Sunday, October 5, 2008

Directions to Make Night & Day (previous post)

I've received request for this pattern. My pattern came from a magazine called, Quick & Easy Quilting - Feb 2000 issue. The pattern was made using 9 blocks with a small border with finished quilt size of 22" x 22".

1 strip each of 9 different dark prints cut 1 1/4" by fabric width
1 strip each of 9 different light prints cut 1 1/4" by fabric width
1/2 yd dark print for borders and binding
Backing & Batting 27" x 27"

Sew a dark to a light strip along length, right sides together; repeat for all light & dark strips. Use a scant 1/4" seam. Press your seams towards dark print. You will have 9 sets of strips 2" wide.

First Set Strip - -Use a Companion Angle Ruler to cut your triangles. Just put blunt end of ruler along the top of a strip and line up bottom. Make first angle cut, flip ruler over and keep cutting your triangles. You'll need 16 from each strip. (8 will be opposite of other 8 - meaning one side will have a longer light edge and other longer dark edge)

Join two identical triangles sewing side seam; repeat for four identical units with dark edges and four idential edges with light edges. You'll have 8 opposites triangles.

Join a light-edge triangle unit with a dark triangle unit, stitching the diagonal of triangles to make a small square - - stitch three more identical squares for a total of four small squares. Now stitch these squares together to form one block. See my previous post for quilt block.

Now do again using your next Set Strip until all set strips are completed. You should have 9 blocks to arrange how you like, and add on your borders (Cut 2 2" x 22", Cut 2 2" x 18")

Fun Notes: Try just using two colors for all nine blocks just keep in mind one lighter than other for opposites. If my instructions are confusing just cut one light and dark strip as practice and refer to my quilt on last posting. 1 1/4" strips make 6" blocks, 2" strips make 12" blocks.

Seriously....this is way too easy once you make the one block you will see! Have Fun!!


nannergirl said...

Thanks for these instructions..I was also trying to figure this pattern out.

Stephanie D. said...

Thanks! Saved it to my computer so I can print it out....and add it to the perennial to-do list!

Wendy said...

This looks like a fun block to make. I think I have that ruler somewhere.

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing the instructions for that quilt. I was looking at it and trying to figure it out myself. It's really a pretty and striking block.


MARCIE said...

This looks like it would be fun to make and simple with two fabrics per block. Neato!

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