Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sharing a photo

My birthday quilt from Claire hangs in my living room. This photo was taken during the winter months when I still had out a few of my snowman. It was as though the quilt was made to fit on this wall space. Perfect!

I love my country things things and to decorate with quilts. My goal years ago when I began quilting was to have little quilts tucked in and out of everything! I enjoy making "instant gratification" types of quilts. My husband does give me a hard time about them not covering him up and also the fact that the walls should be warm! He also gives me a very hard time about bringing in the barn! I decorate with rakes, ladders, saws, and signs to name a few. The greatest compliment to my style of decorating is seeing it repeated in friend's homes.

Last week was the parent/student orientation at NC State. It was a tiring yet informative two days. This weekend I was feeling down in the dumps. My son will soon be leaving our nest. I'm thankful it is just a few hours down the road!

Today I was able to get in some quilt time and worked on my Jo Morton Club project. I made 84 Hourglass 3" unfinished blocks. These blocks will go around an applique block. Another small quilt....I'm liking it!