Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More Show & Share of Jo Day

Let me see if I can explain this quilt holder. One of the Jo members shares a small quilt that she slides over the top of an office supply product. I don't know the name of it....if you do help me out and mention it in the comments. It is clear plastic, tilts at a slight angle back and is the size of a piece of paper. I think you can actually slide a paper in between the clear plastic. Anyway, she makes a small quilt that covers the size of this office supply thingy....a sleeve big enough on the back of the quilt that slides down over the office thingy. Confusing? I really like this idea. I want to say she mentioned it appeared in an old Quiltmaker magazine....could be wrong.....but if you know....would you share? I liked it because it was another option for displaying a small quilt.

She also shared these two little seasonal quilts that I thought you would enjoy seeing.

This picture does no justice for this quilt! She used Jo fabrics but then took a pattern from Whimsicals "Cabin Fever" for the center...and she used gorgeous wool!

I still have more pictures of yesterday to share in another post.


Sherry said...

I think what you are describing is a frame, or certificate frame.

I have several Certificates of Accomplishment on my over head cabinet that are in those frames.

If memory serves me I think I have seen these at dollar stores also.

Thank you for the lovely pictures.

Janet said...

Thanks for posting the Jo Day quilts. I'm all fired up now to make something new - something small.

MARCIE said...

Love that idea for displaying a small quilt! I really like small quilts for decorating. Those fall applique quilts are really cute too, and of course the Jo Morton quilts. Thankfully it never ends!

Linda said...

Your quilts are gorgeous!!

My kitchen knobs are a long story. Back in 1986 I wanted to get rid of the orginal handles and could not find any handles that I liked that fit in the 2 holes already in the oak. So I bought brass back plates and single black knobs. I drilled a hole in the center of the two holes and the brass back plate covered up the holes and the new black knob screwed into the hole in the back plate. Fast forward about 5 years and I took the brass back plates off, sanded them and spray painted then with rustoleum black making it all black. It is not what I would have if the holes weren't already there but it fit the budget and need at the time! LOL I hope that helps!!

Wendy said...

I think the clear plastic thingy is sometimes called a brochure holder or display stand. I saw this in a magazine a couple of years ago and was going to try it but promptly forgot about the neat idea.

Oh my those are some pretty awesome quilts. Thanks for showing us.

Karen said...

Love the quilt show and tell and that little sleigh quilt is adorable. I love show and tell it always gets my creative juice flowing and I just want to run up to the sewing cave. Thanks for sharing and enjoy having your son home for a few days. I always make their favorites when they come home.

Hugs - Karen

Needle and Thread said...

Thank you for sharing all these wonderful seasonal quilts.
Another seasonal quilter,

paula, the quilter said...

We used to use those as point of purchase displays at trade shows. I just never thought of using it for displaying a quilt.

Sharon said...

Ok, I am so excited that I have the book the pattern and information is in. I posted to the wrong date! Sorry!! The frame is an 8' x 10" standing acrylic frame from a craft/office supply or I can get it at the grocery store photo center--The back of the quilt has a flap, lift is up and slide to the top of the frame! Tadaa.. a table top quilt...on display. Pattern and info is in the November, 2005 issue of McCalls Quick Quilts which still my be available for purchase.

Sharon said...

Ok, I was so excited to post this info .... 8" x 10" and some spelling errors. Sorry.....really not a good day for typing. So Sorry!!!

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