Sunday, August 29, 2010

Homespun Christmas Quilted

Homespun Christmas belongs to a client who doesn't have a blog. All last week it felt like Christmas holidays while I worked on this one. Naturally I didn't want to give it back. But then what else is new?

This is the neighbor's dog, Lexie on the bench on my front porch. My heart aches as all she wants is attention. The owners are gone most of the time so I friended her. I let her sleep in my cool cemented garage, gave her plenty of water, one daily biscuit after our early morning walks together. A very long story goes with this that I won't go into here but the neighbor lady came up and wasn't happy with me about her dog spending time at my home. Lexie doesn't understand why I'm not the same person she loves and my heart aches. She still comes up to the house just about daily waiting for me. In this photo, I'm hiding from her and my heart just aching.


quiltingnana said...

you have a loving heart

Carrie P. said...

Great job on the quilt.
Just go love on the dog if you want. They are social beings and if her owner doesn't get that she is missing out.

Cindy said...

Oh Mary, that's got to be SO HARD - just seeing her there and not allowing yourself to love on her. Go ahead - love her - that's all any dog, cat or animal craves. My heart aches for her because she doesn't understand.

The quilt - simply a WOW ! I cannot express I like this one. Are YOU sure you can't tell it's owner it got lost in the mail....lost to AZ....ROFLOL

Pat said...

The quilt is nice and it IS sad about the dog. I'm thinking the neighbor lady will lose interest in the dog again soon and you can sneak her an occasional biscuit and maybe even an occasional rest in your garage over the colder months! I think the dog KNOWS what is happening and knows you are between a rock and a hard place!

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

The quilt and your quilting are beautiful!
(The last toes I would step on would be the dogs. I am sure it is complex, however, the dog needs you.) Just saying......

Karen said...

I can see why you didn't want to give the Christmas quilt back. It is a beauty.
Poor dog. I think you need your own dog to keep you company.

Donna said...

The quilt & quilting are lovely. The dog would break my heart also. So sorry you have to go through this.

annieb said...

What a beautiful quilt!!
That is a tough call with the dog, but I would certainly keep up the friendship- the poor thing doesn't understand. Oh, just so sad.

Carol said...

Mary that quilt is just gorgeous. Your neighbor isn't going to like me...but the dog is smarter than she is...that sweet dog knows who loves it. Bless it's heart...that's so sad...

Shakerwood said...

Beautiful quilt! Anything Christmas in my book is wonderful....

As for Lexie, she has unconditional love for you where your neighbor does not. Which would you rather make sure is happy?

Libby said...

Oh poor Lexie. I hope you are able to keep your friendship with her . . . poor baby needs someone to love her.

Rita said...

Mary, Dogs are smart animals...they know a kind, loving heart when the see one. I would keep loving that sweet dog. She shouldn't be punished because she likes you.

Barb said...

The quilt is amazing, so is the quilting on it.

You think the neighbor would be happy that her dog is having company while they are away? Some people.

Littlebook said...

We are judged by how we treat animals. You are a good person for caring for that dog. Go ahead and keep treating her well when you can. The neighbor doesn't have to know and you can give her some companionship. It's the little things that make a difference.

Kelly Ann said...

poo on the neighbor...give Lexie all the treats you want...

Jackie said...

The neighbor leaves her outside all day while she is gone? Not a good pet owner. I'm grateful you're there to keep an eye on the pup.

paulette said...

Well I would say to heck with your neighbour and smother that dog with some good ol'old fashion dog love, lots of belly rubs and of a few biscuits!! My heart aches when people don't look after their pets. Thank goodness this dog has YOU!!
Take care!

Sherry said...

I just don'y know what to say when I read about yourlittle friend I have no words. Why do people take anamals and not spend time with them and leave them outside Id it not hot there.

Lisa said...

I agree...poo on the neighbor. The puppy needs a friend. What she( the human) doesn't know won't hurt her. I would be a friend as long as you can. Good luck.

onlymehere said...

Another beautiful quilt. My heart goes out to the dog. I don't know why people get dogs when they aren't around to take care of them. When my son and his wife go away for a night they have my teenage daughter "dog sit!" She, of course, loves it! Bless your heart for caring about this dog.

Winona said...

I am so sorry about this. I am in tears just thinking how sad both you and the doggy are. Too bad her human doesn't have the same heart you do. (((HUGS)))) to you both. That is a lovely Christmas quilt. Winona

Cathi said...

Gorgeous quilt.
The heck with the neighbour. That dog needs love -- and if you're there and can give it, all the better for her. Sheesh -- people who are hardly ever home should be glad there's a neighbour with such a big heart willing to give Lexie some deserved attention!

Quilt Rat said...

Oh my..........that HAS to be such an incredibly difficult thing to do.
Why on this woman completely irrational? Some people should simply NOT NOT NOT have pets!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Oh wow, that quilting on Homespun Christmas Mary - beautiful!

Sandy said...

The quilting is lovely...and the client will be is a beautiful creation. You are in a hard spot when it comes to Lexie- but your heart is in the right place. The owner seems to be missing the boat here- she might need to know you are just the stand in - and that the dog misses her while she works- touchy situation-(my vote is to hug that dog every chance you get) .... Sandy

Rose said...

The quilt is a beauty...and if the dog's owner doesn't want you to be good to the dog, then she should take care of it and keep it at home. I know you probably don't want to get in a big fight with them, but I still would befriend it if it was at my house. Around here there are leash laws if it comes right down to it...we do live in a town but it is pretty much a given anywhere that if you are supposed to have control of your dog.

I will say this, though, in our neighborhood, it is more that everyone watches out for each other's dog...if one gets out of their yard, someone will bring it home to keep it from getting hit. Everyone around here, except one person, really likes dogs...

Sherrill said...

Hey, if they leave the dog out to wander the streets, to heck with what they think about your paying her attention! I'd just keep playing with her (and probably be tempted to call animal control on the ignorant owners--sorry, NOT!). And you always do a beautiful job with the quilting.

Kaaren said...

Continue doing what you were doing with Lexie, Mary. She needs you because it's obvious she's not getting what she needs from her owners who shouldn't even have an animal by the sounds of it. My heart is aching for her.

The quilt is to die for...Lexie too.

Salem Stitcher said...

Love the quilt. Love on that sweet dog. If the neighbor is jealous then maybe she'll start loving on her dog more. Dogs have enough love to go around to everyone.

Carol said...

Lexie is such a cute dog, so sad that her owners don't give her the attention she needs. She obviously knows you love dogs. I don't see the harm in visiting with her if she is already on your porch. Thanks for showing this lovely quilt.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Love the quilt -- and yet another gorgeous quilting design. I know it has to be hard for you to send all these beautiful quilts back to their owners.

Lexie needs (and deserves) love and attention, and if her owner doesn't give it to her, then she's lucky to have you. I say go ahead and love her all you want. Seems like her owner would appreciate you looking out for her.

Little Lady Patchwork said...

First I love the Christmas quilt! And you finished it in plenty of time for Christmas! heart breaks for you and Lexie! You should just give her some love. Both of you will feel better.

XOXO to you and Lexie,

gale said...

That's heartbreaking. :( She is so sad-I would not listen to the neighbor and go ahead and spoil Lexie. She deserves it.

Ginny Worden said...

Sorry Mary that you are in this position, but I guess it comes down to whose opinion due you value more. I know Lexie's would be the one I would want in my life, and as other's have said "poo" to the neighbor. If she was a true dog lover she would understand why you and Lexie are friends.
P.S. By the way the quilt is lovely, you did a great job.

Barbara said...

Oh, Mary....just breaks my heart that Miss Lexi has an owner that doesn't understand the love that Lexi has to share. Why do people think that they must have a dog but do not care about the dogs needs? They have love to share and need to have love shown to them just like we do.....keep loving Miss Lexi!!!

WoolenSails said...

I just love your quilting, it really makes the quilts.
What a sad pup, dogs love companionship and he knows a good heart when he finds one.


Pokey said...

Befriending a dog should be her last complaint! I'd still be loving on her, and if they didn't like it then maybe they should put a fence up. It's not fair to you or the dog...just sayin'....

I can sure see why you love the quilt!

Jeni said...

the Christmas quilt is great ...............
now the 2 dogs are with me at work every day ..and then with me in my sewing room...................the lady next door should be so grateful that the dog is safe...and also not annoying the neighbour hood
be friends with the dog you will feel better ........

QuiltSue said...

I love how you've quilted this - it really adds some movement to it somehow.

As for that poor dog, I think I'd just carry on being her friend - she obviously needs you. I just have to wonder why some people have pets though if they're not going to be there to care for them. It makes me so cross with the owner and so sad for the pet.

She a Lady said...

Hello Mary, in this dog's world you are his "angel". Sadly if your neighbor could see this picture...well what is that saying.." a picture tells the story". Bless you for your heart.
oh and that quilt is magical.
Seems you have that affect on many souls...
blessings m.samm

Shelley said...

The poor thing is lonely!!! What a shame....Christmas quilt is quilted so perfect! Love the colors in it!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful quilt and quilting. I totally agree with Carrie's comment. Dogs need love and affection and if she doesn't get it from her owner I'm sure she loves getting it from you.

Lori said...

It looks like we all fall on Lexie's side. It sounds like your neighbor has a bit of dog jealousy. There's a reason Lexie loves you more!!
Beautiful quilt!!

SC Sally said...

A few years ago we rescued two puppies from the side of the road. One stayed here (no one would adopt him!) and one went to a neighbor. Their boys loved him until he stopped being a puppy. Finally in lonley desperation he adopted the neighbor who raises Jack Russells and caring for them became his job. That neighbor wasn't too thrilled to have a 110 pound dog take up residence until he ran a cyote off one night and saved a kennel full of VERY expensive puppies. All living things need to be loved and appreciated. The neighbor needs to re-examine her priorities. Now, go snuggle Lexie.

Needled Mom said...

The quilt is gorgeous.

I am sorry, but I would continue doing what you were for poor Lexie. She deserves it.

Stray Stitches said...

My heart aches right along with yours for the poor pooch! Some people just shouldn't own animals. I had a neighbor much like yours (didn't give the dog the needed attention), and eventually the dog ran away. I would keep up the daily routine with Lexi and to heck with your neighbor!

Stina said...

Mary... I feel so sorry for the DOG!!!! Think your neighbour should be happy for you being there for her... ahhh... some people!!! Shame shame!!

Stitched With Prayer said...

Mary the quilt is just beautiful. As for por Lexie...I read your post to my hubby and he looked at the picture and avid animal lovers (you are too as we can see) my hubby said "I would continue giving Lexie some attention, I'd just be very discreet about it". I don't know if that's the right approach either but I know the picture and the idea of the little dog waiting for you made me weepy...What I can't understand is why in the world is the owner upset? I would be delighted if I had a neighbor that cared enough about my dogs to offer them some company and a treat if I was gone all day!!! I agree with Carrie...go out and love on her and give her a treat. It will make you both feel much better! Sending you a huge hug and one to Lexie too. *sigh*

Denise :) said...

You know, if your neighbor isn't going to prevent the dog from being on your property, then enjoy the dog and forget the ol' bat. Oops! Did I say that out loud?!?! LOL!!! The quilt is beautiful!! *Hugs*! :)

Mrs Quilty said...

I am feeling so sad about that dog just wanting love. Why doesn't that neighbor understand you are not taking her away just giving her companionship while the owner is away. Try and reason with her if you can. That dog needs love!

Mrs Quilty said...

Forgot about mentioning that Christmas quilt, I was so affected by that doggie. It is a beautiful quilt!! Very nice for the holidays!

Becky said...

Lexie is lucky to have you. It terrible that her owner does not realize that animals need lots of loving. Beautiful quilt!

Susan said...

You go love on that sweet dog, this breaks my heart to think the owner doesn't care for her own pet. Oh, my! Beautiful Christmas quilt.

Wendy said...

I'm starting to feel like fall projects. The quilt is lovely I just can't think that far ahead. I hope the dog will continue to visit.

Donna S. said...

What the heck? I'm sorry but if they leave the dog out & it comes to your house you can love on it!!! I can see an owner asking you not to feed it scraps or something like that...but like I said before...what the heck?

Barb said...

I'm so sad about your neighbor dog :(
Now that I have a special dog in my life, I don't understand people who don't understand that they just want love, that's all.
You have a lovely spirit share it with this dog, you both deserve it!
lovely quilt too

Sue-Anne said...

The quilt looks great. I am feeling really sick with worrying over that poor puppy. As Carrie said, just keep on giving her lots of love and attention, she obviously needs it as her owners dont seem to care about her. Honestly, you would think they would be grateful that you care about her. Some people don't deserve to have pets.

Kim D. said...

Wow Mary another gorgeous quilt I can see why you don't want to give it up. Don't you love neighbors, poor dog, it's still going to come over for the attention. So cute and starved for attention you can tell.

Stephanie said...

Mary, nice to meet you! I am so glad you stopped by my blog so I can find your blog. Your story about the dog breaks my heart. I have a a doggie that I just love and I know there are many people out there that don't love theirs.

Love the Christmas quilt. It puts me in the mood to make one too! Steph

Karen said...

That is so sad about Lexie. What is wrong with some people! Don't stop, love her with all your heart!

Janet said...

I have tears, blow the neighbour, the dog needs and deserves some love. I understand not feeding or walking her but don't hide, my heart is breaking too. Please pat her for all of us.
Thanks for showing the lovely quilt, it really is a lovely one.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Poor Lexie. If the neighbors do not keep her in a fenced yard or in the house during the day then she basically has the freedom to roam the neighborhood. So...if she just happens to follow you when you go for a walk then it's not your fault, right?

The quilt is gorgeous!

Lynn said...

Awww, that's sad. You'd think she'd be grateful to you that you are spending time with her dog. I would keep on loving it, it's not the dogs fault it has the wrong owner. Besides, why doesn't she keep it in where it won't roam and what nerve to actually come over and tell you that. I'm getting worked up here.
Beautiful quilt.

Sinta Renee said...

That breaks my heart... to bad for that lady! The dog deserves love and attention! I'll send some treats... please do it for me! I'll handle the owner too/seriously!

Micki said...

What a sad story about the dog. I would have thought she would have appreciated what you did.
You are a sweetie.

Micki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leslie said...

Love the dog!! Give as many cookies as you want. You have my permission.

LindaB said...

Lovely quilt...your neighbour is very lucky that you watch out for their puppy..."sharing is caring" isn't it ! ! You give him lots of hugs and bikkies and all the walks he wants...and a hug from me too..LindaB

Millie said...

Mary, your quilting is so beautiful. My heart aches for the puppy. I think you should get your own dog or another cat.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh Mary - the quilting is just gorgeous - as always! You're going to be our new "Club Resident Quilting Expert" (smile)! Sorry to hear about the situation with neighbor's dog - what a sweetie you are!!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

That is so sad. What a sweet dog to friend you. I love dogs and it breaks my heart too.

Dawn Heese said...

Love the quilt. The neighbor lady needs to get over herself. Sounds like she feels guilty.

jackiero said...

Oh Mary, I feel your heartache about Lexie, so sad for you & she. It's obvious the owner is only in name, not emotion, by allowing the sweet dog to wander around to possible danger & against local animal laws. Would it harm your neighbor-to-neighbor relationship by letting her know you'd love to adopt or co-adopt Lexie (you could be her parent when they're not available)?
Bless you Mary.

Mary said...

How nice of you to befriend Lexie. She sounds like a very sweet doggy. As a dog lover, I don't understand how an owner can let a dog wander the neighborhood. I have never figured out how anyone could have let my Tess go and not look for her at the pound. But it was certainly my gain and their loss.

Lori in AZ said...

Forget the neighbor and go love up on the pup........... the last 2 dogs we have got were rescues and full of love.
I feed feral kitties and leave my garage door open partially so they're safe from coyotes they don't ask to be born nor ignored.

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

I agree with Carrie P. just show what is natural to you. Dogs really live in the moment and its amazing how forgiving they are, such good examples for us.
I am a huge dog lover and would be right there with you, in our neighborhood if anyone goes for a walk, other neighbor dogs join in, its quite amazing and very natural, they all seem to get back to their own home. If you have the time for a wolk and the dog follows without encouragement then I guess they should keep it locked up if they object. Otherwise what an adorable picture of him enjoying your hospitality.

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