Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year, New Beginnings, New Quilts!

Many of us are deciding on our New Year Resolutions. While I really didn't give it much thought besides getting back to exercising regularly, eating better, spending good quality time with family and friends; Julie has set some goals that I think are promising in my own quilting studio. As I read her posting today I had an "ah-ha" sounded like something I want and could do. So if you think you spend way too much time in front of the computer, drooling through quilt magazines and more time thinking about doing them rather than doing them you may want to consider her goals to be your own as well. Though I must admit I don't have that many UFO's (likely from drooling over photos rather than working on them!!)

Yesterday I had all intentions of making a small project for a friend until I was interrupted by son #2 that Meowzer made it home. Meowzer went missing Saturday evening. We live in a heavily wooded area so he makes the rounds to numerous homes and loves to hunt. This isn't the first time he was a no show but this time it was for three days of not coming home for food or his naps. The cat was soaking wet with mud; a bewildered look in his eyes and he wanted in. We promptly bathed him as he purred the whole time (yes, he loves baths). He then slept through the rest of the day and night. He obviously didn't eat for a few days as well. I don't know what happened to him but he is glad to be home. I hate having a cat that loves the outdoors but this is how he came to live with us.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and promising resolutions or goals that are manageable!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy 25th Anniversary

DH and I celebrate 25 years of marriage today. One of our best accomplishments together is our two sons, ages 15 and 19. Here is a recent photo of our family.
Why would I marry on Dec 30th? Long story shortened....he joined the military and he wanted to be sure I could go with him to his first duty assignment. At that time we knew for sure he would be home on leave during the holidays so planning a wedding was doable. Once we made several deposits to hold the hall, church, and order the invites we learned his first duty assignment would be right there at "home" in California! We went on with the planned wedding. Life for me during the first few years didn't change much as a military spouse since I never left my family, friends, job and life as I knew it. The only difference was now he got into a military uniform everyday and worked at the base (less than 10 minutes away). His next duty assignment took us to Europe and we spent many wonderful years traveling until his retirement just two years ago.
The 25 year anniversary is a milestone and we would love to celebrate it on a cruise or even perhaps Hawaii. But for now we still have the boys to get through college.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Pondering The Holiday Birthday

A few days ago I posted about my December birthday and the fact I don't much care for it during this month because the merriment is all about Christmas; granted Jesus' birthday is the reason for the season. I'm envious of birth dates during the long lazy days of summer. Well, as it turns out I received several emails from other bloggers having December birthdays and they too had stories to tell. Christmas wrapped birthday to Christmas ornaments as birthday gifts....ah the list goes on!

We met up with friends last night and the subject of December births was brought up. His birthday is in January and he said that the month just after the holidays is just as bad because nobody has money and the credit card bills show up. I had also heard this from another blogger with a January birthday.

I had a blogger ask if we might have a special birthday exchange for these months. is a thought and possibly something to consider. What do you think? Leave a comment with your birthdate and ideas if you have them.

One of my blogging friends, Judy celebrates her birthday today. Happy Birthday to you!

We had an enjoyable day Christmas and I wanted to share this quilted bag I received as one of my presents from Claire. Thank you spoil me.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas To All

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!
May Santa bring you all that you wish for and SEW much more!

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Birthday

Today, just three days before Christmas is my birthday. Some of you already know just how much I absolutely hate having a December birthday. Every year during this time I get a bit down just because all the merriment is geared towards the holidays.

A package came several days ago from my best friend, Claire. I was good and didn't peek because I knew that I wanted something to really make my day today. This is a Jo Morton quilt called, "Rebecca's Baskets." I should have taken close-ups to show off Claire's absolutely perfect hand quilting. I'll treasure this little number forever....thank you are the best!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Photos Of Christmas Past

These are photos from last year but I did want to share something for the holiday. There isn't as much out this year since I'd been gone the majority of it.

This little tree sits in what I call my internet cafe. My internet cafe is actually supposed to be the formal dining area. The area is anything but formal since I love the old look! I made the rip-rag garland many years ago and the tree skirt is a pattern from Fig Tree I believe. There are also cookie cutters for ornaments. The tree has been through many Christmas' and is due for a replacement this next year.

Rip-rag garland is easy enough to make. Cut rectangles of a variety of scraps about 3 x 5 (this actually depends on the look you want). You'll need ALOT and even more the larger the tree. Using stacks of 3 rectangles, center a long line of jute, twine or something similiar down the center and zig-zag stitch the jute to the fabric.....just keep on stitching. Again, the larger the tree the longer this will be. You may want to start wrapping this long length onto something so it does not tangle and knot. Next step can be a messy and lengthy one....remember the key word is "rip-rag" garland. Now you will tear each fabric towards the zig zag stitch on the jute and fluff up the rips. To store it I wrap it around an empty fabric bolt.

Another one of my favorite quilts is this Christmas Ribbons table topper.
A few more decorations.....

A view of my living room from the front door entry. I made the holiday stockings many Christmas' ago. I wanted to be sure the boys had something hand made from me that they would remember using while growing up.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm Home Again...With Many, Many Thanks!

My life was turned upside down nearly a month ago when I received the call that my dad's health took a turn for the worse. I immediately took the next plane to California and cared for dad the last week of his life. My dad passed away December 2nd of cancer. While dad will be missed I'm thankful he is no longer suffering. Thank you to so many who sent prayers; dad is now in heaven.

I was in California for three weeks having left the weekend just before Thanksgiving. Naturally this was the worse possible time with so many appointments on our calendar here. My DH was run ragged between his job and now taking over my domestic duties. He did an absolutely wonderful job of keeping it all together in addition to our friends here. With that said, I did come home to tons of mail, empty kitchen cupboards, bills to mail, cards to get out, and a house to decorate. DH did get out all the holiday boxes from the basement and had them sitting in the living room for me when I got home. Bless his heart, he put up the tree (without decorations) and he did put the garland out on the porch. I think he gave up after that! He told me he had to refer back to last year's photos to see what went where and finally gave up. Too funny! I've decided with the time cut short I won't decorate as much as last year and hope to post last year's photos to share later. I still need to find gifties for my guys too!

Speaking of friend Shirley had this pillow waiting for me along with a charm package by Moda called, "Collection For A Cause"....just cause she knew it would cheer me.

About a month ago my son brought home a fundraiser for 10 gift baskets his school was raffling. I never ever win but purchased $20 worth of tickets to support his school. The drawing was held while I was gone and I won TWO baskets! The one above is loaded with chocolate and the one below is a pamper basket.

Also my blogging friend Wendy received her swap from me just after I left here for California. She is the sweetest blogger to have asked me and I hope we'll do it again after the New Year.
Again, thank you to so many who commented with your thoughts and prayers. It really meant the world to me to see so many caring wishes being sent my way.