Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lurking Over and Blogging too!

I've finally decided that I too will jump in on the blogging scene. Afterall, I have found quilting inspiration through my lurking on everybody else's blog post. I have watched many friendships form through blogs. This past year I was fortunate to meet one of my all-time favorites.....Bonnie from I watched her blog for years while living overseas and then moving here to NC. The friendship has quickly bloomed and I always feel special seeing myself published under her post. Thanks Bonnie! I also had DH urging me to blog. We have many relatives/friends out of state who would enjoy seeing photos posted of my quilting adventures, home and family. I hope to not disappoint and come up with some good stuff!


Jan H said...

I like the name, Quilt Hollow, it has a great country sound to it, which will be perfect for you and your long arm busines.
I will be keeping an eye out for your blog, have fun and post pics.

tkgarmon said...

Yes! You have arrived! As a friend, I am delighted you have taken this step.
Hollow neightbor

belinda said...

Welcome Mary,,,,,I'm a newbie as well!! It is so much fun!! I have found that blogging seems to make me accountable in some way as well as seeming to make me more productive. It is WONDERFUL to share your creative side as well as your projects and everyone is interested and so helpful if you need the help. WELCOME!! Come by and "stalk" often!!!

Tins and Treasures said...

I opened my blog just five weeks ago. I have been amazed at how "small" our world is!! Natalie

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Welcome to blogland!!!!! Love the name you picked.

Mar said...

Welcome to blog land Mary! So far so good!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mary,
Just found your blog by way of Karen's at Yellow Farmhouse - I think! I love your decorating ideas. I'm a "no blogger" still, but one of these days I'll take the plunge. Mary is our oldest daughter's name - my all time favorite name. Keep inspiring us with your quilting and decorating.
Love, Kathy from New York State

Cathi said...

Okay, this is how bored I am at work.....I was reading your older posts the other day and decided to go back to your first one (which I am commenting on). Did you know your blogaverserry is tomorrow? I'm just saying......and no, I'm not stalking......just bored.

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