Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Have A Notion = AccuQuilt Go!

There's only 5 days left of the 30 days of Anniversary Celebration Giveaway at I Have A Notion.
If you haven't been there...go back through older post and enter for fantastic giveaways! I'm very interested in this AccuQuilt Go so am posting here to spread word for my extra points! That's right....extra points for me for helping to spread the word and progressively ruining my chances of a win. But to play to win. (like that lottery ticket thing I keep talking about)
Anyway...scoot on over and check out all the fuss!


onlymehere said...

I've been interested in this too from the very first time I saw it! I'd wish you luck but I'm selfish and want all the luck for me! I've been entering every give-away and think maybe I'll be lucky this time, lol!.....Okay, I thought about it again and I wish us both luck on this one!

Zlaty said...

Thanks for sharing the info!

HAppy sewing!

Anonymous said...

I would like love to have one of these or wish my quilt show would have one that we could perhaps rent or something.

Angie said...

I just go this cutter for my mom -- it is awesome!!