Saturday, November 27, 2010

Perfect Example

Here is a quilt top that Bari had me quilt for her. She wasn't real sure about this top but wanted something quilted all over to use for the holidays rather than set it aside as a UFO. I think Bari had her doubts about this one; so I'm showing you a perfect example.

We both agreed swirls would give some fun movement; so in the photo above you can see what I see while I quilt. I'm always excited as I watch the quilts come to life.
This photo is a bit dark but best I could do at the time on that dark cloudy day. Don't you just love what looks like cinnamon buns swirls?!! I love it and so did Bari! Check out my envelope below (tilt head). This is just too funny! She also sent as a thank you the crocheted dish towel.

Get out your tops that you "just not sure about" and get them quilted....I think you will be pleasantly surprised like Bari.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pleasing Pebbles

In the next few post I will try and show some of what I've been working on these past weeks. This is Carol's table runner. A simple pattern with leaves appliqued on a background fabric. As I watched this quilt "come to life" I stopped to take a photo to share with you.

What do you think? Did quilting make the quilt?

Every single pebble you see here was hand guided and my back had many stretch breaks.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Long Time No Post....Here I Am!

Okay, so I've been a bit busy and have neglected the blog. You know it has been awhile when you receive emails asking if your well etc. (you all know who you are and you get extra brownie points!!) Do I even keep brownie points? These two bloggets deserve lots of brownie points don't you think? The above picture is a box of goodies that arrived in today's mail from Mary Lou. She included four patterns of her very own! Love em! dear blog friend Karen....what can I say about her blog friendship that could possibly top her giving me this quilt top? She made two at a time and recently posted one to keep and one to share. I had no idea that is wonderful homespun delight was mine! I've got it in my pile of tops to quilt. It will certainly be a treasure and I will always think of her each time I see it.
Karen and Mary Lou....from the heart I say thank you. Can you be my neighbor?

I do plan to post a few quilts that I've been quilting soon. Here is Short Story pattern from the Schnibbles Times Two book that Sandy made and I quilted a few weeks ago.
What I would like to do is post pictures of quilts in the process of being quilted so that you can see an unquilted area vs the quilted area and really get the sense of seeing it "come to life" so to speak. This is something I always get excited about during the quilting process.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Stars Anybody?

Here's a good peek of what I've been up to with my star blocks. I've still got a stack of star blocks to work into small quilts. I wanted to share with you a sampling of the quilting I did yesterday. These are all ready for binding and evening stitching. I'm glad I made duplicates of a few of these especially now that I see quilting bringing them to life; how will I part?

In answer to a few questions about quilting small quilts on my longarm. It is easiest to load one backing fabric that works for all the tops. I then use remnant pieces of batting. I've got a variety of batting in these mini quilts from Hobbs, Warm & Natural and Quilter's Dream.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Really, I Don't Have Pets

For now you get a peek of what is becoming of all those stars in the previous post.

If you have followed my blog you know the story about the neighbors dog and cats who preferred my home to their own. The beagle is rarely seen anymore and once in awhile the cats will visit. Midnight is a lover and pure delight to have visit because of her fantastic hunting skills to keep critters at a minimum in the yard. Did I say visit? It has been months now and we have a routine. She isn't allowed anywhere in my house but on this quilt where she naps daily while I quilt upstairs. When she finishes her nap she comes to find me for her snack before heading out for more hunting.
The previous post had these stars on the floor to show how many I've been making. She found not only me upstairs but loved the stars on the floor! I think a breeze must have slightly moved a thread and she pounced immediately. I tell you she is a great hunter.
Hi Mom! (a little shout out because she called about not being able to see my blog. She has been checking regularly to keep up with what I'm doing)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Seeing More Stars, Quilting and Gratitude....need I say more?

Generally I'm not an evening piecer as I fade quickly. However with the holidays arriving ever so quickly I've been working on these stars. I've got 86 4.5" unfinished stars to be exact. They are spread out on the floor and soon will be worked into some fun little quilts.

My mailbox still surprises me. blog friend's surprise me! Jill aka The Quilt Rat is an amazing quilt artist and over the past year I've been fortunate enough to receive these post cards of her work. The latest arrival is the upper right applique flower. I've shared them all with you again and YES....I keep the dust covers on because I'm sure that one day these will be worth a fortune!

Two non-bloggers were so sweet to read a past blog post that I was looking for this fabric. They were kind enough to share freely! I truly hope these two ladies will become bloggers. Jill and Mary Lou....thank you so much for your generosity. Hopefully by now you have found a little something from here in the hollow in your mailboxes.

This is a must share quilt that I recently quilted and is back to the owner. It was custom quilted with a design called, "Scottish Garland." I'm sure she will be posting this soon too and won't mind seeing it here.

I've got so much more I want to share with you but need to learn more first about some opportunities presented to me for quilting jobs this upcoming year. In the meantime, fire up those irons and keep toasty!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Machine Quilting

I love the texture that quilting adds to a quilt top. Even the smallest of tops are quilted on my longarm.
This is Carol's Christmas runner. You can see her finish here. I've been quilting on client quilts in between a wee bit of piecing of my own for holiday gift giving. Are your quilt tops ready for giving? I have openings for edge-to-edge quilting. My email is under the "About Me" on the sidebar of blog.
My mailbox has had some wonderful mail the last few days that I will share very soon. I forgot to take photos for this post. Wishing you all a very productive week!