Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Misc. Post Today

OK...who took this week from me? I've got alot of nothing to share with you unless you'd like my head cold. I just knew that when we visited son #1's dorm room last Tuesday that I was doomed to catch something. Sure enough by Thursday morning I was feeling that little "feeling" in my throat telling me something nasty was in the works and by Saturday it moved to sinus'. Want to talk lack of energy?The above photo was taken from the Gammill website. I leave tomorrow morning until Sunday evening for my Statler Stitcher longarm retreat in Atlanta area. This retreat has been a long time in the works and something I've been looking forward to. I've been in a bit of a panic this week about not feeling well and having all these wonderful classes to attend. I'd like to be 100% and absorb it all.

This is my pecan cheesecake pie that I made last week. Just thought I'd share it with you one more time because it truly is a good one. You can get the recipe here. Yes Kim, that is polish pottery you see.
Also let me send a little shout out to Betsy "Quilting Fiesta" who sent me the sweetest embroidered bread towel as a thank you for sending her some scraps for her hexies. I didn't expect her act of kindess. Thank you Betsy!
Earlier in the week I won "leftover/scraps" from Dawn at Spring Water Designs. Dawn also sent a few FQ's. Thank you Dawn!
Today is Carrie P.'s birthday! Wishing you a very happy one dear friend.
Here is a video that I know you will enjoy watching. However, it is only available as a free video until Sunday so don't delay. Click this LINK.
...and lastly there is a giveaway posted on my right side bar...go on over and "quote" what her kitties may be saying.
Until next week...toodles!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I Love A Good Barter!

I'm sharing with you another barter. My friend Shirley (no blog) asked me to custom quilt her applique quilt I shared here. In exchange she would make a quilt for above my fireplace mantel.

This was a pattern that I carried around with me for years in the hopes of one day making it. Well opportunity knocked and I'm glad I listened! Thanks Shirley! It is perfect!! You may find the pattern in the April 2001 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine, page 66 called "Welcome Home."

I'm also thankful to Shirley for making my punchneedle rabbit! I've had the floss and pattern for over a year. The little black framed piece was actually an old nut dish that I found for a buck in an antique/junk shop. Shirley painted it black and the punchneedle fits it perfectly!
Earlier this week I spent a few hours in my son's college dorm room going over his taxes. I should have known as soon as the door opened a puff of stale hot air came looming out into the hall not to mention the unsightly room! Today I have a very sore throat, running nose and blah. I hope this clears quickly because next Thursday I head to Atlanta area for a longarm retreat.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ready for Swimsuit Season?

PS...check out giveaway to the right on my side bar!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Finished Kitchen Sink Today

Kitchen Sink quilt received the last stitch on the binding this afternoon followed by a wash, dry and wonderful crinkle! It is now so comfy and cozy! The photos of the quilting didn't turn out very well due to lighting but oh gosh I love the feather border, wavy lines in the inner border and since the middle was busy with so many scraps I quilted all over feathers to fill the space. Would I make this one again? You bet! I'll have to if I want to keep one for myself. This one is going to a very special somebody in my life. (she might read my blog so can't say who)

If you haven't checked out this book by now you are missing out! It is one of Martingale & Company's Top Sellers. There are 18 quilts using 2.5" strips. Thanks to Kim Brackett!

Friday, February 12, 2010

It Never Hurts To Ask!

Just about a year ago Anne from Cottons 'n Wools made a comment on one of my post. I went to her blog to see what style of quilter she was a immediately knew she was my kinda style! I quickly put her blog on my side bar. (I had to keep an eye on this one!) The talent was amazing! When Anne posted her very first wool block from Bunny Hill I knew I was in love with it and could never make mine as pretty. I didn't have gorgeous wools for one and my talent lacked where wool and embroidery were concerned. I loved HERS!

You know that saying, "It never hurts to ask?" Anne wouldn't mind making two sets of these blocks a month would she? Hmmm...let me ask! So ask I did but in the way of a barter deal. I offered to do some quilting in exchange for the blocks.

Woo Hoo offer accepted! Every 5th day of the month Anne posted "our little secret" and I'd be just so darned excited to see the latest block! Here is the quilt top I received from Anne. It is a beauty!

In exchange was my quilting. Anne sent me this gorgeous applique whirligig rose as her first quilt for me to quilt. (still waiting for that other one Anne!) I absolutely love her work and the applique is perfection! I have to tell you I became so nervous to work on her quilt. What if she doesn't like it?! Oh gosh....panic set in!

As I finally settled myself down and started quilting this wonderful piece I fell in love with each stitch I took as the quilt started coming to what I call "life." A few friends popped in on me and had a chance to see the quilt in person. They loved it....I hope Anne does too!

I think it's wonderful that bloggers have found friendship through quilting. Each of you have your own "comfort zone" in quilting whether it be applique, piecing, embroidery etc. Why not think about bartering? If you like somebody's applique block and hate applique but have something you can offer as a trade than why not ask? It doesn't hurt.
A special thank you to Anne.

Please check post previous to this one too. Thanks!!!

Touch of Comfort

I've seen numerous blog post for Downy's Quilts for Kids Program and then there have been the television commercials as well. I sent an email to Downy last Thursday and UPS was quick to have the package on my door step Monday morning. I spent yesterday making the top and quilted it. I just have the binding to finish then wash and dry the quilt before returning to Downy.

The fun thing was not knowing what kind of fabrics was in the package. When I opened it up and found race cars I thought of my own son and how much he would have loved this quilt when he was younger. I'm talking about my 16 year old. Sure enough when he came in from school yesterday afternoon I asked him to hold the quilt up for me. He did with this comment, "you never made me cool quilts like this." He is right. I made him quilts but always chose fabrics that I liked and matched his room etc. I just know a little guy will be loving this one!

My dear blog friend Stefanie has caught me off-guard again with a little Valentine surprise in my box yesterday. Such a sneaky one! Thanks Stefanie!! (your little person would love a quilt like the one above)

Also sending out a thank you to Vivian! I received your patterns. Wonderful!!

I need to write a post to have it publish on its own over the weekend. I've never done that before so hope it works for me. I'm coinciding it with Anne's. We have a secret to share.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Schnibbles Gone Wild!

A few post back I had a Schnibbles quilt deal to those who were interested. It has been a busy week and if you see your Schnibbles here prepare your binding! These babies are finished and will be mailed this week. (I'll contact you via email as well)

Ok...the photo below is something I need to point out. If the backing isn't large enough to fit on the longarm this is what happens! I had to stitch extra fabric on to the top and bottom to roll the backing and used these handy dandy side extenders. This is why your longarmer request your backing to be a good 4" to 6" larger than your top.

....and drumroll please because I'm really quite proud of myself for making Sunday's Best quilt the same month as The Year of Schnibbles!! (still needs to be quilted)

PS.....something I learned about Schnibbles.....they take TWO CHARM PACKS. Oh yes, I copied Darlene's Sunday Best she made a few weeks ago as I loved hers with Moda's Peace on Earth. I have to thank Cathy for coming through with the 2nd pack of charms for me!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Simply Put Blogging Friends Amaze Me!

The mail carrier brought me packages today. Some were quilts to be quilted, another was a package of fabric to complete a quilt top and then a very special one from Wendy! She totally blew me away today with a Random Act of Kindness (RAK). The above picture is all the wonderful things that she had tucked in a box for me! So many beautiful things and you can see a better photo of this quilt at her blog Snippets of a Quilter. Also while you are there will you give a big shout out to her and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Today is her day!! Thank you Wendy you are simply the best!

Yesterday's mail delivery brought a wonderful little win from a giveaway that Candace hosted. I wasn't expecting chocolate too! Candace knows how to spoil me for sure. Thank you!!

In between all else I work on my "Kitchen Sink" quilt all made from scraps and leftovers of other quilts. This quilt uses just 2.5" scrap strips! You can find this pattern in Kim's book, "Scrap Basket Surprises." I absolutely love this book! Did you see that the Fat Quarter Shop will be having a club using Kim's book?
Here is another little view of my auditioning the two border strips to the first few rows I pieced.