Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bountiful Basket Pieces

Frustration post here on these baskets so I am asking for advice. Julie has some really cute finished 4" baskets at her blog and the handles are perfect! Why am I having such a time? I've made basket blocks before but for some reason these smaller baskets are giving me fits. Here is a run down of the pattern included with this GO! die.

Press the 1" strip in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, to make a handle. (yes, the GO! cuts this on the bias)

Stay-Stitch long edge of one of background triangles (don't skip this step). Did it.

Trace handle placement guide on template plastic. Cut on lines and transfer markings. Center the handle with the marked placement line. (The folded edge of the handle should face bottom edge of triangle). Machine stitch a scant 1/4" from the raw edges of the handle. There is no handle placement guide in the pattern so I tried to guess with the "actual size" finished block shown on pattern. I also cannot get the handle to stitch down nice. It does say a scant 1/4" seam allowance.

I've stitched the block as far as I can. The handle must be on before attaching the rest of the pieces. I really wanted to have a block together before I announce a winner of four blocks to make yourself. The giveaway is closed with a winner or winners soon to be announced...that is if I can get this block together soon!

On a good note....I was smart enough to just cut two different fabrics with the GO! and stopping to try a block first. I absolutely love how fast the GO! cut all the is me, myself and I feeling frustration at moment.



Cindy said...

I have read and reread your post, Mary, and still having a major problem. Why stitch on the handle before you put the rest of the basket together? Would you be because the raw edges of the handle will be "captured" in another stitched area? And if so, I don't understand how.

I feel a major failure here !!

Sue said...

I am doing basket blocks right now for a Christmas quilt. What problems are you having with not getting the handle to stitch down properly? I might have missed that in your post, but I did read it a couple of times. I'm just curious. It could be that even though the fabric is on the bias that the four inch block being smaller is still hard to work with.
Are you machine appliqueing or hand?
I am hand-appliqueing mine and the inner curve is always a bit tricky for me so I stitch it first and then press it from the back and then stitch the outside edge and press again. I don't know if this helps, but I hope your frustrations will end.

Shelley said...

Following these directions you are going to have a raw edge showing on one handle side when it is done??? That doesn't make sense. How are you going to cover that raw edge? Okay, I get it. The placement is going to be upside down...the long upper curve of your handle will be place so it faces the stay stitched edge. Like a smile. You sew the short curved edge then flip the handle up to put it in the right position. You may to make small clips carefully in the small curved edge once it's been stitched so that it folds up nicely and covers the raw edge. You are probably going to have to try a couple of times to get the placement right but I would say to start by making sure the handle edges are 1/4" inside . If all else fails, hand stitch the little devil in place. Hope this is the answer.

Cindy said...

Hmm...Shelley, you may have something there - I'm reading comments as they come in. Stitching down the raw edge of the handle and then "raising" it up (or lowering it down, which is the case) and stitching it down could be the answer. Interesting way of adding a handle.

Barb said...

I wish I could help you...sorry you are having such frustrations...I hope it gets figured out...I love baskets and well...this could be the next die I buy.

Pat said...

Mary...I am quite sure if you phone AccuQuilt, they can put you in touch with whoever it was on their staff who designed that pattern. That way, you could have it explained to you. I am not good at figuring these things out unless I am DOING them (and even then, sometimes I have trouble!!!) I hope it works out for let me go and read your newer post about this and see if you figured it out yet.

julieQ said...

I iron under the edges of the handle basket, then baste it in place on the piece before I sew it all together... sounds like that is what you are doing!!


I saw Alex Anderson do basket handles once. She stitched the "inner edge" down first... then pressed the handle...and stitched the outter edge down...I worked perfectly... Is the raw edge supose to be "under" the handle and not show at all? I hope this has helped you...
April fabricfrog

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