Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My August Birthday (Not!)

Just look at my August birthday presents! My birthday is in December just days before Christmas. I hate holiday birthdays. The Christmas tree and trimmings are up, the gift-wrap that is "handy" to wrap with isn't birthday wrap. Cakes have poinsettias.....it just isn't an exciting birthday time for me. My friend, Shirley has spoiled me now for 24 years. We met in 1984 as military spouses. She knows about my feelings of a holiday birthday very well. I purposefully was careful when I tried getting pregnant to avoid the holidays. Bad huh? She lucked out and got an August birthday and made my birthday her month. How lucky am I?!! This little quilt is just CA-UTE!!!! If you look closely it is little four patch blocks worked into larger four patch blocks and then more four patch blocks! It looks amazing in my home and will be treasured just as much as my friendship with her.
Shirley just didn't make me the little four patch quilt; look at this ADORABLE needle punch! I may have mentioned to her that I loved this new little pattern....TA DA.....she whipped it up for me! She was saying she found this frame at Goodwill but had to "alter" it for the look. LOL The teeny tiny bear is just too good! It is so small you really can't see that it is made from an old cutter quilt. I love all and was truly spoiled today. Quilting friends are simply the best!

Then as mentioned in previous post.....this is my ladder that I have on my front porch. It is an older wooden ladder that has perfect stair steps that I use as shelves to hold potted plants. I like seeing the ivy drape down the steps and also enjoy finding other little odds and ends to mix in for some added color.
Today was also Jo Morton club meeting. We received the pattern for the applique center that will go with all those hourglasses I posted earlier. I'm thinking wool.


Wendy said...

Quilting friends are the best. How awesome for her to spoil you with such a beautiful quilt and needle punch. That's so sweet.

Libby said...

What great gifts. Lucky you to have an August birthday :-)

Judy said...

Thanks for coming to visit my blog, I love the quilt your friend made! It might work with the brights, but probably not as nice as the Jo fabrics. I'll find something cool to do with them though.

I agree about the birthday thing. Mine is the day after xmas and I always hated it, but my Mom was very good to celebrate it on the first weekend of Dec when I was a kid so it wasn't with christmas.

Darlene said...

Definitely a friend of the heart! Awesome quilt and needle punch - they will look terrific in your home.

Thank you for sharing your story and by the way - Happy Birthday!

Carole said...

Lovely gifts! I'm with you on holiday birthdays. The saying "kill two birds with one stone" comes to mind. I couldn't imagine a b-day on Dec 25th. lol Very kind of your friend.

yellowfarmhouse said...

What a sweet peep you have there and her gifts to you were wonderful. I saw that punch needle pattern and thought I need to get that because I loved the name Petal Pusher. Your lucky to have her in your life.

Hugs - karen

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