Sunday, August 17, 2008

Soupy Sandwich?

I can still remember clearly September 1989. This was the first time I moved away from family and friends due to my husband's duty assignment that took us overseas. Only it just wasn't us, I was pregnant with my first son. My mom was able to come for the birth and stayed a short time. It was difficult to see her go. At the airport she gave me a big hug and as we cried together she whispered, "He'll be your little company during the day."

There were many, many times that I was thankful for "my company" over the years. My son and I have a very close bond together. I want to say in part because of his dad having been military and gone alot. When son #1 turned four we had son #2.

When son #1 left for kindergarten I was sad as I knew this was the next chapter. Son #2 kept me busy. You know how those toddler years are?! LOL

I've dreaded yesterday forever. Geez, I started crying over a mocha coffee in chatting with a friend a few years back about the day. This past year I knew it was coming fast and my crying would just sort of spontaneously start as though a hose were turned on. Pathetic aren't I? Of course, never in front of my son.

Here is a picture of my boys following us as we head to college yesterday. I should mention I've always dreaded the day they were old enough to be in a car together.

This photo is the first load of his belongings in the dorm room. Talk about eek! The room could use some serious work. He has a roommate who hadn't arrived yet. There is one bathroom (one shower/two toilets) for use by 8 students! Double eek! Then the moment came for saying goodbye and I felt I did very well considering I had to walk back out into hundreds of students and parents to get to the car with one gigantic lump in my throat. I couldn't let them see me looking like a blubbering idiot because "my company" was no more.

Once I got to the car and several more times on the drive home and even yet occassionally now....I have what my husband calls, "a soupy sandwich." I've never heard that expression before....but it makes me smile and that is what is needed.

The kicker in all this....son #1 turns 19 in less than a month and is less than two hours down the road! He is an awesome guy and I'm so excited for him to have this great experience. I know it is time for him.....but I'm a mom! we all get back home and my husband says he is taking son #2 out for a quick driving lesson. What?! You see, son #2 starts Student Driving on Mondayl! Do you think my mind will have other things on it? You bet! Oh my, at what point did they grow up so fast?!

Thankfully....there is always quilting.


Bonnie said...

Oh Mary! *HUGS* Now I've got YOUR lump in MY throat! But I am so excited for your son. I had to laugh about his dorm room being in need of decoration....*Hehehe* Knowing how you like things, I can see you going over there to spruce him up a bit!!

We need to get together soon. When does that machine arrive?!?!? Liberty is only a few weeks away too. But hopefully can spend time with you before then!


Carolyn said...

Wow, you son's dorm room looks much nicer than my son's was! You will get through this. When I left my son at college (He'll be a senior this year), I was so sad, but ironically we now have the best relationship we've ever had. And I thought it was good before! I'm now looking at my older daughter leaving in 3 weeks, so I'll have two away at school. I'm not quite as sad this time because I know good things will come. It will be strange to only have one at home though! I'll have her company for 4 more years and by the time she leaves for college I'm guessing one or both of the others will be back...

The Quilt Buddy said...

I am dreading the day that my little person leaves home! Right now we are in the toddler years and I cried the first time that I left him!

You will get through it! Keep yourself busy with your quilts and your wonderful decorating!

Judy said...

Hey I recognize that wall of neice's dorm room was exactly like that at ECU. Don't stop buying tissues my sister cried all 3 1/2 years every time she left her there!

marilyn said...

I have to take my oldest next Saturday and I totally understand what you are going through. I have been crying her whole senior year of high school and I can only imagine what I'm going to be like when I get on that plane to come home! I just hope nobody thinks I'm a terrorist! Crying and blubbering like the world is coming to an end...

Libby said...

Ahhh - but you know what? They come back *s* We have The Princess home again after a number of years of empty nesting. It's all part of the journey and . . . . it's really fun to watch them make their way in the world!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I still remember the day we took Boo to college for his first day of paperwork to fill out. OMG I felt like I did when he went to preschool for the first time. We're moms and they will always be our little boys.

Lorraine said...

Well done....I would have been crying all the way back to the "baby" moved out to go to Uni several years ago...he is now back...and working full time.....I love having him around and know it won't be forever so enjoy his company while I can....nice to see them growing isn't it....!

Marcie said...

You have got some scary things going on at your house! I am in the postition of watching my grandchildren learning to drive, and going off to college. I have no answer as to where the time goes, I just know it goes FAST! And the amazing thing is that I am still immature! Happy days! All is well!

Library Gal Quilts said...

I could have written your post exactly almost last year. My daughter left us and is exactly 8 blocks away. I think because they were truly a part of us we just have a amazing connection that I don't think even fathers feel. You will soon be so proud of his growth and he will soon realize what home is. I have to say I agree with Carolyn that is a great looking dorm room, Carmen's looked like prison!! I sent her a card a week and a package or two just so she'd have mail...I had fun making those happy boxes of candy and etc...many hugs, and love your blog :)
Pam B

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