Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jo Morton Progress

Here is a Jo number that I just finished up this past week. I love the feel of a little quilt once washed and dried. Rather than a simple meander I quilted some "peacock" loops/feathers or whatever you want to call them. It is always an exciting moment to stitch the last bit of binding down and toss the quilt into the I can decorate!

This is another Jo project. I've got all the hourglass blocks completed and rows stitched up just waiting for that applique block for the middle. Jo club meets first Tuesday of the month so I won't get the pattern for the applique until next week.

I starched my Jo Morton fabrics heavily. The pile of fat quarters feel like heavy cardstock paper. A friend of mine told me about this and how easy it was to piece the smaller bits of fabric. Boy was she right! My only concern about having starch in my fabrics is the fact that silverfish love to eat starch. I'll keep an eye on my starched stash and as always I wash my quilts to remove it before displaying.

A friend wants me to post some more house decorating photos.....I've got many but here is one specifically for her. Smile Bonnie! Perhaps you too will look at "finds" differently. This quilt rack....oh, wait it is a saw; $15 and a great addition to my home.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sharing a photo

My birthday quilt from Claire hangs in my living room. This photo was taken during the winter months when I still had out a few of my snowman. It was as though the quilt was made to fit on this wall space. Perfect!

I love my country things things and to decorate with quilts. My goal years ago when I began quilting was to have little quilts tucked in and out of everything! I enjoy making "instant gratification" types of quilts. My husband does give me a hard time about them not covering him up and also the fact that the walls should be warm! He also gives me a very hard time about bringing in the barn! I decorate with rakes, ladders, saws, and signs to name a few. The greatest compliment to my style of decorating is seeing it repeated in friend's homes.

Last week was the parent/student orientation at NC State. It was a tiring yet informative two days. This weekend I was feeling down in the dumps. My son will soon be leaving our nest. I'm thankful it is just a few hours down the road!

Today I was able to get in some quilt time and worked on my Jo Morton Club project. I made 84 Hourglass 3" unfinished blocks. These blocks will go around an applique block. Another small quilt....I'm liking it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It has been a week since my first posting and I honestly hoped to have a new quilt project to show. But haven't at moment so sharing with you a moment with a dear friend, Claire. I'm on the right. Claire made me this absolutely gorgeous quilt for my birthday this past December. In a future post I will share where it hangs proudly in my living room.
Claire and I met overseas in Germany while our husbands were in the military. Both of our families ended up stationed in England and the friendship really blossomed. Our husbands have retired and now Claire and I live a state apart from each other. I miss our days spent at the gym, getting our mocha coffees and quilting together.
Tomorrow I head to NC State for a parent/student orientation for my first son who is heading off to first year of college. My other son will start his first year of high school in just two short weeks. I'm guessing I'll have more time on my hands for quilting.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lurking Over and Blogging too!

I've finally decided that I too will jump in on the blogging scene. Afterall, I have found quilting inspiration through my lurking on everybody else's blog post. I have watched many friendships form through blogs. This past year I was fortunate to meet one of my all-time favorites.....Bonnie from I watched her blog for years while living overseas and then moving here to NC. The friendship has quickly bloomed and I always feel special seeing myself published under her post. Thanks Bonnie! I also had DH urging me to blog. We have many relatives/friends out of state who would enjoy seeing photos posted of my quilting adventures, home and family. I hope to not disappoint and come up with some good stuff!