Monday, September 28, 2009

What Am I Working On?

I've received some emails asking what am I working on so I thought I'd show you a peek. This one will be on the frame for a few days so it is doubtful I will have much to post in the way of my own quilting projects.

Quilt Hollow has openings to quilt your tops with edge-to-edge quilting just in time for the holidays!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Liberty Antiques Continued

Yesterday's post was photos of some of the quilts at Liberty if you missed it. The pictures I share aren't even as good as seeing booth set ups in person. I love old things.

Crocks! of crocks. I have several that I purchased while living in Europe. I won't afford the prices of these!

Maybe next time I should get some photos of the wonderful furniture pieces! There were many.

One thing I always look for is a great deal on spools. They are getting harder to find and the prices getting ridiculous! I scored two to add to what I already had.

I was also asked what I bought...well, besides the spools I scored on another saw. I use them for hanging quilts. This photo shows a saw on the wall I got last year. The one down on the floor is the one I just bought. It is a brighter red and blends with my home perfectly. A word about saws.....don't buy the first you see! These are out there. I got this one for only $15 in fantastic shape. The antique show vendors were selling them upwards of $50!

I've shown the saw below before. But was asked what I do with them so here is another example. In my home is rakes and ladders as well. They've been posted in older post.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Liberty Antique Show

This weekend was the semi-annual antique market. DH and I spent the day there yesterday. I took photos to share with ya! Enjoy!! I'll post a few more next time. This is just a sampling of some of the quilts I took photos of. There were many quilts this visit.

This wool picture was very pretty. But I don't believe it to be an antique. Does anybody recognize the pattern?

Lastly to end the post I want to say thank you to Carol and Cathi for sending me signature blocks for my quilt. I've got the block posted on the bottom of my side bar for the block swap I'm participating in. Some of my blog friends are not participating but I would love to have your name in my quilt. So if you are up to making and mailing one to me I'd be happy to have you included!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jo Club Day

Today was Jo Club at the Plain and Simple Quilt Shop in Apex, NC. Fellow blogger Karen and I met in person. She is on the left and I'm on the right. The chit chat among the group was quite fun when the talk turned to blogging. Apparently a few lurkers were at the meeting! Too Funny!! Marcie, your name was also mentioned at some point when the new line of Jo fabrics was shown; it reminded them of your new free quilt pattern colors. For those who haven't a clue about this wonderful free pattern please click on Marcie's name and it will take you right on over to visit her blog.

Here are photos of the day.

Such a sweet number.

OMG...this one above....can I have it please? Wonder if she was one of my lurkers?

Fun use of hourglass blocks.

Loved this one too!

Last year's Jo Club finish. Even better in person!

The gal who made this quilt says it was a group effort. The quilt is being presented to their friend who has ovarian cancer. The quilt is just beautiful. It's a wonderful gift of friendship.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Finish!

Thanks to all who left comments for ric rac or scrappy binding a few post back. Once I quilted this tiny quilt the scrappy binding didn't have the same appeal to me as the button comment I received. Can you see the tiny little buttons? I tried to get the best photo to show off the quilting....nothing like seeing it in person though!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Misc. Sunday

Aren't these guys just the cutest? They belong to a neighbor in the wooded area behind my house. This is the third time they have shown up together for a visit on my porch. They are best buddies and a hoot to watch play.

Some of you will remember my postings about Meowzer my kitty who disappeared before Easter. Well, there were the few days last year that he disappeared too and I kept thinking I could see him down at the house behind me but he wouldn't come. In talking to the neighbor I learned that the momma cat had been in heat and indeed it was Meowzer visiting there home. It is very possible that this little black kitty is Meowzer's off spring!

This cute little bag with assorted little candies arrived in the mail yesterday. I won! Go on over to her blog for a tutorial on how she made it! Thanks Lena Karen!

A few weeks back I won these rulers from CT Publishing's blog. I completely forgot to post the photo. What I love is that the little square block is 4.5" and I'd been really wanting one. Score!
Now, don't go thinking I win alot. But I am beginning to think Kharma.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Worth Repeating

Love having this quilt out this time of year!
Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Congrats To This Give Away Winner

Terry of Terry's Treasures will you please send me your snail mail so I can pop this little number in the mail to you?!
I think it was a fun effort of a small quilt started by fellow blogging friend Carol, quilting by myself and then Terry will bind it. Will she keep it or let it go?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Autumn Quilting

Some maple leaf quilting adds a wee bit more fun to this already gorgeous quilt top made by Karen.

There is still time to enter your name for the giveaway post below. Please leave comments for giveaway on that post. If it's an annonymous comment be sure you give your email address in the comments section too; otherwise I have no way to contact you.
Be sure to check out Marcie's post! She has news! Not only will a free pattern in the works but...well, go on over and say hi and congratulate her yourself!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two Bloggers Give Away This Quilt!!!

A few weeks ago Carol's Crafy Creations blog had a giveaway of a little quilt top that needed quilted. I was the lucky winner. I didn't have anything in my stash to add a larger border that would compliment the top so I quilted it as is. Then I got thinking that this could really be a true PIF sort of giveaway. Afterall, Carol pieced the top, I quilted it and now it just needs some binding.

The quilting I chose was an edge to edge design of holly leaves, berries and ribbon. Though the photo doesn't show it as well as I would have liked.
If this 24.5 x 24.5 unfinished quilt top is something you would be interested in finishing up then please leave a comment here before Tuesday evening. What would you do with it? PIF or keep it?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another One I Love...

You'll have to hear me say it this one! I won't show the whole quilt because it belongs to our blogging friend Karen and I bet she would love to share the final reveal.

A wee bit of piecing has turned scraps into this small quilt top. I wonder if after quilted and before binding if I used some ric rack in between quilt and binding how that would look. If so, what color? Or on the other hand, if I made the binding scrappy? The blocks are set with a deep dark chocolate brown.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Christmas Quilt

There is something to be said for using Shout Color Catcher sheets. I used two sheets and each came out a lovely pink.

Karen tells me the name of this quilt pattern is Cranbrook Christmas designed by Lynda Hall. Karen should know since she made the quilt top and the backing. Several months ago this unfinished quilt top along with several other tops arrived at my doorstep to be quilted. I quilt them in between all else. This one has been quilted for a while but the binding needed to be stitched and then a good wash, dry and crinkle.
The back looks like a whole other quilt doesn't it?

Thanks Karen for giving me such beautiful tops to play with. You're the best!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Separation Woes

Yeah, I love all the quilts I finish...there I said it again! Let me apologize in advance because I'm sure I'll be saying it time and time again. There's no easy way about it; I quilt them, I love them and then I have separation anxiety! If only I could keep them...*sigh*

Here is a peek at another quilt belonging to Marcie.

If your catching up on blog reading please scroll down to see a few other post to understand my separation anxiety issues.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Wednesday....Winner is

Here is a little peek of some paisley feathers. The quilt belongs to Marcie at Patchalot Patterns. It's a keeper.....but not mine to keep. I hope to share another peek of something else on the frame that I'm over the top in love with!

I want to give a little shout out to my blogging friends who have been so kind as to send me their tops for quilting. It has been a joy to not only get to know you better but to help bring your quilt life! Quilters, get your UFO's out of the closet and let me help get them done!

As promised a winner announcement for the panels on previous post. Stephanie D. Please send me your snail mail. Congrats!