Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"A Little Nothing"

Thank you to a few bloggers who emailed me to check on me because I hadn't posted for several days. I've been checking on your blogs but didn't take the time to write a post. My DH was off for several days, son #1 came home this weekend and so the house was full and busy again. I did get a small bit of quilting in and will share that with you next post. In the meantime, I just have to share this story!

A couple post back I was begging for some fabric for my Buzz Saw. Mona (I think a no blogger) wrote me a nice email to say she works with mostly civil war and didn't want the piece she had so was sending it. I received that package in the mail along with this little quilted trivet and very nice letter that made me think of my own sister. Here is just a small sampling of what Mona wrote: "I enjoyed "visiting" with you online today. Enclosed is the fabric we talked about plus a "little nothing" (as my mom calls little gifties). I made a few of these pot holders out of extra "Lotta Latte" fabric I had. I made 2 of my sisters quilts out of it so we could "have coffee" together every day since we don't live near one another and can't get together as often as we'd like. You are a hoot and someone I'd enjoy sitting down to visit with over a cup of coffee. Since that isn't possible, I'm sending the pot holder instead."

Well, Mona...thank you so much for your sweet act of kindness! I've got a "little nothing" being sent your way soon. Sis and I love making Starbuck runs together when we do get to see each other. She lives on the West coast and I'm on the I know exactly how you feel.


Pat said...

What a nice "little nothing" you got from Mona!!! It is so cute, too, and...of course, the thought was VERY sweet.

Cathi said...

A little nothing can mean a lot of something, can't it?! Have a great cup of coffee.

The Quilt Buddy said...

You so deserve it! I am glad that you were able to find the fabric that you needed!

Enjoy your coffee!

Zlaty said...

Nice to hear from you!
I am so happy for you, found the fabric you need and a new friend!

Happy sewing!

Judi Madsen said...

I am so glad you received your fabric. It will be great to be able finish your project. What a sweet gesture from Mona too, sending the potholder was so nice.

Alice I. said...

It's the little things that really mean a lot to us. Truly an act of kindness on Mona's part. Enjoy your giftie and I LOVE the coffee cup. I can almost smell the coffee from here! lol

mau said...

How lil nothings hit the heart so strong. :)

Carol said...

Glad you're back...what a great story...what a sweet "little nothing".

Judy said...

Very cute, glad you found some of the fabric!

Wendy said...

What a sweet little story to go with a sweet little nothing gift. Next time I'm having a Starbucks I'll be thinking of you.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I'm telling you bloggers are just the very best of friends arent they?

yellowfarmhouse said...

What a sweet "little nothing" you had in your mailbox. Isn't blogland just the best. Hey I really like your "happy cup" it has stars which are my absolute favorite. I'm in search of a new "happy cup" since Mr. Farmhouse accidently broke mine. It's a hard search - many requirements it must fill, LOL.

Hugs - Karen

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...

What a very nice " little nothing", enjoy your cup of coffee and little mat. Your fabric will make your quilt even more special.

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