Saturday, June 27, 2009

Me, Myself and I Play Date

I leave early tomorrow am for what I believe is my last trip for this year. My family and I are driving to KY in the morning to visit some of hub's family members for a few days. Perhaps I'll take this stitchery that I never finished on the trip to CA.

Earlier this month I hosted the Statler Sibs Group quarterly meeting. I had inexpensive muslin loaded on Gam for us to practice the new updates then I never had the chance until today. Here is just a small sampling of what I will call the Me, Myself and I play date. Once this is off Gam I've got to get back to the stack of quilts waiting for my attention. Muslin is so boring!

Should I have a small giveaway since I've seriously neglected the blog? I've got something different in mind. Those who read my blog regularly will have a much easier time. It may have to do with an old post. No more hints.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Travel vs Quilting....Traveling Won

Lately I've been busy with going here and there. It has been a busy few months for sure. My quilting has been at a standstill. Before my last trip I had a few stitcheries prepped; this is the ONE and only I made while away. A hoop was used but sure doesn't look it. Sorry photo turned for no apparent reason on me! (as life these days I guess)

Naturally coming home after a few weeks there is mail and plenty of it. Once I started dividing the pile out into junk mail, bills, and quilt magazines I got to the FUN STUFF. My dear friend Sheri sent me a gift just cause! Check out her blog because it is CA-UTE!! Oh and one more thing, she has a new book in the works!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back At Home

My 15 year old son and I spent the past two weeks visiting my mom and sibs in California. Time spent together went way too fast.
Mom isn't a quilter so I didn't bother with quilt shops with exception of one that I always check on when I'm in mom's town. Again, this was a bummer of a visit to the shop as the gals still have no personality and I find the most unfriendly. They do have two longarms that were sitting empty and I want to say the owner/mother was teaching one student something while her adult daughter worked on something by the counter in filthy bare feet and no care to appearance. I think I said something to myself like, "Wow, really?" I'm talking Bay Area!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Show Me A Sign

Yesterday was the quarterly Statler Siblings meeting. We met in my home this time. I'm seated in the middle of the table wearing a peach colored top. (close to the cake!) Yum. The cake was in celebration of the latest Creative Studio update of 2.0. I've got some new learning to do and oh my gosh the new features are awesome.
Something that they all liked about my home was my signs. I must admit I have a few and love them. I completely forgot my railroad one and will have to post that another time. The one below is above our bed.
Well, obviously we know where this one goes.

This was an actual foot path sign from the countryside in England.

Love this one. It hangs in my living room area.

Seems appropriate that this one be called, The Gathering Room as we all stand in the kitchen!

Then my newest addition just came this weekend! I love it! Initially I was going to put it outside above my front door but I have the perfect spot in my entry way that is seen easily from the front door. "Quilt Hollow" Karen calls it her little hidey hole. My home truly feels like a quilting hollow.

I'm taking off early Tuesday am to visit mom in CA for a couple of weeks. My laptop will be with me so I will be keeping an eye out for your post.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sewing Machine Song

Sewing Machine Song Just don't know what to say about this one.

Are You Interested In This Quilt?

Sheri Howard has a wonderful giveaway that I want to be sure to share with everybody. I know many of you would love a chance at this beauty!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm Back Briefly

I'm back from Cancun, Mexico!
Chichen Itza was one of our day trips. My face is beet red as it was a very hot day!

Have to share this photo of one of the Maya underground areas. Pictures don't do it justice.

We had a fun filled week of sight-seeing, eating and drinking way too much (gained a few) but mostly I simply enjoyed doing nothing but watching the blue water and relaxing. We took well over 500 photos. The stitchery remained untouched the whole trip. The day we packed to leave my husband moved the sewing kit from the checked bag to our carry on with concerns of weight. My little cheap scissors were confiscated at the security gate.
Now that I'm home I've been catching up on all before flying to CA on Tuesday to see mom for two weeks.