Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Letter to Santa via Fat Quarter Shop

Fat Quarter Shop is Santa's Elf this year! Did you know if we write a letter to Santa they will get it to him?! Oh I am so darned tickled because my family isn't listening!

Dear Santa,
If you only knew just how much I love the feeling of fabric and how much joy it brings to me every day of the year. You will see that this is a simple request. You see, my family doesn't get it! I've asked them for fabric or even a gift certificate for fabric and they look at me as though I'm odd! They just don't understand me. When I mention fat quarters they think "big chick hiney." When I mention jelly roll, honey bun or even layer cake they head to the kitchen for said, "snacks!" I need help here...from somebody who understands me. I hope you can help and if you too are confused by my fabric request please talk to Mrs. Clause and she will help you. I really love the Civil War Tribute line and would be tickled with any "cut" of fabric you have on hand. Oh and Santa...if you deliver I can really show them there is such a thing as Santa Clause!


Cindy said...

LOL, wish granted ........in my heart atleast.

Michelle said...

I like your letter - I can't stop giggling! LOL!

The Quilt Buddy said...

Dear Santa & his helpers:

I have the same request as Mrs. Quilt Hollow except that I want the Odyssea fat quarter bundle ( I want to make a quilt for my Little Person)! You see my Hubby just can't understand why someone would pay $70 for a stack of fabric!

So please help out all of us quilters and send us a little bit of your love!


onlymehere said...

I could have written this exact same letter! Very well written indeed! Cindy

alda said...

oh yeah, it's the same fabric collection I would love to get too ;-)))

andsewon said...

Awwhhh I hope Santa hears your plea!!!
I am lucky that some of my peeps do get it or at least things for my sewing pleasure.
I am allowed to reasonably spend on fabric myself so that is a plus.
Spoiled I must be spoiled!!
Knew something here was smelling...;-)

Serena said...

I love it! I may have to write one.

Sherrill said...

OHHH, I guess I'm a truly lucky gal then since, even though they don't understand, they DO get me the GC's (probably cause that's the EASIEST thing to do! LOL) and it makes me HAPPY!! Good luck getting your message through!

miniaturequilter said...

I hope Santa listens to you! My Santa know he is safe orering anything Kansas Troubles, I am glad for that!!

Kaaren said...

I can hear the whining from here, Mary. The Fabric Shoppe will understand for sure.

Good luck!

Colleen said...

Lol... that is perfect to send to my kids too :o)

Julia said...

Oh, I'm with you Mary..
My family think I'm nuts, when I talk the fabric talk!
What will it take to get through to them...they know I'm a quilter!
I need to talk to santa too!
Julia ♥

Wendy said...

Good letter, I hope Santa is listen and you get your wish.

Carol said...

Great fabric line. Good thing the Fat Quarter Shop has elves who can relay your wish to Santa.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, that is a great letter to Santa. I think He will completely understand this fabric thing we quilter enjoy.
Good luck!! I want all my blogging buddies to win.

Kim said...

This is such a fun letter to Santa. Hope the Elves get right on this! My Santa is up on the quilting thing, but if I said layer cake I know he would be heading out to the kitchen looking for a slice, lol, so funny! Merry Christmas, Mary!!

AnnieO said...

Too funny--we picked the same fabric line for our wish! Wouldn't it be a dream come true to win....

Rebecca P said...

Great letter to Santa, I know he will hear you. I might have to write one to him too, cause I'm dreaming of a "Rouenneries" by French General,Christmas.

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