Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ladders & Rakes Can Decorate Too!

There are many different types of old ladders that make awesome decorating pieces; in my book anyway! LOL This is one I picked up while living in Germany. It is the type that would lean up against a tree for picking apples or whatever. Rather than have it leaning against a wall vertically I got my husband to hang it horizontally in our living room. I think it is a perfect addition to my saws and rakes.
I'll post a photo later of the ladder on my front porch. It is another old ladder that stands vertically. I use the steps for potted plants. I love the look of the green ivy hanging down over the ladder.
Rakes!! Use them!! OK....not in the yard but bring those lovely old rakes inside. Yep....your husband and family members will think you've really gone bonkers now. I own three different types of rakes and just have the one hanging at the moment. I've got one that looks like a bird's claw. I keep thinking some sort of quilt that has crows and sunflowers would be wonderful for it. Of course, getting to and making this quilt will take some doing since I figure that project to be....hmmmm....project number 1032? Can I possibly get to all these projects in my life time?!!