Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It has been a week since my first posting and I honestly hoped to have a new quilt project to show. But haven't at moment so sharing with you a moment with a dear friend, Claire. I'm on the right. Claire made me this absolutely gorgeous quilt for my birthday this past December. In a future post I will share where it hangs proudly in my living room.
Claire and I met overseas in Germany while our husbands were in the military. Both of our families ended up stationed in England and the friendship really blossomed. Our husbands have retired and now Claire and I live a state apart from each other. I miss our days spent at the gym, getting our mocha coffees and quilting together.
Tomorrow I head to NC State for a parent/student orientation for my first son who is heading off to first year of college. My other son will start his first year of high school in just two short weeks. I'm guessing I'll have more time on my hands for quilting.