Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jo Meets Schnibbles

I've seen more than my fair share of snow! Snowed in all weekend and now schools are closed tomorrow due to roads still being iced over. Thankfully we have power so I was able to get quite a bit accomplished.

Last week I cut all my Jo Morton fabrics into strips and 5" squares. I'm so hooked on the Schnibbles patterns and wanted one in the fabric colors that I truly love. The last several days I I've been stitching and today I got the top on the frame, quilted and binding sewn on for hand stitching this evening.

Debating how I wanted to quilt it, I finally decided on one of my favorite's called, "Deb's Feathers." This quilt motif just adds so much it! Oh, and this quilt is mine all mine!

Schnibbles are small enough quilts that would cost too much to send to a longarmer. It does take time to load the top and then the quilting for this small top. I've been giving this some thought. I know several bloggers have Schnibbles that they would love to see something like Deb's Feathers or designs seen in my previous post on your quilts. Please contact me if you are interested in a deal I can offer you.

Lastly strings! Oh yes, I made 12 strings blocks on Thursday while my gal pal Bonnie came over for a day of stitching and chatting. This was one of those no need to think patterns that was perfect for focusing on friendship and making an honest attempt at emptying the drawer of strips.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Finish, A RAK and A Start

Here is a close up of the some free swirls quilting on Hot Cross that I showed in last post. The binding was stitched on last night so I have another finish. The colors aren't like anything else in my home but I love that it is fun and refreshing!

Thank you to my friend Kimberly! She sent me an autographed copy of her latest book as a RAK! There are 10 patterns that you can use pre-cuts or she has even given alternate fabric requirements to do your own cutting and reduce your stash. There are also a few recipes tucked here and there too! My bucket list just got longer. You can order your autographed copy here!

I love Moda's precuts and wish that the Jo Morton line would come in charm packs and jelly rolls. I've got a Schnibble addiction and want them made in Jo fabrics. I also have quilts that I want to make that only need 2.5" strips. These are more the colors in my home. Yes, I stray with the new lines of fabrics coming out but then I always come back to my favorites so I'm making my own charms and jelly rolls.
Several of you may be stripping your stash into strips. Why not make 5" squares as well? My girlfriend Dana is also stripping her stash and making turnovers. It's a thought!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Small Peek For You

Today has been spent quilting. Here is a small little peek. Full details will follow at a later date, right Anne?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Schnibbles Love

In yesterday's post I told you about my Schnibbles addiction. The fabrics were cut yesterday morning and the 25 blocks sewn before going to bed. Today I went straight back to it and be the judge. What do ya think? This is what I call instant gratification. (thinking of your comment Cindy!)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Schnibbles Addiction

Schnibbles patterns are an addiction of mine. There are times in between all other quilting that I want the instant gratification of a quick little quilt. Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Give Aways

I've got some wonderful give away links posted on my side bar if your interested in FREE! Yes, I realize posting these will just about ZAP my chances for a win but I'm the sharing type. What can I say?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Quilt Ladder

I shared the ladder that hangs in my home in an older post. It is one of my favorite ways to display quilts. Recently I was asked what I do with Schnibbles quilts. My honest answer would be that I gifted them. Last year I made four Schnibbles and each found its way to a new home. My ladder displays two recent Schnibbles I made this year. of them won't be staying very long here in the hollow.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I've Missed You

This past week I spent more time quilting than blogging. It feels good to have some finishes, deadlines met and quilts in the mail. Unfortunately I'm not at liberty to show two secret quilts just yet but I can tell you they are wonderful! The best part is they will be mine to keep once published!
It is very rare for me to stitch in the evenings so I didn't join the "Sew In" last night. Well, my guys all went to a monster truck show and gave me a quiet Friday evening so I quilted away and finished up Schnibbles Decoy. The quilting was simply stars and loops.

My guys seem to think this is a 4th of July quilt. They were amazed that while they were away I had not only the quilting finished but also the binding hand stitched down.

Today I quickly loaded Schnibbles "Spin City." The quilting was simply dragonflys fluttering about. Then I sat watching a Hallmark movie as I stitched down the binding. Woo Hoo...another quick finish!
On a daily basis the neighbor's pets come to visit. Sometimes just the one or at times all four. Socks is a lover and I allowed her in for a quick visit and to get my kitty fix. I love those white whiskers! She purrs so loud and oh my gosh the meow is a roar if your not loving on her.

Thank you to all who checked on me through email this past week and have been wondering what I've been up to. I did check email twice daily because I do quilt for others and needed to stay on top of that. A few blogs were also quickly checked now and then but rarely did I sit long enough to comment or even reply to comments on mine. I'm tickled with my accomplishments but have missed you!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spin City Top Finished

Thanks Blogger for turning the photo on me!

Schnibbles pattern "Spin City" was made with Moda's Old Primrose Inn charm squares. A special thank you to Carol for gifting me this kit. I'll add this one to my "2 B quilted" pile.

I've decided to take a break from blogging for a bit. My home will finally be empty and quiet after the holidays and I seriously need to get some work done. We all know just how much of a time stealer blogging can be. Keep toasty!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spin City

How about I share the beginnings of Spin City? Actually the name is perfect for what I feel like when I'm trying to stitch with son #1 just across the quilt studio from me. Our upstairs is open and this is my husband's office with big screen tv that the boys have elected to put their X-Box on because it so "so much better." My head just starts spinning and I can't concentrate when I keep hearing the games they play not to mention their hootin' and hollerin' at the tv!

Yes, quilt tops to be quilted here but not with all this hootin' and hollerin'! (secretly going crazy in the hollow)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pieceful Days

My home is still busy with everybody home for the holidays. Quilting time has been very limited around here because of so many distractions. However, I have managed to get some piecing done that I would like to share. One of the things I love about Carrie's Schnibble patterns is that she is a designer who realizes friends like to share. Yes, there are copyright laws and she does state this in her pattern under the heading of Requisite Legal Mumbo Jumbo. Love that! But what I think is really cool is she also goes on to say we can make a copy of the pattern for personal use, or even one to share with a friend. Just don't make more than that. I think this may be the only designer that I've ever seen write this on a pattern. Could I be wrong?
This is Schnibbles "Decoy" pattern using Moda Wiscasset fabrics. Just two charm packs and some additional yardage for background, backing and binding. At some point it will be quilted and sent out as one of this year's RAKs.

A few months ago I won the above quilt kit from Sew Cindy. It is a good size quilt that my son is honestly trying to hold up straight for the photo. I also got this one pieced this past week and added it to the "to be quilted" pile. The quilting will really make this quilt pop with all those large open spaces. I've got somebody in mind for very pink one.

The Raspberry Rabbits is offering FREE stitchery patterns that you may be interested in especially if you are looking for something happy and positive (just love that!)