Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Want to see?

This an Eleanor Burns Pattern called, "Underground Railroad."  I've quilted Baptist fans.  The blocks finish at 6".  In the back of Eleanor's book is the following.  This has been printed onto muslin to label the back of the quilt.  Cute right?

I'm only sharing a glimpse of the following quilt for now as it belongs to Sue.  She chose a new design to me called, "Autumn Leaves and Acorns."  This is one of those designs I want on one of my own quilt tops!  I loved it!  Also the fabric she chose felt so soothing.

There are so many edge to edge designs available that "frost" quilt tops perfectly.  Here is another one of Sue's and good example of a great design.

Sue chose Midnight Sparkle.  This quilt pattern is by Lori Holt.  If you are on Instagram use #haveyourselfaquiltylittlechristmas to see more, learn more.

Another wonderful quilt made by Susan.  The pattern called, "Pincurls" by Me and My Sister Designs and frosted with a number one requested design of Baptist Fans.

Mary followed along with Green Fairy Quilts to make the above quilt.  #flowerpatchqal

I've got to show this one by Joyce.  It is Sherri McConnell's pattern, "Summer Star."  I've used Bull's Eye to frost it.  Awesome look!

Lastly, my Bailey.  He loves when I bring him toys from Goodwill.  Unfortunate for Bugs Bunny; a short lived stay here in the hollow.  LOL!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Secret Sewing Reveal

Some secret sewing I did just after the holidays is now revealed, so I can share here.  The is a pattern from an older quilt book I have called, Cat's Meow.  I love the Modern texture of quilting hexagons.

A mini Dwell with some Cotton Puff quilting.
MODA has FREE patterns called, Spell It With MODA.  The C is for Cindy with a mini quilt block too!  I took pictures before getting the binding on.
A peek at this one.  Jackie will be here to pick up soon.  A very special top her mom had made but never got it quilted.  How many of your tops are left lingering and unfinished?  I kept thinking Jackie's mom will be smiling as this one was frosted.
I forgot to get other pictures to share with you of gifts my friend gave me on a recent trip through Florida.  This is one of them.  How cute with the snaps for buttons.
Bailey is getting bigger and always busy.  He's 10 months old now.  We've learned that toys from Goodwill is the way to go.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day and weekend!  

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Miss My Sandals....

I spent some time here last week.
Hubby and I took our first cruise to Eastern Caribbean.
Oh my gosh, loved the warmth and beauty of it all!
Loved it so much we plan to do another to the Western Caribbean.
Has this ever happened to you?  A stranger volunteers to photograph you and when you get the camera back you see this?  We laughed.  Thankfully our other volunteer photographers hit the mark.
Now my sandals and summer clothes are put away and it's time to quilt again.

Monday, January 5, 2015

A Few of My Own Finishes ....

Okay....not really my own as they have been gifted.
My "girls" loved the nail polish quilts I made them for Christmas.
Temecula Quilt Company blogged a free Little Letters quilt pattern in 2014.  It's a great quilt for using up scraps.  I used mostly Jo Morton fabrics and quilted it with a Baptist Fan design.  This quilt now resides in Florida.

I forgot to get a photo after stitching binding to the back.  This is another I made using Jo Morton fabric, quilted with an Orange Peel design and resides with the Little Letters quilt above.  Enjoy friend!
Bailey spends time with me quilting now.  He is always comical and loves laying on his back.
....even to play.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year! Read On.....

Thank you friends who sent me surprises!  I received books, patterns, fabrics, Polish pottery and gifts from your hands.  My birthday is just a few days before Christmas so these are from both celebrations.

Cotton, wool, a crow and big primitive stitches!  I love how she quilted the border too!

Wool table mats with a special note of more to come!  I was thinking of creating a space on my studio wall for these pretties!

A hipster bag with polka-dots!  How cute is this and just the right size to carry on my first ever cruise!

Jeff and I celebrate 31 years of bliss tomorrow and have booked a cruise for later next month.  Our first vacation we are taking that is just the two of us, and hundreds of other cruisers.  LOL!

Quilt Hollow is making changes for 2015.  I've got to make the change for my own health and peace of mind.  While I still plan to quilt for others, I will no longer custom quilt.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 7, 2014


I found the snowflakes at Lowes Home Improvement.  Just had to share as they are just two cute!  A pack of four on sale now for less than $7. 

I forgot to show you the mini quilt I made for my DIL's birthday.

Bailey is eight months now and "goes to work" with me in the quilt studio now that he is learning his manners.  Though, look at this photo with his feet on the wall!  He is so funny.