Thursday, August 28, 2008

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Some people manage to have hours at the end of the day when they can endlessly stitch. As for myself, I fade real fast come 8pm and rarely will you see me in the quilt studio after the dinner hour. I'm an early riser and am most productive this time of day. However, my family and home come first. I've been the type of quilter who will have the house tidy and family needs taken care of before quilting. I spend a great deal of time with my family when they are home and it seems we all do things together as a group effort whether it be seeing a movie, washing cars, doing yard work etc. This is why I can't seem to get much accomplished in the way of creativity or why I took it so hard with son #1 heading off to college. Speaking of son #1, we painted his room this past weekend. (more time away from quilting)

Every so often I have the desire to stitch in front of the television in the evening with the family. I would likely stitch more if the lighting were better (I've hinted for an Ott-Lite - they fuss if the light is to bright). Earlier in the year I attended the quilt show in Hampton, VA and fell in love with all the samples in the booth and bought the book. Every now and then I pull this little stitchery out and work a block that will eventually become another small little quilt. Here is another unfinished stitchery that I work on in the evenings....if I haven't faded out! LOL
This past week has been a busy one for me with the painting, appointments, errands to run, house to clean. In between all of that I did manage to get my wool stitched on to the center of my Jo project. I just need to square it up before attaching to my hourglasses and get it sandwiched for machine quilting. (my plan for today) OH -- and I'll have to stop early to pick up and take son #2 to his orthodonic appt!

My favorite activity in the evening is stitching down the final binding on a new quilt! I'm learning to let some daily chores go so that I can be in the quilt studio more!


Libby said...

Doesn't Liberty Homestead have a great booth at quilt shows . . . I always try to go there first *s*

p.s. hand stitching binding is my favorite part of quilt making, too.

Wendy said...

I fade in the evening as well, most of my stitching is done while waiting for dinner to cook or something. I was just looking at a redwork basket quilt by Liberty, I didn't start it...too many others on the go. I love your Jo's quilt, I still have to make the hour glasses for mine.

Marcie said...

I love that Liberty Homestead booth! The quilts are so cool! Your project will be wonderful! Your Jo quilt is wonderful! I do love pieced and applique combined.

Tins and Treasures said...

I,too,am usually up @ 5:30, but then fading fast by @ 9:30...
How is your son at college? My girls are feeling a little stressed!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Your blog is beautiful! Such wonderful projects :o)

Lorraine said...

I just love putting those final stitches into the binding of a quilt...!! I think we all find time to stitch in different ways...I like you need to have everything else squared away (as much as possible) before I disappear into the sewing room...that way I know there will be less interruptions as well ... LOL.....I stitch in the evenings while the prince and the dog sleep...LOL....I always look forward to Friday nights, but for some reason I usually fade faster on Fridays!!.....and hardly ever achieve any stitching at all!! I have family coming home this weekend so will have a house full of fun and love....can't wait...happy to put stitching aside for time with family! I get up at around 5.30 and there are things to do before I go to work...have found this the best time to read emails and blogs before I start the day at work.....!

yellowfarmhouse said...

Oh I love the Jo's quilt and your stitcheries. I'm with you also - I just can't stitch late like I used to, not only because I'm tired, my eyes don't work the best at night anymore and that's with an Ott lite, LOL.

Hugs - Karen

Judy said...

I probably saw you at the show and didn't know it! I was in that booth 3 times! Bought tons, including that book!!

I also have the mice embroidery..luckily all done, but I have to do the piecing. I'll say when you get to the small dots I hope you have better luck than I did. They were hard to do and next time I'm doing french knots! Love the Jo quilt!

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