Friday, January 30, 2009

A Quilting Day

Buzz Saw quilt is on hold for a bit. I need to figure out what I can use out of my stash for the final borders. I initially thought I had something that would work but after taking another look....nah, I'm not feeling it; besides I wanted to quilt today. I got my civil war center nine patch quilt on the frame and started quilting. See that border? Well, guess what? I don't have enough fabric for the binding. Sound familiar from an earlier post? Well, it's my story and I'm sticking to it. Since the quilt is scrappy from leftover civil war prints than I'll make the binding scrappy too.

Green Fairy Quilts Giveaway!!

I hate to spread the word on this one because I want to win this bag! But I also want to help Judi out over at Green Fairy Quilts.

This is one of the best giveaways and won't want to be missed! In addition to this gorgeous bag she made (I'm telling you I don't want to let this out!) she is including some fabric! We can all use some of that too, right?!

Anyway, scurry on over and please tell her that Mary from Quilt Hollow sent you her way! I'd appreciate it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"A Little Nothing"

Thank you to a few bloggers who emailed me to check on me because I hadn't posted for several days. I've been checking on your blogs but didn't take the time to write a post. My DH was off for several days, son #1 came home this weekend and so the house was full and busy again. I did get a small bit of quilting in and will share that with you next post. In the meantime, I just have to share this story!

A couple post back I was begging for some fabric for my Buzz Saw. Mona (I think a no blogger) wrote me a nice email to say she works with mostly civil war and didn't want the piece she had so was sending it. I received that package in the mail along with this little quilted trivet and very nice letter that made me think of my own sister. Here is just a small sampling of what Mona wrote: "I enjoyed "visiting" with you online today. Enclosed is the fabric we talked about plus a "little nothing" (as my mom calls little gifties). I made a few of these pot holders out of extra "Lotta Latte" fabric I had. I made 2 of my sisters quilts out of it so we could "have coffee" together every day since we don't live near one another and can't get together as often as we'd like. You are a hoot and someone I'd enjoy sitting down to visit with over a cup of coffee. Since that isn't possible, I'm sending the pot holder instead."

Well, Mona...thank you so much for your sweet act of kindness! I've got a "little nothing" being sent your way soon. Sis and I love making Starbuck runs together when we do get to see each other. She lives on the West coast and I'm on the I know exactly how you feel.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Feeling The Loss of A Blogging Friend

It is with great sadness that I learned fellow blogger Marlene passed away today. Deb posted the update today. Rest in peace....dear friend.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Surprise Package

I'm still just totally blown away by the friendships formed through blogging. Look at the label! Is that not the cutest label ever? I love the clipart stamp and of course seeing a box addressed to me from Wendy. I sat in disbelief that an unexpected package would arrive for me. After getting over the initial shock I opened up the box to find these CA-UTE gifts!

Wendy sent me a surprise birthday package! My eyes quickly filled with tears, jaw dropped to the floor as I sat in disbelief that somebody I've never met could be so kind and send me all these wonderful gifts. The quilt has already found a spot in my home; the stitchery is one she just posted earlier this week and then she sent it to me! She also sent an adorable pencil box, note pads and a card that will be framed. I'm still in shock and blown away by her kindness and friendship.
To all my non-blogging friends and truly are missing out on getting to know other wonderful quilters. I'm not saying this because of gifts, but the friendships that form outside of blogging whether it be email, phone calls or meeting at a quilt event.
Several bloggers are working on this wonderful freebie. This is my block #1 of A Tisket, A Tasket by Bunny Hill and can be found here. I used wool and the buttons are not attached until after quilting.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've Got Your Back But Not Your Fabric

Isn't it just ironic how small the quilt world truly is? Just after my previous post I got a message from Darlene who is working with the very same fabric and needing more too! Fortunate for me my friend Claire has come through with 1/2 yd and can't spare more than that. I'm still begging for my blogging bud Darlene.

I'm Begging For Fabric

Buzz Saw blocks are still being worked on. I thought once I got 30 blocks finished I could start putting them into a top (shown here before mixing them). Well, son #2 has been watching me stitch away on these and walks over after I lay them on the floor and says, "I know that quilt is going to be bigger than that, right?" I assured him it still had an inner and outer border. He stood there for a minute and said, "It would really be nice for this quilt to go over my feet and head." I quickly glance to the floor, glance back at him; when did he get so tall? I suppose there was a day when it would have covered him but the boy grew up and is taller than me now. So this afternoon I scrambled and worked up 5 more blocks for additional length. Now I'm in a pickle and need some fabric because I cut into what was to be used for the inner border.

Please, please check your stash and see if you can sell me 1/2 yd of this Moda that came out about 4 years ago? It is a an ivory/cream with tan/beige birds and vines. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. (and son #2 thanks you too!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

EZ Log Cabin Pineapple Ruler Giveaway

Yes, fellow bloggers it is a giveaway over at my friend Kimberly's blog. All you have to do is go read her post and leave a comment to be in the drawing. Please tell her I sent you!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Busy Buzz Saw Day

I want to say what Julie said today in her post with regards to Buzz Saw blocks! I'm tired but almost there! If I figure the math correctly (again read her blog) I need just 12.5 more 6 1/2" squares cut of both muslin and print to have a lap size quilt top. The .5 is only because I wasn't paying attention and had miss cut a square that needs to be redone. This is an easy quilt block that requires very little thinking with exception of that cut; I can allow my mind to wander and sew like crazy.

Have you ever had Hot Dog Casserole? My mom made this when I was a kid. I liked it then and still do now.
Ingredients: 1 pkg hot dogs, 4 slices bacon, onion, golden mushroom soup, green beans, potatoes, salt and pepper


My friend Kimberly is offering a free mystery quilt! (Do you do Kimberly's mystery quilts?) Just click here to take you over to her home page and click on "Looking For The Free Mystery Quilt?" She gives a new clue on Fridays and this new mystery starts today!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Birthday Gift

Terri popped in for a visit this morning with a late birthday present for me! The Fat Quarter Shop was selling a Piece & Plenty BOM that she joined along with myself, Pam and Ann. (all no bloggers!) Well, Terri decided she would likely NEVER get to the BOM so she has started cutting up her kits to make other projects like this table mat heart. Thanks Terri!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fabric That Just Keeps On Giving

Today I made a run to a favorite quilt shop. It isn't like I need more fabric but went for the simple fact that I wanted to be sure to use my quilt shop punch card and get my free fabric. The fabrics on the right aren't the usual types I tend to buy but today I was drawn to them. Awhile back my friend had given me a real nice charm pack of them so I decided to get a bit more since I liked them that much! Then there is the poison greens and cheddar that Bonnie will be very proud of me for adding in to my stash since she gives me a hard time for not having much of it. Those colors really do add that something extra to scrap quilts.

The next few pictures are posted with good reason. Years ago when I worked in a quilt shop the civil war prints were just coming out. Oh my, I went crazy and bought up, afterall I had daily access to them. Well, here is a quilt that I made years ago and it was published in a German Patchwork magazine while I lived in Germany. The magazine was delighted to have something fresh and new from the states.

Next the colors look familiar? Did I mention I bought up civil war fabric? So this is another quilt top that has been in the works trying to use up scraps of said fabric.

Now look....I had more than I is civil war fabric that just keeps on giving! Now I'm making Buzz Saw blocks. I'm guessing after these two tops are finished I'll try and use up the rest for scrappy backs and call it good! I'm getting a wee burnt out on these same fabrics.
The above pattern is FREE here. You can find the Buzz Saw quilt pattern below in a tutorial here. I started mine because I saw Julie has one started on her blog that is very pretty using up her scraps.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tiny Little Finish

It's small, it's finished! The binding was stitched down last night and I have the other mini quilt to stitch down the binding this evening when DH turns on football.

This little quilt is going to a friend. Who you ask? I can't tell you just yet. I'm just tickled I have a finish to share!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Scrappy Kind of Day

Bonnie was here today. We hadn't seen each other since late last summer. It is always fun to catch up when we finally do get together. I'm always completely blown away by her talent of taking a pile of scraps and turning them into something beautiful. She showed up with this bin of tiny scraps today to start her next project.

This girl has stitching fever and can quilt anybody under the table for sure! Did that make sense? You know what I mean, right? I think within the first half hour of sewing together and from that bin of scraps came the two paper pieced blocks. She had a stack of them finished when she left for home!

If you are not familiar with Quiltville check out her website. Bonnie generously gives away numerous free patterns in addition to her latest offering of a free mystery quilt that started on New Year's Day. The quilt you see hanging is her latest "Double Delight" mystery top. The borders are still left a mystery and not posted yet. I can tell you, the quilt is very pretty and so much better than a photo.
Wondering what I was working on while she was sewing circles around me? That will have to wait.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Sewing & Ripping!

Ok so I'm sewing along and just happy as can be with myself for getting two minature tops finished with exception of border fabric and I notice an ERROR! What?! How can that be since I was trying to be ever so careful. Well, look at quilt on the left and see the small pin I placed when I became irritated at myself? I've since corrected the row but geez.....why can't just one quilt top go together without some sort of ripping! I know you know what I'm talking about!
Minature quilts were made with 4 patches and 1/2 sq triangle units. The blocks finished at 1.5 inches. I'm using all Jo Morton fabrics and still need to select borders. This was a free pattern off of Connecting Threads a few years is easy enough to figure out but let me know if you want it.