Sunday, August 30, 2009

Clearing Out! Don't Want It! Take It Please Give Away!!

Years ago I collected panels. The key word being "collected" because obviously never made. As I was going through a bunch of fabrics today to send to a fellow blogger in need of stash enhancement I came across these. I don't want them....take them please! What you see above is a Fall vest, Fall apron, a scarecrow to stuff with polyfill, a Christmas tree skirt panel with stockings to match and then a Fall wall-hanging panel. The panel to the left is quality while the others are likely Wal-Mart from years ago. You know the routine....leave a comment and check back here on Wednesday to see if your the lucky one.

This weekend a sweet little package arrived completely out of the blue as a surprise from Carol!
DH was the one to collect it from the box saying something about he just doesn't get it. What is to get I ask you? Bloggers have become friends and friends love to surprise friends with little gifties! Carol made the sweet little bag and stuffed it full of these delights. I love it all but what I will treasure the most is the little signature block she included for my civil war signature quilt. You can find a link to this swap on my side bar. Thank you so much Carol.
I've got the binding on the Christmas Scrappy Stars with exception of the hand stitching to the back. This work I love to save for evening television. Anything good on tonight? LOL

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sneak Peek Fun

All I have to share before the weekend is this little sneak peek with quilted swirls dancing across the top. I'll tell more about this one after the binding is on, washed and dryer crinkled.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August Snowflakes

The temps outside are in the low 90's. But inside and up the stairs here at Quilt Hollow I've been playing with snowflakes. I love, love, love this one!
Here is the back so you can see the snowflakes really good. As I looked at this design I thought how cute would it be to just have a white on white snowflake pillow tucked in with other wintry patchwork ones for a fun winter decor! I don't get to keep this's on its way back to my customer. Is your binding ready Rebecca? LOL

Thanks to all who commented about my Etsy drama yesterday. Here is the latest email I received just this morning from Etsy themselves after I inquired about the guy's willingness to sell me the name!
I'm sorry, but this is not allowed on Etsy. Once a username is registered, it cannot be registered again or taken over by another person. Etsy encourages members to work out their concerns with each other. If an account needs to be closed, the registrant may contact to have this done. There is no transfer of username. The username will become permanently dead upon account closure. Jason Etsy Support
Please feel free to blog about this! I want the word to be spread among the quilt blogging community so that each person who uses Etsy to either buy or sell realizes that their username is also their "shop" name. Sign up at Etsy as a buyer just to GRAB YOUR NAME!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Etsy Rant and My Winner!

Wow, really? This is what I am sitting here thinking. It all started with my consideration of Etsy. I'd never bought anything on Etsy but look often. If I want to purchase an item I must be registered and if after I register I can open my own Etsy shop. Ok, I say to myself! First they want username also same name you want for your shop. Easy enough right? I'm Quilt Hollow. Big red flag the name is TAKEN! What?! Wow?! Really?! The name was taken back in May and has no activity. So I contact the person asking if they weren't using it if I could have it since everyone knows me by the name Quilt Hollow. My reply this morning reads as follows:

I haven't posted anything here yet as I have been selling my quilt fabrics on Ebay.Would you be interested in purchasing the name?Ken

Years ago I worked a quilt shop called, "The Quilted Peach." The same thing happened to the shop owner when she wanted to start her website. She had to buy her name from somebody who took it and wasn't using it.

Well, I won't be buying the name. But what I am asking you to do is even if you don't think you will be starting an Etsy shop or purchasing an item....go register YOUR NAME as the username before yours is also taken.

Scraps that just keep on giving are now being worked into these small little blocks when I occassionally feel like piecing. I've got about 27 made and measuring 3" unfinished.

The winner of the pattern is Sherry! She wrote: You did a beautiful job with this quilt. Would love to do one also. Please send me your snail mail and I'll get this out to you pronto!

Last week I received a very stuffed envelope of fabrics from a win at Randi's blog. Thank you!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Bits & Pieces Finish....And Don't Forget The Giveaway

This little quilt has been sitting well over a year all basted and ready for hand quilting; constantly shoved to the bottom of the priority list. It is now a finish thanks to some simple custom machine quilting.
Above photo is a look at the scrap back.

It's a sweet little quilt. I hadn't realized I cut so much off in the photo. I tried to pin it to another quilt behind to take the picture. This little quilt is now a gift and I've got just the right person in mind for it.

Don't forget to sign up for the pattern giveaway on the previous post!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Paisley Park Pattern Give Away

I finished the Paisley Park pattern made from Moda Posh. The Free Swirls motif was the perfect choice for quilting. Here is the back.

.....a close up of the top.

One Christmas present down....and I just know she will love it!

Now that I'm finished with the can be yours! Just leave me a comment and be sure to check back here on Tuesday to see if you're the winner.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some Pretties I Have To Share....

My friend came over today with this gorgeous top! The top still needs the borders. I'm in love and tried to convince her to make me one too! Who all wants one? Maybe I can hook us up! LOL The above pattern can be found here and is called Gathering Baskets.

Here is a top I quilted for my no blog friend today. The quilt is from "The Sweet Life" book by Anka's Treasures. Pattern name is Citrus Punch and Arcadia fabric used. I simply quilted all-over with Jacobean quilt motif.

In yesterday's mail I received the sweetest little surprise from Pat. She knows I love signs and she also sent me two FQ's along with that adorable homemade card! (some people have all the talent!) Thank you Pat you truly made my day! Look...Merry (Mary) Quilting! Too fun!

Kim's husband Tom's tests confirmed a complete blockage in Tom's right leg. From the groin to the back of the knee the artery was completely blocked. What little blood flow he had to his lower leg and foot was from secondary veins. They caught this just in time. A bypass procedure was done. I thought it would be nice if you could take a moment to send a prayer two her way during this difficult time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Itching and Stitching

Itching and stitching going on over here at the hollow. The quilt above is finished and will be mailed back to customer this week. She has a blog so I want her to have the honor of showing the whole quilt finished.

I not only enjoy my hummingbirds but I love my butterflies too. Enjoy my view!
Thank you to all the well wishers who left messages on yesterday's post. I'm doing well considering every now and then I itch like a flea on a dog.
Also discovered today a wonderful little blog with a free kitty and sunflower redwork on the right side bar. You have to go check out Attic Window Quilt Shop!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Where Did Last Week Go?

Melody sent me a package from a giveaway she had. She surprised me with lots of extra goodies tucked inside. It was a very welcomed package in the midst of all else that was happening to me this past week. If you go to her blog she has another wonderful little giveaway; see my sidebar.
My husband told me last night I was lagging in my blog post. He reads the blog; should I show him how to post? Hmmm... I've got nothing unless you would like to hear about the rash that started a week ago yesterday, then I went to the dentist mid-week and spent three hours in the dental chair as he prepped two teeth for crowns. Then I woke Saturday morning with the gift of a sore throat from my guys who had one earlier in the week. As for that rash, it kept getting worse and last night the itch unbearable as I tried to sleep. My doctor tells me it is likely Pityriasis Rosea. He has hooked me up with predisone, a cream, antihistamines and Benadryl to knock me out at night. He tells me it may last several months. Lovely, right?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Easy Quilter's Dinner

This was the first time I used this seasoning packet. However, I used light sour cream and then only half of what the recipe called for. How I love to quilt the day away knowing that dinner is ready at quitting time. The family liked it. It is a keeper.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Few Projects In The Works

A few months back I purchased a kit from Green Fairy Quilts as a Christmas gift for a special somebody in my life. Of course can't give that away in case she reads my blog. Her favorite color is pink. I've just got borders and quilting to do before showing it again.

Then there is a bit of hand piecing. This was a little Inklingo kit that Quilt Obsession sent me awhile back. One thing I absolutely love about her blog post is she includes photos of Lester and Smudge in each one! You must go see who I'm talking about.
Then this quilt is on the frame. This the best photo I could get to show some of the quilting. Hopefully soon some finishes to share!

Friday, August 7, 2009

10 Facts About Me

Way back in June I received this award from Kim at Magnolia Bay Quilts and completely forgot about it! (sorry Kim!) There are rules to follow.

First, you have to tell your readers 10 things about you they may not already know, but are true.
Second, you have to tag 10 people with the award.
Third, you have to let the people you’ve given the award to know that they’ve received it.
Finally, make sure you link back to the person who awarded you.

Rules can be broken, right? Cause...I'm breaking several of them. First and foremost, every blogger that checks in on me and leaves me a comment gets this award. So...consider yourself awarded and if you feel you want to play along; go for it!

1. I never Twitter (thanks Kim for that one!)
2. I'm not a shopper unless of course your talking LQS. (thanks again to Kim!)
3. Years ago I was on Oprah. Ok...a studio audience member who asked a question and did get on tv.
4. When I lived in California I was a Licensed Pest Control Technician. It was hard for me to go on rodent calls because I actually like mice and rats.
5. Our family pet is a rat named Pearl.
6. When I became pregnant at age 29 I weighed only 98 lbs. What happened?
7. Love just about anything coffee. (who doesn't?)
8. Moved here from overseas without job, family or knowing a single person in the town.
9. While driving, will swerve to miss squirrels....or feel ill in the pit of my stomach to see one hit.
10. Always wanted a little girl terribly, got my two boys and stopped trying for fear of #3.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My August Birthday....NOT

Today was spent with friends we met 25 years ago thanks to the military. We met while stationed in California; then many duty assignments all over the world separated us geographically. However, we always kept in contact, visited often and have remained good friends.

This particular friend knows me well and especially how I feel about my December birthday. In a nutshell, holiday birthdays suck. She has an August birthday. In August there isn't holiday music playing in all the shops, poinsettias are not the readily available flower and by golly there's no Christmas wrap in sight! It is a day for her, just her birthday alone and no merriment of all other distractions. Oh, the stories I could tell. Here's one for example: Friend's who say, "Oh, I'm so busy; let's get together after the holidays." For some reason and I know it shouldn't but it hurts...still does nearly 50 years worth! I would love to celebrate a December birthday just like everybody else celebrates their "off-season" birthday.

As I said, she knows me well; she moved my birthday to her month many years ago. So today was our birthday exchange. She doesn't have a blog but surprised me with a civil war block for my siggy swap quilt and included the bonus triangles!

Then look at this gorgeous little quilt! OMG....the picture doesn't even do it justice! I think it measures 16" x 16" if that. The colors scream me and match my home perfectly! Thanks dear friend for sharing your day!!

Oh and in case your wondering what was her gift. It was the Schnibble's Nice Day quilt posted on my side bar.

PS.. Cathi's house, Rudy Day, you'll hear holiday music and see holiday cheer!