (need more of that)

This is one of the newest Schnibble patterns called, "OSO." I started this pattern weeks ago and posted just a peek of the blocks. I finished it just shortly after that posting but neglected to get a photo. I'm sure you'll see this one again once quilted.

How about a give away? Truth be told I've read these two books and don't need to save them. Included in the drawing are three FQ's from my stash. They are older but still worthy.
Leave me a comment with your birthday date. I'll ask my son to select a date. The birthday closest to the date he selects is the winner. Fair enough? Feel free to spread word however not expected! Winner announced a week from today!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quickly A Post

Thanks to those wondering where I have been all week. I'm here. Just been a wee bit busy. I do have my Schnibbles to share but hadn't taken a photo yet. The other evening hubby was looking at my blog and says, "Sweetie, you haven't posted" Then goes on to say, "You will lose your followers." I just have to laugh. This said from a guy who doesn't blog but reads mine! He brought me these flowers mid-week "just cause."

Earlier in the week an Easter surprise arrived from Cindy. She sent sweet rolls of Jo Morton fabrics and honey bun pattern. Cindy has been such a joy for me as I get to know her more and more each time we email. We found each other through blogging and I can't say it enough; blogging friends are awesome!

But wait there is more! Another Easter delivery from another good blogging friend Candace. Yummy chocolates are in that gift bag she made along with "M" for Mary notepad! I can't say enough good things about Candace.....wish we could meet and go fishing together!

The tree outside my home was absolutely spectacular yesterday morning and look at that sky! (sorry Stina....but Spring is here!)

Lastly and because I know he reads! Hee!! This is hubby's new hobby. For the first time in all our years he now has time on his hands to tinker and play. Boy you should see his eyes light up with delight when he is with this...what I call "Jalopy!" He hates for me to call it is his new toy and like a kid he is excited.
Alrighty then a post for today is done but I will be back very soon with quilt related photos and possible a little giveaway just cause I have neglected here.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

National Quilting Day

The blocks above are for my Jo Club. We are exchanging 6.5" unfinished blocks. The center stars are just 3". In between stitching on these I've been running outside enjoying the sunshine and warmth. It is gorgeous today!

My National Quilting Day was complete with presents! This arrived for me today from my friend Kim at Magnolia Bay Quilts. She knows how to spoil me. Thank you Kim!!
PS...check out the giveaways on my side bar!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tidbit Post

Made for a friend.

The runner was made using one of the 2.5" packets from the Moda Bakeshop Sampler Box
and Thimbleberries for the border and sashing area.

I spent today learning some new things.

I'm going to love these on the next flying geese quilt.

This design is perfect for log cabin blocks.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

I'm speechless. No words can truly or even come close as to how I felt when this act of kindness was delivered to my home yesterday.

The quilted sea of swirls are perfect! Have I ever met this person? Nope, I haven't. But I do know her name, I enjoy her blog (I've copied a few of her quilts) and now I own a beautiful quilt made from her heart and hands in my home. What means most to me is her thinking of me as she worked many hours on this lap size quilt.
So to my blog friend Darlene; I thank you. I'm beyond words tickled to have a treasure made by you.

Also in yesterday's mail I received a delightful package from Canada. I've never met this blogger. Like most of you who I've never met, but wish I could. To tell you the truth I'd love you all to just move here together. Wouldn't we all be a wonderful guild? Heck, I know half of you who read my blog better than I do my own guild.
So to Cara I want to send a huge thank you for sharing your pins with me! They are adorable!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

OSO Meet Moda's Looking Back

Yeah, yeah I know that Roundabout is the Schnibble of the month. But then I spotted this pattern on Carrie's blog and I just knew that the new line of fabric I love from Moda called, "Looking Back" had to meet OSO and I had to make it now while I'm in love with both pattern and fabric. This is one of Carrie's newest patterns and she made her OSO with Moda's "Blessings" fabric. I also love Blessings however have already used that entire line on a top secret quilt that I'm dying to share but gosh darn can't yet!
(This post is sort of for Carol because she has noticed a decline in blog world postings. Could it be the weather?)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here I am....quick little post.

I had to include this photo taken while visiting my favorite quilt shop for Jo club. The shop owner bought this mouse at a local market. I thought it was homemade but the tag underneath confirms "Made in China!" Still cute!

Here is a peek of small quilts I worked on earlier in the week.

I share a peek only because the customer hasn't received her quilts yet.

Jo club didn't disappoint with the following two quilts.

That's all I can share at moment. Until next time....keep stitching!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Schnibbled Out Yet?

This is Schnibble Sunday's Best with many hours of custom quilting. I wanted to fill in the open areas with some little circle sort of designs. I love the circles on the inner border and simple stitching on the piano key border.

The binding hasn't been stitched down yet. The quilting really made the quilt on this one!

Schnibbles Hot Cross is so busy that an all over botanical gardens design does the trick.

I tried my best with lighting so you can see the texture.

Awhile back I came across Beth's blog and found these little booklets with a short story and pattern to make a quilt. She has a series on her website called, "The Quilt Ladies." Please do stop by her blog to check them out. The stories are short. I couldn't sleep at 2am last night so grabbed the first booklet and finished reading it within 30 minutes. These are going to my guild to help spread word.

Sorry that I haven't been around to all my favorite blogs much this week though try in spare moments. If I'm missing out on something not to be missed please be sure to enlighten me will ya?! Thanks bunches! See you here in a few more days.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Quick Post Monday

I got back in late yesterday after spending very long and tiring days in classrooms learning a bunch of new awesome things I can do with my Statler. The retreat was very informative and of course fun to be among so many wonderful longarm quilters. My head is spinning with ideas.

The house was clean when I came through the door and these roses waiting for me from hubby. I'm writing this post because I cannot wait to show you what he made for me while I was gone. It is this wonderful spool rack to hold the larger cones of thread and he also made spots on top to place my bobbins. The rack holds a bunch of spools and I've placed my order with him for a second one to hold the numerous other spools of thread I had tucked in a drawer. I just love it. It is perfect! He spoils me. Thanks Sweety...I know you'll be reading.

While I was gone I didn't read comments to my last post. Now with so much else I need to do this week I won't answer but thank you for all wonderful comments left. (glad you enjoyed that pie!) Also a quilter named Barb left a comment saying she was at the same retreat. I had no idea the comment was left until I came home. I cannot contact you because you are a No Reply Blogger.

Now to tackle the mail. Along with the usual monthly bills I see some fun packages along with quilts to be quilted in the stack. I'm suspecting a RAK too.

Until next time...enjoy your week!