Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quilt Decor Continued...

The past few days have been busy ones. I wish I could say with quilting but that comes to a halt when all my family is home. I'll tell more about my weekend in another post. In the meantime, I've had these photos sitting here waiting to share with you. This is a Lori Smith Fat Quarter quilt that sits on a small table in my kitchen area. Seeing the quilt in person is so much better than this photo. It is one of my favorites and holds sweet memories of quilting time spent with my friend. We both loved the quilt shop sample, bought the kit and made them that weekend! This sewing machine cabinet sits at the time of my stairs heading up into the quilt studio. I've got a very special featherweight sitting on top of it. I say very special because it was given to me with love my a sweet and dear friend who has passed away. I believe the quilt is a "This & That" Charm Pattern. I made this a few months ago.....apparently when I had more time for quilting?! When I started the blog in July I had every intention of showing NEW quilts. What could I have been thinking? Every summer is my worse time for getting much accomplished because I'm enjoying the outdoors and family being home more. Well, school is in session and Fall just around the corner so I'm guessing a bit more time quilting.


Tins and Treasures said...

Your quilts are beautiful...and I like your old machine. I have both my grandmothers' sewing machines. The cabinets are not as nice looking as fact one is even missing a drawer.
I agree, when family is home, or friends call, my projects can wait. So don't have as much done as I'd like, but you're right, with school in full swing, we'll see less and less of everyone! So more time to create.

Gypsy Quilter said...

What a lovely little Singer. And the basket quilt is scrumptious. I've always liked that pattern.

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

We love to see ALL quilts, old and new :o)

Anna M. said...

You do such lovely work! I love the old machine...I've always wanted one like that. I don't get much done as far as quilting goes during the summertime either, so even thought I hate to see the warm weather come to a close, I am excited to spend more time sewing. =)

Carol said...

Oh I love those little quilts...just wonderful.

yellowfarmhouse said...

Love those little quilts and remember they are all new to us - so keep on showing - plus I think we should see some pics of your sewing studio, hint hint. I really like those This and That patterns. Just picked up a new one to me a few weeks ago. That sewing machine is a dear memory for you of your special friend.

Hugs - Karen

Wendy said...

Your little quilts are so inspiring, I love them both. Just remember they are all new to use. I'd love to make both of them. Your color choices are wonderful.

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