Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do Crickets Bring Us Luck or Not?

Meowzer has a pretty good life.....after my sleepless night this looks pretty darn good! I'll explain below.

A neighbor friend brought me these flowers the day before yesterday. We've had some very warm weather this week so I'm surprised they still look wonderful. They make me smile...I need to smile.

My sleepless night photo....

Yesterday I went up to the quilt studio and found a tiny little cricket so I carefully picked him up and released him outside....for luck right? I spent the major part of the day quilting away and Gam decides to have tension issues! Another few hours of pure frustration and I called it a night. Longarm tension issues are new to me; I spent another few hours researching my possibilities to correct it. This left me sleepless. Then this morning I was meeting up with a friend for breakfast only to find when I went to start the car it wouldn't start. My neighbor can't even get it jump started and suggested possibly the starter. Great! What I want to know is WHERE IS THAT CRICKET WHO WAS TO BRING ME LUCK?!!


Molly said...

I don't know about the cricket... but I do know that your cat is adorable! And your blue and green quilt is beautiful! Is it yours or are you quilting it for someone else--it's so pretty!

MARCIE said...

I am thinking NOT on the cricket issue. I have sure heard a lot of them around here lately. I don't know how they find their way into the house, but I have had them on the upper levels. Did you get the car figured out? Or the tension?

Needle and Thread said...

I hope the cricket is gone forever. As well as those Gam. tension issues. These machines can be so temperamental.

Wendy said...

Aww...the sleeping kitty is so precious. I hope your luck chances real soon.

Stephanie D. said...

Maybe you were supposed to put it in one of those cricket boxes and keep him on your hearth.

Or mantel.

Or something inside the house.

Maybe it was a rogue cricket.

Lorraine said...

I am guessing they don't bring luck...since you were all out of it it seems! hope things have picked up for you! did you solve the tension issues?

mamaspark said...

I love the kitty!! I have five of my own.

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