Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Peek

Here is just a peek as I was working on this top. Candice shares with you today the complete finish at her blog here!
Did you happen to see yesterday's post? If you want a GO! you do not want to miss it!
My mailbox has been a wonderful and soon I will share with you some of the wonderful things that have been sent my way.
Enjoy my blog? Leave me a comment. I've been saving names of those who regularly leave me comments. I would like to surprise a few of you with a fun visit to your mailbox too and soon!


Debi said...

Your quilting is awesome. I need to talk to you about quilting a birdhouse quilt for me!

Darlene said...

Beautiful, Mary.

Béa said...

Wonderful quilting. Yes I enjoy your blog even if I don't comment often due to my bad english !!!
Hugs from France .

Rebecca P said...

Oh my gosh Mary that is so pretty. I just love the border pattern you used. What a wonderful quilt.

onlymehere said...

Mary: Have you heard of Stampin' Up Big Shot that cuts fabric too? Here's a link. It's much cheaper than the Go! and it cuts fabric too. Any information you have would be appreciated. Our local fabric shop is offering a quilt class using it. http://www.stampinup.com/us/documents/BigShot_cust_us.pdf

Brenda said...

lovely. I looked at the Go offer and decided my quilting is too scrappy for a Go! and I wouldn't have room...but its tempting.

Penny from S.C. said...

Your quilting is great. Too bad I don't have a blog or I'd go sign up. Oh well. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

Mary Lou Casada said...

The border is just stunning!! I've GOT to dust of my Hobby Quilter and get crackin'...I'll be happy with consistent meanders (is that even possible LOL!). I so wanna quilt like you when I grow up (I'd better hurry, since I'm neary the mid-century mark!). Beautiful work, as usual!
Mary Lou

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful quilting for a beautiful quilt.
I really want to start practicing my free motion, so need to stop fooling around and make some regular quilts. I do have a pinwheel that needs to be pinned, so time to do it.


Stray Stitches said...

Your quilting is so beautiful!

Pat said...

People who have quilts done by you are very lucky...as you do an awesome job...all the time!

Weatherbee ;) said...

Beautiful quilting! And thanks for the GO! updates yesterday...I entered both at your suggestion. :)

Little Lady Patchwork said...

You did a great job on Candice's quilt! The design really compliments it.

BTW-You are always on my list :0)


Quilt Rat said...

As always your Quilting is FABULOUS!!!! Looking forward to a peek inside your mailbox.....mine is just so boring

Terry said...

I always love reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful quilts you work on. Sorry I don't always leave comments...guess I'm just a lurker at heart! LOL

Yvette said...

OMG! Your quilting is PERFECTION. You turned this into a masterpiece.

Donna said...


Sharon said...

What a beautiful border. What type of machine/program do you use?

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Mary, you know I read your blog every time you post. I just have not been able to be at the computer for any length of time. I have enjoyed reading about all of your wonderful wins and prizes.

Shakerwood said...

Yes, I saw Candice's blog this morning. You both do wonderful work.

Stephanie said...

Your quilting really made Candace's quilt even more special.

Rita said...

Mary, as always, you did a beautiful job!

Lynn said...

It is beautiful, really your quilting is a work of art.

Kaaren said...

Great job, Mary.

My oh my the Gam has been working overtime, huh?

Barb said...

What amazing quilting!!! Just love it.

Shelley said...

Quilts by Mary...A Good Thing! Changed my needle..it DID have a burr on it! Things are better now:)

GerryART said...

Wonderful quilt design, Mary.
Enjoy your blog and like others I don't always comment.
Though I do know what comments mean to us bloggers.
Thanks for blogging.
Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

Cathi said...

Your quilting is just fabulous! I love what you did with that quilt!!

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

There is something special about how you or what talent you bring to the long arm quilter! I love my quilts that you have done and always run my hand over the quilting. Love what you do!

Loris said...

Love the quilting on this! What a beautiful quilt!

Doodlebug Gail said...

Your quilting is gorgeous - love that border design and how it stands out so beautifully.

AnnieO said...

Gorgeous quilting as usual, Mary :) Love what you did in the border. Your happiness is spilling over!

miniaturequilter said...

Beautiful quilting job!! I read your blog too but don't always comment. I love to see what your making and your quilting!

Deb said...

Hello...I love your quilting but seldom comment even though you've been on my bloglines forever. I enjoy every post!

The Cozy Quilter said...

Love the border quilting! My mailbox loves parcels!!! ;)

Jen said...

I enjoy your blog, and am a new follower!

Cindy said...

Mary, you do such beautiful quilting. Do you roll the TOP of the quilt or do you let it hang as you quilt?

Wendy said...

It's gorgeous quilting.

CaraQuilts said...

that is some beautiful quilting! YOu do have the best luck!

Sandy said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Accuquilt Go! Your quilting is great--maybe someday I will be that good!

Melissa C said...

Love the border quilting. Beautiful quilt and the quilting just makes it pop.

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful quilting, Mary. I'm heading over to see the completed quilt now.

Sherry said...

Love your quilting beautiful work

Sinta Renee said...

I wondered how to approach the quilting on an embroidery piece. It is just precious. So... the mailbox??? Hmmm
(my word verification in hotlett)LOL

Teresa said...

I've really enjoyed watching the projects that you quilt for people...do you come up with most of the ideas on how to proceed with the tops, or do customers come with very specific requests? I do a lot of hand quilting, but every now and then I get utilitarian quilts quilted with an overall pattern by someone, and then, when I am really treating myself, i like to get a top custom quilted. Someone is doing my "Wickedly Liberated" right now, but I'd love to know more about how busy you are and a general idea of your rates.

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Winona said...

Mary, I love your quilting. It is so awesome. You do have a wonderful talent. Winona

Candace said...

Thanks so much for your great work on this, Mary! It is what it is because of you!

Lorraine said...

Wow......fantastic quilting.....will go and check out the finished quilt!

Donna S. said...

Wow that looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Vivian said...

The quilt is really lovely, Mary. I looked at it on Candice's blog, and her stitching plus your quilting created a real work of art.

Taryn said...

The quilting on the border of that quilt is just lovely!

Joyful Quilter said...

What a cute quilt! Love the pattern you put in the border.

QuiltSue said...

The quilting is just amazing. I'm off to see the complete quilt now.

Sharon said...

Another beautiful quilt! How long have you been long-arm quilting?

Mary said...

Your quilting is absolutely beautiful!

Jackie said...

The quilting is gorgeous!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I just saw Candace's quilt -- it's gorgeous! You really do beautiful work. I ove the close-up pictures. The stitches are absolutely perfect!

Pokey said...

So, sew, inspiring!

Jo said...

Mary...just wanted to let you know what a gem you are. I love that you are helping other bloggers reach their 100 followers. Oh and the quilt..AWESOME, like always.

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