Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let Me Say Thank You

It has been a few days since my posting of son #1 leaving for college. Let me tell you, I'm doing much better. This "soupy sandwich" isn't near as drenched as she was. Your comments, emails and friends who shared coffees were much appreciated. Each and every person had their own story to share with me....for that I'm grateful and thank you! Now let me get on with the good stuff! Since I don't have my own Jo Morton completed to show, I asked my gal pal Shirley if she would allow a photo to share of her CA-UTE little number! Rather than doing the Jo Morton pattern for the month, she made this quilt using smaller 4 patch blocks and a totally different setting. This is her mantle above her fireplace. I guess she isn't parting with this one either. Dang!I tossed in a photo of wooden spools to show. Not everything can be quilts right? Afterall, I showed some saws, ladders, and baskets. Spools also fit right in the my scheme of decor. They aren't expensive but getting harder to find.

Then I have Meowzer the outdoor cat that moved to our house over a year ago. He actually belonged a few houses down but his people were never home and left him hungry the majority of the time. I guess you could say I secured the "relocation" when he was screaming of starvation at my door and all I had to offer was TUNA!!

I absolutely love cats. I grew up with cats. When I met my now husband I had an indoor cat. My nerves hate the thought of an outdoor kitty exposed to the elements, cars, and just whatever dangers can come their way. Anyway...back to story....turns out I should have had a questionaire for the then "boyfriend" asking him the following question?

1. Allergies/Asthma? looking back perhaps a few more questions. But after nearly 25 years of marriage it is too late now, right?

Turns out that in answer to question #1 it is a big fat YES.

So you indoor cats for me. I certainly wouldn't have gone and selected a kitty from the litter to toss him outside. When Meowzer showed up, I was tickled (husband..not so much) I'm good though...only occassionally can he come in for a quick visit and he doesn't get to explore the house. I've got him an old cutter quilt set on the front porch bench, food in the garage and in the winter he gets to sleep in the garage. Meowzer has been outside his whole life and is a big hunter. He likes to bring me "gifts." This I'm not so keen about either. This week I managed to save a hummingbird, and thought I had saved two rabbits until today! Bad kitty!!!


Connie W said...

The photos are just lovely. I love those spools too. I've seen them used as bases for lights that use those small cute bulbs with the waxy tips...maybe they're imitation probably have seen them. Anyway, they're cute.

Libby said...

I never cared for 'kitty gifts' when we had our Dizzy . . . but after the summer of the squirrel invasion, I sure would be happy to see him go on a hunting frenzy *s*

Wendy said...

I wish I could get a closer look at that adorable quilt...very cute!! My daughters kitty caught a bird and my DD was so upset she took the bird to a animal recovery place and they saved it...that was a real sweet thing for her to do.

Tins and Treasures said...

Mary, I wish we were close neighbors, cause I think we'd be great friends...we have so much in common. I've always had a cat or two also, and loved reading about meowser!!

Judy said...

Oh, my first cat brought me a bird once and I scolded her so badly she never did it again!

Love the spools and the quilt!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Im glad your feeling better today. I told you it would get easier. How nice of you to take that cat in. It knew just the right place to go and beg for food.
Love the little quilt and the spools.

Lucy said...

I love your quilts and how you displayed them!

Carole said...

Lovely photos! I know what you mean about gifts! I have 3 cats, yes I'm a cat lover. Two of which were strays! Luckly, dh is not allergic! ;o) Keep well!

Karen said...

I popped by for a visit. The little quilt is really nice. I think you should have it.
My husband had some really bad experiences with a neighbor's multitude of cats when he was a kid, so he has never wanted one. They are so cute. That neighbor was not in her right mind. Had dozens of cats both inside & outside and did not properly care for them. I won't go into detail but it was not a pleasant experience.

yellowfarmhouse said...

Love that Jo's in the miniture version - your right very CA-UTE and spools - well I've got a thing for those as well - and I have them all over the house. Glad you feeling better about your son. It's one of those tough moments we always try to prepare ourselves for.

hugs - Karen

Brenda@Spareminute cottage said...

My husband also forgot to tell me he was allergic to cats also.We have a indoor cat that has learned to stay off of the furniture.We also have a outdoor cat that adopted us this summer that looks like yours and has a similar story .
Best Wishes

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