Sunday, August 2, 2009

My August Birthday....NOT

Today was spent with friends we met 25 years ago thanks to the military. We met while stationed in California; then many duty assignments all over the world separated us geographically. However, we always kept in contact, visited often and have remained good friends.

This particular friend knows me well and especially how I feel about my December birthday. In a nutshell, holiday birthdays suck. She has an August birthday. In August there isn't holiday music playing in all the shops, poinsettias are not the readily available flower and by golly there's no Christmas wrap in sight! It is a day for her, just her birthday alone and no merriment of all other distractions. Oh, the stories I could tell. Here's one for example: Friend's who say, "Oh, I'm so busy; let's get together after the holidays." For some reason and I know it shouldn't but it hurts...still does nearly 50 years worth! I would love to celebrate a December birthday just like everybody else celebrates their "off-season" birthday.

As I said, she knows me well; she moved my birthday to her month many years ago. So today was our birthday exchange. She doesn't have a blog but surprised me with a civil war block for my siggy swap quilt and included the bonus triangles!

Then look at this gorgeous little quilt! OMG....the picture doesn't even do it justice! I think it measures 16" x 16" if that. The colors scream me and match my home perfectly! Thanks dear friend for sharing your day!!

Oh and in case your wondering what was her gift. It was the Schnibble's Nice Day quilt posted on my side bar.

PS.. Cathi's house, Rudy Day, you'll hear holiday music and see holiday cheer!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Happy August birthday. My daughter has a December birthday too, so I know what you mean. Hope you enjoy "your" day!

Karen said...

So glad to hear that you were able to get together with your special friend to celebrate her birthday. And your very "Un-birthday"! What a great siggie block to add to your exchange, and the mini quilt is gorgeous! Ah Ha! Now we know who the secret schnibbles quilt was for!! Great job Mary! And oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Danielle said...

Happy August Birthday! It reminds me of friends I had in school who would celebrate half-birthdays since their birthday was during the summer and couldn't celebrate with school friends! We always want the opposite, don't we? Love the little quilt- so awesome!

miniaturequilter said...

Happy Early B-day!!! That is a stunning little quilt!

Dawn said...

I know what you mean about Dec. Birthday, my daughter is Dec. 14th, but even worse is my son's on Jan. 3rd. By the time we get to his we are all partied out! I have to work extra hard to keep his special!
Way to make you day special with your friend!

Pat said...

LOVE that little quilt and how nice for her to do a siggie block for you, too. Our friend's daughter was born on Dec. 26, so every year on June 26, they would have her "half-birthday" party and at first people laughed, but then it got to be a really special event for everyone...just like a birthday SHOULD be. I can understand how you feel...and how it still hurts after all those years. (Not that 50 is a LOT Of years.........!!!) So nice that you still keep in touch with this couple, too.

Gayle said...

Wow! That little feathered star quilt is crazy wonderful! Can't believe how small it is - and stitched perfectly! Happy 1/2 birthday!

Lori said...

Taht is a great idea and so special to share birthdays with a good friend.
I lvoe the little feathered star! I made one from the same pattern in brown and pinks. (mine has mistakes though)

Carol said...

Such a beautiful quilt and great idea to share birthday surprises with each other. I guess it wouldn't be fun to have a birthday in December. Did you get combo Christmas and B-day gifts?

QuiltSue said...

Happy unbirthday! My birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas and that's as bad - I used to get combined Christmas/birthday presents as a child, and later, everyone was too broke to help me celebrate. I really envied my sister her June birthday!

Julia said...

Happy August birthday....what a great way to spend your special birthday, be it early, but more enjoyable with a special friend..Love the mini quilt!
My siggie blocks are done too..
Julia ♥

Barbara said...

Happy glad that you had a great time. I am mailing my siggie blocks today. If I kept them here they would be lost!!! HAve a great day!
Hugs, Barb

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Happy Birthday - wow that is a gorgeous little quilt!!!

Sue said...

That little quilt is just beautiful! I love your siggie block too!
How nice for you to visit with your friend!!

Kaaren said...

Happy August birthdays to both of you, Mary. The quilts you exchanged are gorgeous.

Love your new blog look as well.

Karen said...

How wonderful to celebrate Birthdays together. Such a bummer to be born in December.

Needled Mom said...

We have a grandson who was born on Christmas Day and I have suggested they do the same thing for him. It is such a wonderful idea. Glad that you had such a great time.

The gifts exchanged were both lovely. Happy birthday to both of you.

Cathi said...

Hapy Un-birthday to you! Or is it Happy Birthday and a Half? What great friends you have!!

Wendy K said...

Happy August Birthday! Whilst my birthday isn't during a holiday period I do understand how you feel . My birthday is 29 february and every year I get the same comments...Ooo what day are you celebrating? Aren't you a big girl for your age? No birthday for you this year...Like I've not heard them all a hundred dozen times...sigh! Lol! I do dream about just having an average-joe birthday, but there you go...maybe I should think about a half-birthday too...hehehe! Enjoy your quilt , it's really gorgeous! x x

*karendianne. said...

Oh Mary, isn't that beautiful? Ama-zing! A great time to celebrate.

Three days after Christmas with Love, *karendianne.

Mrs Quilty said...

So Happy August Birthday! What a nice friend to have made you a special birthday!!

Catherine said...

Sometimes I think we should all get to choose our own birthdays!! Glad you had a great August birthday!

Gwendie said...

That quilt is gorgeous! How big is the star? My birthday really is in August - I always got a new lunch box.

Tam said...

Happy early Birthday!!
The little quilt is just beautiful!

Candace said...

Mary, my mom's birthday was Dec 26th. I remember people giving her one gift for both Christmas and birthday. After years of seeing that sad smile - we as a family made an executive decision and changed her birthday to July 26th! She loved it so much!
How fun that you can share your friends August birthday - a very happy one from the sounds of it!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

HAPPY August birthday. I love your adorable little quilt your friend gave you. That is wonderful.

Heidi said...

Happy pre birthday! I would not mind my birthday in December. I love the holidays and don't celebrate my birthday so I would not mind at all. Want to trade birthdays? LOL! You got some wonderful gifts from Shirley. That quilt is just amazing!

Hugs ~

yellowfarmhouse said...

Yup you do get the short end of the stick. My DIL has her birthday on Christmas eve and i always make sure her presents are wrapped in b-day paper and we have whatever she wants for dinner. We used to open gifts on Christmas eve but now we wait until Christmas day and try hard to keep the day special when she's here with us.

Oh that quilt is wonderful and all those flying geese around the border - yikes they must be small. Happy August Birthday :)

Hugs - karen

W. Latane Barton said...

What a sweet friend. I am so glad you get at least one 'birthday' day NOT in December. Mine is in January and everyone is partied out and spent out .... oh well,.

Dawn Heese said...

Gorgeous quilt!! Happy Birthday anyway.

Kristine said...

I can completely understand how you feel about your December birthday, too. Honestly, I can't imagine it to be any other way, but I know it hurts a lot of the time. So often people are too busy with parties or other holiday celebrations, and your birthday is cast aside. How sweet that your friend understood and made it a wonderful day together.

Quilter Kathy said...

Happy Birthday and what a lovely gift you received!

Wendy said...

I'm so glad you were able to get together with your friend. Happy August Birthday to you. Wow is that little quilt awesome, you lucky girl.

I'm finally feeling better after the heat wave, I couldn't do a thing and was very drained. This is the first day I've been on the computer in a long time.

Irishgirlsews said...

We have much in common, Happy Birthday, and your quilt gift is wonderful.

Teresa said...

Happy August Birthday celebration. I know what you mean by December birthdays - I have twins born in December and now a son-in-law also born in December. Their birthday is on the 6th, and as they were growing up, I refused to decorate the house for Christmas until after their birthday was over. Now I decorate Thanksgiving holiday, lol.

I love the minature quilt you received from your friend. Those fly geese blocks must be tiny, not to mention the HSQ in the star. Very nice!

Karen said...

Oh, what a special gift you received for your August birthday! And what a good friend to make things so special for you. My birthday is Jan.5th and I know what you mean by a holiday birthday and how that goes.

StitchinByTheLake said...

That tiny quilt was definitely a labor of love! blessings, marlene

Carrie P. said...

Well you can just have an un-birthday like Alice in Wonderland. I did that with my kids. We had a birthday party when it wasn't even anyones birthday. It was fun.

MARCIE said...

That gift was definitely worth waiting for! And I bet she loves the one from you also!

Melvin said...

That tiny quilt was definitely a love!

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