Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Wedding

Several of you asking about the wedding that took place this past Labor Day weekend so here are a few pictures for you.  My youngest son and his new wife (aka my new daughter) celebrate with a smooch in front of one of the quilts I made.

They actually were lucky enough to receive two wedding quilts from me.  Thank you to my girlfriend Shirley who pieced this queen size Modern Wedding Ring for me and then I custom quilted.  I will tell you that my husband fell in love with this one and wanted to keep it for himself.  Thankfully I overbought this fabric line from Moda called, "Nocturne."

We will be ditching our old email address very soon. I have a new one should you need to contact me


Monday, January 4, 2016

New Beginnings....

Happy New Year!  I know I went missing here in blogland especially these past few months.  Quilt Hollow was super busy quilting for others.  Blogging in 2015 next to nonexistent.

I did manage to make my son's quilts (where are my photos?!) and then a few small quilted gifts to include this cute little mini that I gifted my future DIL at her bridal fitting last month.  It is a free pattern at The Fat Quarter Shop online.  The large ring is a napkin ring holder.

During the holidays I met up for lunch with a very dear friend, Jackie.  When we meet up we spend hours talking.  I gave her these flowers  because I honestly believe flowers need to be given while the person is alive to enjoy them.  Will you consider the gift of a simple flower this next year?

I'm still working on a few quilt tops that I received in 2015.  Below Erica's quilt that I took off the frame today.  She tells me the quilt is called, "Follow the Leader" and can be found in the AP&Q, April 2011, Issue 109.  Also available as a pattern download on the website.  I've frosted her quilt with Flying Paisley as it really spoke to me once I saw the quilt up close and personal.

I've titled this post, New Beginnings not only because of the New Year but some changes here in my hollow.  I'm no longer taking new clients.  My quilt schedule is just about booked for the next few months and after that I'll no longer quilt for others on a regular basis.

This has been a difficult decision to make but the reality is my own stash getting dusty, my bucket list of quilts I want to make longer, and life shorter.  So with the prodding of my hubby to "let go" and work on the wedding quilt for my youngest son's upcoming wedding in September.  This change will mean I'm leaving behind quilts and not stash that would eventually find its way to a garage sale or thrift shop.

My Etsy shop name is QuiltHollowQuilter and will see some action this year too!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Final Post for Today

One of our favorite things this summer was taking Bailey to the river for stick retrieving.  This photo with the train passing by and Bailey looking to "his dad" with love just makes me smile.

Baptist Fan Quilting

Plume Quilting

Whirlpools Quilting

Deb's Feathers Quilting

Semi-Custom Quilting

Flower Child Quilting in the works

Vortex Quilting

RosesnCurls Quilting

Custom Quilting

Spools Quilting

Ginger Snaps Quilting

Elegant Orange Peel Quilting

Folksy Oak Quilting

Woven Wind Quilting

Three Tours Wavy Stripe Quilting

Deb's Feathers

Whirlpools Quilting (requested a lot!)

Three Tours Wave Quilting

Anchors and Stars Quilting

RosesnCurls Quilting

Midnight Sparkle Quilting

Circle Swirls Quilting

Midnight Sparkles Quilting

These three babies were caught frolicking about in my backyard awhile back.  Everyday we have deer since we are butted up to the woods.  I love it here in NC!

Still with me? 4th post of the day!

I'm nervous that I will lose photos when I start transferring and clearing my storage space so I'm posting quick pics of some of the quilts I've frosted this past year.  My blog has also been sort of a "diary" for me.  It is like going down memory lane when I go back through the post.

Excited Quilting

Pretty Paisley Quilting

Whirlpools Quilting - - I love photos that show before and how quilting is the frosting.

Semi-Custom Quilting (3rd Lucy Quilt I've done this year)

Ginger Snap Quilting (very popular)

Star Spangled Banner Quilting

Ginger Snap Quilting

Modern Loops Quilting

Whirlpools Quilting (another favorite!)

Hexagon Quilting

Faster Posies Quilting

Ginger Flower Quilting

...and Part 3....more to come!

Oh my word...the above quilt just steals my heart!  I've added this one to my list for that "someday grandchild."  Frosted it with Curly Weave.

Retro Tile 4 Quilting

Forever Flower Quilting

Graceful Flowers Quilting

Flying Paisley Quilting

Ginger Snaps Quilting and this one a story about the fabric.  When I opened this box I was over the moon in love with her fabric choice of Moda's Nocturne line.  Photos of the fabric do not do it justice.  Just beautiful dark blues, grays and creams.
Perfect fabric for the guys in my life and did I mention my youngest son's engagement?  We have a huge celebration next September as we welcome Shannon to our family!   Care to guess wedding colors?

Val had been given one special T-Shirt and asked to make a quilt.  So the above is a single T-Shirt and look at her backing below!  I love how she pieced the backing with two special photos.

Circle Swirls Quilting

Paws Quilting

Midnight Sparkle Quilting (a favorite this time of year!)

Bailey soaking up some sun and trying to stay awake and alert...too funny.