Saturday, May 29, 2010

Loving It!!

I've been "pecking away" at making this someday grandaughter quilt. This quilt looks like nothing I have ever made before yet I just love it! It has been one of those quilt projects that I just can't let sit and become a UFO. I'm about 1/2 way finished quilting and then binding.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Misc. Tuesday

Socks feels right at home in my husband's jalopy. Great...hubby allergic to kitties!!

This photo above just cracks me up! It is my porch and yet not my kitties. It is nearing dark and who knows what mysterious things are out there. Funny how they are so cautious.

Ok..back to some quilting eh? Isn't this one above a beauty? It's winging its way back to its owner now. I loved the reds and blues.

This one I'm sharing the back of because it is hearts and loops on this pretty pink. I'm thinking "someday."

There have been two wins that have come my way. Thank you to Oddbjorg and also Shelley. I'm very late in posting these by the way....I'm not quite sure where May is going to so quickly!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Do Not Have Pets

Sorry this post is not quilt related but those who know me and have heard a few stories will likely enjoy this post. All four were here first thing this morning. Above is the momma cat I call "Emily." I don't know her real name. Back when I had "Meowzer" he romanced her. Oh and for those who don't know who Meowzer is, he is the kitty on my Quilt Hollow portrait.

Here is a photo with "Lexie" the beagle who showed up one day in our yard with these two kitties. It turns out they all live back behind my house at another neighbors.

This kitty cat is named "Socks" and is one of Meowzer's kids. Socks doesn't visit near as much anymore so I was quite surprised she was here with the rest of the gang today.

Lexie the beagle runs in the neighborhood playing with all the kids and other dogs that allow her. It frustrates me and I'm so afraid she will get hurt. Just about every evening when Lexie heads back for home she stops at my porch for a biscuit. Yes, I keep dog biscuits and kitty food in the house just because I do love their visits.

This is Meowzer's other sweet baby named "Midnight." She visits more than all of them and is very demanding with her loving. The neighbors keep collars on all of them. One day Midnight showed up at the front door with the collar on her neck but also caught up underneath a front leg. I had to CUT it off with scissors! It made me so mad.
I can't have any of my own because my husband's allergies. But I'm content with Emily, Socks, Midnight and Lexie coming around periodically for visits and I have no vet bills.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quilt Festival

I'm glad I didn't miss out on this little party over at Amy's.
So many bloggers are sharing awesome quilts and sharing their stories. Click on Amy's name above it should link you to her post and a listing of many participates. The quilts being posted are amazing and gives you a chance to discover some new-2-u blogs.

There isn't a whole lot to tell about this wall-hanging. Have you ever made a gift for a friend to only find you wanted to keep it? I have. The quilt above is the perfect example of that. I only had so much fabric to make this one quilt and loved it so much that I had to whip up another gift. I don't know that she would have loved it nearly as much as I do. There is just a small bit of applique and I added cute little buttons for the flower centers. This was quilted on my Pfaff since I didn't own my Gammill back then. This really does match my home better than hers.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Quilting Spools & Needles

I've always wanted to use this quilting motif on my own "someday" spools quilt. I've imagined just how pretty it would be. Sadly, this isn't mine.

The owner was kind enough to let me show a few peeks of her quilt just because I wanted to show how wonderful this particular quilting is on spools. Several months back I played with this design on solid fabric as though a wholecloth. Wouldn't it also be fun stitched out as pre-quilted fabric for totes? I've got ideas here!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Chain Saw Quilting

Rather than share with you the edge-to-edge quilts that I've done these past few weeks I am sharing photos of the custom chain saw quilt that I finally finished yesterday. This one is now headed back home.

The backs are always fun to see don't you think? It makes me want to whip up a wholecloth.

This past week I also received fun surprises. Carol sent me the new Schnibbles Times Two book. Thanks Carol!! Candace sent me this wonderful pillow. I'm delighted a second time around. I say this because Carol made this pillow for my birthday in December and then here is Candace's gift to me! How fun is that?! This pattern must really scream Quilt Hollow! Thanks girls!! You both spoil me well.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Did everybody enjoy Mother's Day? Even though son #1 was away at college and my husband away on a business trip; son #2 took me to breakfast and mid-day lunch/dinner out. There was no cooking happening here and it was a pretty quiet day. At first I thought I'd quilt some more on Jan's quilt but then decided it is my day. So out came the "someday granddaughter" blocks that I work on now and then because I'm in no hurry. My grandbabies can wait with boys ages 20 and 16. This quilt excites me. It isn't like anything I would normally make. It still needs another small inner border, a pieced border and then a final border. I'm in no is for someday.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Antique Quilts

Our guilds guest, Susan Brooks brought several antique quilts for the program. Here are a few of my favorites.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jo Day

Sometimes blogger photos have a mind of their own. Sorry...tilt your head to get a good look at the NEW Quilt Shop Sampler Magazine! It is a good one!

Plain and Simple Quilt Shop in Apex, NC is home to the Jo Club I attend. Sharon signed mine.

A bit of show and share today. This is a quilt Sharon is making for a Mother's Day gift.

Another show and share with Sharon's wonderful applique.

Jo club this past month was to work on houses you see below. In the first photo she's nearly got her binding on!

Check out the inner border on the one below. Even that big bold black border is stunning! there is always one in the group who doesn't follow directions! Here is my friend Shirley's idea of a house quilt. I think just about every quilt that she makes for herself has a kitty print hidden somewhere in the quilt.

I want to say this was a pattern called, "Strip Tease." She changed it up with adding the small houses. What a rebel!

Where are my house blocks? Uh...same place as April's Tagalong Schnibble. :-)
I have to also be sure to point out that I have a new button on my side bar to snag for your own blog if you wish. Who wouldn't want my beloved Meowzer? I owe a huge thank you to Loris and her hubby for making this button for me!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My April Schnibble Tagalong

Have you seen mine? Neither have I. Where did April go anyway?

I enjoyed the parade of Schnibbles on Sinta and Sherry's blogs. Everybody did such a wonderful job and I must admit I especially love the ones that have added sashing; I did spy a civil war number that is just oozing with charm!

This post is mainly for those who lurk on my blog and tell me later they visted but don't comment. They ask about this Schnibbles thing. So if you are one of my friends who read, don't comment and don't understand the parade please click on Sinta's and Sherry's names.