Sunday, September 5, 2010

Charming Girls Quilt Club and More

After seeing the response from my last post I decided to stop ignoring Lexie and give her attention again, so that afternoon I went out and did just that. I felt I had enough "ammo" or responses to respond to the owner if she confronted me again thanks to your comments. Well, now I have no clue what has happened to Lexie. I haven't seen or heard her in days. I'm hoping they are taking good care of her or better yet a new loving home!

My mailbox is a wonderful place to hang out. I won a book and FQ from Becky, and also won a pattern from Robin, and then a surprise card with a Starbucks gift card arrived "just because" from a very special blogget friend and only because we live so far apart and can't do coffee together!

Kelly of Charming Chatter has asked us to post our goals. Here are a few though I have many! I'm a longarm quilter and had an enjoyable time chatting it up with Kelly on the phone earlier this week about quilting....oh and placing my order in her shop!
The above is a huge customer quilt that will be custom quilted. (I'm not taking any more custom orders at this time however I am still accepting to quilt edge-to-edge) I've got quilt tops waiting to be quilted for clients and I hope to have a few of my own finishes especially before holiday gift giving time. If you will need a quilt top quilted before the holidays it is best to book with your longarmer now!

I've got the latest Schnibble in the house! I think I can, I think I can..... hopefully I can join in! It is a plan anyway.

I love the Snap Happy bags by Stitchin Sisters! These are hey YOU might have one in your mailbox within the next few months. (laughing here....if I can finish them!)
Lastly, remember a few post back when I was having a time with the basket handle from the GO! die called, "Bountiful Baskets" and then I finally did it my way? Well, this morning I popped in at Vicki's blog and found she too had frustrations with that handle! Be sure to go over and read it! Does anybody personally know Alex Anderson? Do you think we can convince her to have a YouTube video of her using this die and making that handle happen?!


Jackie said...

I sure hope Lexi's owners are doing the right thing for her now. I'm glad you went and talked to them again and hope it went well.

I picked up that book at the library yesterday and am looking forward to reading it in the next couple of week.

Joyful Quilter said...

Your customer's quilt is beautiful, are you going to show your quilting once it is done? I saw some of the Snap Happy bags in a store yesterday, they are cute. I'm trying to gather up lots of ideas to make Xmas gifts, so I can wait to the last minute to make them. hehehe

CaraQuilts said...

Thanks so reminding me to book into the long arm! I have about six projects before Christmas and am only booked for one right now!

Karen said...

The quilt in the frame is a beauty. Looks like a good patriotic color scheme used.
The Schnibble pattern looks very interesting. I am trying to figure out how it is pieced together by just looking at the pattern cover. You can get it done!

paulette said...

I was just going to tell you to pop over to Vickie's to compare notes on the handle!! The basket cutter is on my wish list so I hope Alex Anderson hears you request!! Take care...and I'm loving your new Schnibble!!

call me crazy said...

Beautiful quilt! And lucky you to receive so many cool things in the mail! I missed your post about Lexie, but just went and read it~ maybe they are gone for the week/weekend? I'd go over and ask. How can they be mad at you for missing her?!

quiltingnana said...

well, it looks like the mail was good to you!!! and hope that is all well with Lexie

Carol said...

What a lovely quilt on your frame for quilting. Mark me down for a couple of Schnibbles quilts and a table runner. I saw Vickie's blog and I like the baskets with the rick rack handles. Perhaps the die cut for the handles needed to be a bit wider? A tutorial by Alex Anderson would be a very good idea. Blogger friends are the best, very nice gifts.

Barb said...

Lots of fun things on your post today....

Don't know Alex....sorry but that sounds like an awesome idea...why not go on her facebook and ask? Or her blog?

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Hope Lexie is okay and getting more attention from her owners.

Love the new Schnibbles pattern. So whatcha gonna use?

Alex seems like a nice person. Maybe you could contact her and ask if she has any helpful suggestions about the handles.

Darlene said...

Beautiful quilt on the long arm.

Fabulous goodies and treasures in the mail. Always fun to receive surprises.

annieb said...

I am hoping Lexie has gone to a very loving home and is being well taken care of. Wouldn't that be great??

Cindy said...

I just hope Lexie gets love, that's all any animal wants..just like and caring goes a long way.

Ooh- that's a pretty one on your longarm.

You'll be busy lady from now til Christmas quilting others' quilts. How on earth do you find time to do for yourself?

Sherri said...

I recently applique'd a lot of basket handles from strips cut on the bias..I don't know about this particular die, but I'm sure the handles won't curve properly unless really cut on the bias...which from the layout of the die looks like it would waste a lot of fabric.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

I keep seeing more and more of those Snap Happy purses popping up all around blog land. I might just have to try making one myself.

I saw what Vicki did for her handles and thought that she had a wonderful idea! I like it alot better than the standard handles.

Stitched With Prayer said...

Mary, I wonder what happened to Lexi ??? I'm hoping she is okay also. I love the treasures your mailbox yields! So much fun. That customer quilt is gorgeous but it really does look enormous!!! Well, here's wishing you good luck with your goals, I know you can, I know you can...hehehe! I know most of the long-arm quilters in my area are booked through Christmas by the end of July...fortunately I have no big quilting needing done this holiday *sigh*, maybe some small ones that I can do (if I ever get back to my machine again)Hugs comin at ya!

Mary Lou Casada said...

I HAVE to like the customer quilt since I've done one very similar! :-D Your quilting will make it fabulous!
Mary Lou

Sue-Anne said...

I hope Lexi is ok? You have certainly received lots of mail goodies and how sweet is that Starbuck's card!

Love the new Schnibbles pattern and I will have to keep a look out for that one.

Pat said...

I hope Lexie is okay, too. As for Alex Anderson...she is pretty friendly on her public Facebook page, so I think she would answer a question if you posed it there. ALSO...if you email or phone AccuQuilt and tell them of your problem, they will get to the bottom of it, too.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I ordered my Paganini pattern too and can't wait to start. What fabric are you using?
Love those little Snap Happy bags - I think I've made about 12 now.

WoolenSails said...

I haven't had time to work with mine yet, been busy at the wedding this weekend. One more day of fun and then I will get back to work;)


Madame Samm said...

Great goals and I am not even sure how you have time to make any quilts with doing up must have more hours than most of us? Lovely work...Wish you were closer. blessings madame samm
( charming club)

Kaaren said...

Lots of stuff to keep you busy for quite a while, Mary.

Yup, the Christmas crunch is now on. I'm sure the Gam will be smoking from here on in. What a beautiful quilt that's on there now.

Your latest Schnibbles, huh? I give you a week and we'll be seeing it, right? No pressure intended. *wink*

Shakerwood said...

Cool new Schnibbles pattern. Now off to list my goals. You have some nice choices there.

Wendy said...

The customer quilt is going to be beautiful. Good you are joining the challenge, the next Schibble pattern is really cute. I don't think I can make that big of a commitment to do 1 a month. Good luck with getting better instructions on the handle.

Kim D. said...

Oh, I do hope Lexie is getting some love, please keep us posted. Such an adorable dog. The quilt on you LA is lovely. Congrats on the win, it's always nice getting packages in the mail.

Stray Stitches said...

I, too, hope Lexi is okay and is receiving all of the love that she deserves!!!

I just received my Paganini pattern and am trying to figure out fabric and what version I'm going to create.

Jo said...

I just got my new Schnibble too. I am totally undecided at which one to make....glad you've "taken up" with the neighbor dog again. Company is always nice...human or canine.

JayTee said...

Love the quilt you are going to be quilting. The Snap Happy bags are cute...I enjoy making them. The Schnibbles quilt pattern is cute.Good luck reaching your goals

Vivian said...

I hadn't seen the newest Schnibble pattern till spotting it here. It has such a different look from the others. I'm doing my best to ignore them for a while, till I get some other projects done.
Lovely customer quilt. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. Busy, busy.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, I do hope Lexie is being treated well.
Awesome quilt on the machine. I am sure you are going to be very busy with everyone wanting Christmas quilts done.
Sweet gifts you received.
Now I am off to see how to do that handle.
thanks on my congrats on the GO. very exited. news travels fast.

Carrie P. said...

Just tried to go to Vicki's and she has malware on her blog so I can't read it.
It has something to do with
Maybe you could let her know.

Cathi said...

I too hope that Lexie's people have either started paying proper attention to her or have given her to someone who can give her a truly great home.

That is going to be one glorious quilt! I can't wait to see what you do with the quilting.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Hi Mary - what fun projects - love the Schnibbles -and those bags are too cute! I'm rooting for you to get some sewing time for YOU! What a gorgeous quilt - I can't wait to see the quilting! And, I have to tell ya - I so enjoyed our chat - we'll have to do it again soon!

QuiltSue said...

I hope Lexi is OK and has returned to you for some extra loving. Your customer's quilt is beautiful, but to read that you are already booked up till Christmas with quilting just reminds me how fast the seasons go. Yesterday here, it was still summer, altho this morning is a bit autumnal, so is tomorrow going to be winter?

AnnieO said...

I immediately thought of you when I read Vicki's post about her handle frustrations! You both came up with good solutions :)

Look what fun you are having with fabric. Love the customer quilt too.

Barb said...

your customers quilt is lovely - looks king sized!
hope lexi's okay -
nice new pattern.

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