Friday, March 13, 2009

Boxy Stars Nearly Finished

Well, it isn't quite finished as you see. This quilt ended up measuring 100.5 x 73 so I've got lots of binding work ahead of me. I must say that I'm pretty proud of myself.

Then I tried to get a few close up shots to share quilting detail and fabrics. This quilt was made from my scraps. You can find the free pattern here. Click on Lots of Links on the left side and then scroll down to find Boxy Stars. Oh, I'm also mentioning that the photo of Bonnie with the title "Behind Her Scrappy Mind" was taken in my quilt studio. The quilt hanging over the longarm is another one of Bonnie's generous free patterns called, "Double Delight." isn't mine, it's Bonnie's.
It has been a weird week for me. We had absolutely gorgeous weather last weekend and into the first few days. My clothing consisted of t-shirt, capris, sandals and my windows wide open. Oh the warmth felt so good but I wasn't feeling well. It could have been a tad of what my guys had the past weeks but it really made me feel so tired and worn down to include slight fever. I'm getting back with the program so to speak but just in time for a dreary, cold and raining day. I'm now double layered and heat back on! A perfect day for upstairs.....heading there now.


Darlene said...

Drop dead gorgeous! You should be super proud of yourself. Now, start binding!!!! LOL

I hope you're feeling better.

Cathi said...

It looks fantastic! Glad you are feeling better. It is perfect sewing weather. That's where I'm headed this afternoon when I get off work!

Screen Door said...

Beautiful piece--what an accomplishment... love the wardrobe--- But it would be pretty chilly up here--- our turn will come... Have the best weekend!!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

uh-oh... there it is again, the quilt that makes my heart skip a beat! It's beyond wonderful! Feel better, this weather has been a mixed bag of surprises hasn't it?

Sherrill said...

It is BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors! Mine were blues & greens but yours make me want to do another in YOUR colors!! AND your weather sounds like ours. I was so into the spring-like weather then BLAM, winter shows up again! UGH Feel better soon. I'm off to the Dallas quilt show today even though it is cold and rainy.

Zlaty said...

Wow, it's really pretty! Great job on the quilting! It's on my to do list also! I hope you feel better real soon!

Have a love day upstairs!

P.S.Maybe I will go on my upstairs too and do some work on my embroidery machine :)

Karen said...

You should be proud. That's one beautiful quilt! :)

dot said...

This is the best boxy star I have ever seen.

Cindy said...

I have to agree with the ladies - this quilt is GORGEOUS! Oh my, the colors are absolutely wonderful - warm, cozy and totally the colors I adore.

You'll have that binding done in no time.

Libby said...

And so goes the weather in March - we had open windows and the like just a week ago . . . now the temps are cold and I'm fighting the urge to flip the heat on again.
Love the quilt!

Linda said...

This quilt looks great. Well done.

belinda said...

OH wow...this inspires me to get my 'boxy star' finished. Yours
is just great looking. Get that
binding done now!!!

Karen said...

I love how your boxy stars quilt turned out! It is really gorgeous. I was sorry to hear you weren't feeling well and hope you get well soon. I also live in NC and was enjoying the wonderful sunny warm days. That definitely makes todays rain and cold a good excuse to hide in one's sewing room! Karen

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I have started the Boxy Star quilt in Aunt Grace fabric. It is a fun quilt to do. I plan to make mine for a full size bed. I need to decide and find the sashing and border!

Carol said...

Mary it is absolutely breathtaking! You should be very, very proud of yourself! I'm cheering you on! Binding! Binding! Binding!

Pat said...

It is turning out SO nice, Mary. You have every right to be very proud of yourself. I hope you're feeling better soon....crazy weather here, too...and I'm tired of it!!! We've lived here over 5 years and this is, without a doubt, the oddest winter we've experienced here.

Fiesta said...

you did a fabuloes job and it sure is big enough for a bed.

Jenny in Belgium said...

Great quilt - love the colours!

Isabella said...

Thankyou for posting your boxy stars quilt! I have only just started mine so yours has inspired me, I'm useing two jelly rolls (Louisa)

Laura said...

Oh WOW! It is wonderful! We had a friend who had surgery so we each made her 4 blocks (one star) with this pattern for her. I can't wait to see it all done. It is all purples, with light backgrounds.

Quilts And Pieces said...

OK, that last comment from Laura is really me - oops. I was logged in as her fixing her blog up. Forgot to log out!

Wendy said...

Your quilting is stunning and the choice of fabrics is fantastic. You should be very proud of this one.
I hope you feel better real soon.

Chelle (Dana) said...

I love your Boxy Stars! I think I need to make one for myself now and your quilting is wonderful on it. Love the quilting being in the block and something different in the sashing.

I hope you are feeling better. We are still having cold weather here in Germany. I think today is suppose to be a bit warmer. I just can't wait to bring out the shorts and sandals.

Brenda said...

Well, because of this post and that beautiful example of the "Boxed Stars" quilt, I had to follow your link and get my own copy for the pattern!!
I have looked at the patten before, and thought, eh, it's okay; BUT, your version is beautiful!! So, the pattern is now in my 'project' binder (the place I put all the future patterns I found that I would love to do!!) I hope you get to feeling better this weekend, and don't put to much pressure on yourself to finish this one. Leave that till you are better.

*karendianne. said...

Well that's irresistible. You should be so proud of yourself. What lovely work. Goodness Mary, Prime! It's Prime! I love those luscious fabrics, too.

Simply This and That said...

Oh goodness that is absolutely gorgeous! It turned out beautiful. It's wet and dreary here today too. Blah. ;o) ooxx`jodi

Red Geranium Cottage said...


Carole said...

That is a lovely quilt! Hope you're feeling better! Cheers!

Cheryl said...

I am trying to come up some words that haven't been used... but sorry I have to repeat some..... amazing, fantastic and I like drop dead gorgeous that Darlene used!!! Wooozers!

Judy said...

Wow that turned out so nicely! It's just gorgeous! great job!!

Karen said...

Oh, the Boxy Stars are just wonderful! I printed out the pattern but just don't have time to work on it right now.

Carla said...

Wow, beautiful!

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