Friday, August 1, 2008

See My Other Saw

Thought I'd post another style of saw that I have in my home. I haven't quilted the quilt hanging over it just yet. Actually I did have a feed sack hanging on the saw but it wasn't as colorful as this little quilt top. Notice the round wooden sifter to the right? I've left mine plain for the moment anyway. Use your imagination with this one. A small quilt could easily tuck inside or drape over the bottom. The bottom inside part of the sifter could hold something.I spent yesterday cutting up old fabrics. When I say old I mean back from my beginning years of think 80's! There were plenty of mauves, blues and the like. I used the June Tailor Quarter Cut to quickly and I do mean quickly cut them up into 2 1/2" strips. I've already started sewing on a Scrappy Bargello. I've been wanting to try making a Bargello and at same time get rid of some very old stash. The quilt will be baby size so I can just tuck it away for a ready made gift. There was no way that I wanted to have a lap size quilt made from these oldies but goodies. I've moved this fabric back and forth overseas so many times that it felt so good to finally use it up. Shoot! Take that back....I've got plenty more. But I do know one thing, it sure comes in handy for practicing quilting and new patterns.