Thursday, July 3, 2014

Quilting Photos

I'm behind on posting photos of quilting for many reasons.  Rather than give reasons here are some quilts to share.  The star quilt simply has wavy lines quilted.
Quilted with whirlpools.
Quilted with an airplane motif.
Modern Cubes quilting
Didn't get great pictures but you get the idea here.  Woven Wind quilting
Loved this one with feathers and swirls all over.

Baptist Fans
Woven Wind. I put these two photos together to show the difference in quilting.
Modern Circles
I just had to custom quilt this one!

The smallest quilt 12" x 12" with minature Baptist Fans.
I posted this before but a few requested to see Paisley Feather quilting better.

Do you have quilt tops just sitting that you wish were quilted?  I quilt them!  Contact me and let's get your tops quilted!  I'd love to hear from you.  Think about holidays being here in less 6 months....what will you be gifting? It's a thought. 

...and I wish you all a fun-filled 4th!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ring That Bell and More

Can't help but smile with this guy!  He is a busy boy with lots to learn.
Twelve chemo treatments done and bell rung!  For those who don't know, DH went in for a routine colonoscopy last Fall and the discovery made of Stage 3 cancer.  I urge you to spread world of just how important it is to get exams!  After surgery it was discovered that cancer cells were in 6 of the 10 lymph nodes removed so chemo started immediately following surgery.  Now....we wait and remain hopeful.
My family at the beach last week.  Love these guys!  They are my rock, what matters, and keep always let me know just how much I'm loved and appreciated.
My girls ( guy's gals) expressed interest in quilting without any arm twisting!

I think Kim will be excited the quilt I quilted for her on my blog.  I must apologize for not getting the quilt photos together for a post.  My blog is a quilt blog, promise!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Update On My Life These Days

As promised, a photo of my handsome son and my daughter-in-love!
We have another new family member.  Introducing Bailey!  He is a busy labradoodle with much to learn!  A fellow blogger on IG commented, "May the force be with you!"   What a spot on comment!  LOL
Just one more chemo out of 12 to go!  Hubby is doing pretty good all things considered.  I've stepped up doing so much more than ever in the yards, painting deck, shoveling rock etc.
I did take some time to finish piecing and quilting a few mini quilts however still need binding.

Hopefully the next post won't be so far off and I'll post client quilts.  Thank you to those who are hanging with me and took advantage of the quilt special I offered in May.  I really appreciate you allowing me to "frost" your quilts.

Also my Etsy shop has a few things added finally!  

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Disappearing Pinwheel Block

SQUIRREL!  Yep, that is me as soon as I read Paulette's blog post.  I watched the Missouri Star Tutorial on her technique of making a Disappearing Nine Patch block, went back to Paulette's blog post to see another version on another blog and was off and sewing!

I chose not to piece the Missouri Star tutorial way and used 4.5" squares to start so my blocks are small.  Once I cut my pinwheel block into in nine equal pieces and assembled to look like this I decided to mix them up and made more blocks in a jiffy!
I've now rearranged the center pinwheels to give these blocks more of a scrappy look.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Piece & Plenty Quilted

I played around with an app.  I'm not a pro but they have free fun ones I download to try.  If I don't like it I simply delete it.
I tried to get a photo so you could see the bread basket quilting I did on this Piece & Plenty quilt.  The next photo shows the quilting better.
This was the first time I used this pattern and I'll be using again soon!  It is a fast one to stitch too!
Check out my new hutch!  It's new to me anyway.  I bought it at a moving sale.  I'll soon have quilts and things in it.
Lastly, I have to share this photo of my younger son and his gal.  She is on his lap as my husband drove.  It was from just around the corner after they loaded my new hutch.  My son sent me a snap chat and I was quick enough to click and save it!   A snap chat is a very quick photo that you can only see for so many seconds before it disappears unless of course your quick to copy it.  LOL!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Random Everything and Quilting Sale

I enjoyed the warmth we had this past week.  I'll be bringing in this beauty tonight and I've covered my new plants in preparation for tonight's freeze warning and possibly snow!

Have you missed me in Blogland?  A few of you email me away from my blog and know about my life other than I'm a longarm quilter.  I've made some wonderful friends through blogging; even meeting and visiting some of you.  I'll keep blogging but I have found most of the bloggers are posting several times a day to Instagram.  It's fun, fast and easy way but does lack details.  Here's a quick snap shot of my Instagram.
The top left photo is of the cancer center.  That's where I spend a lot of time with DH.  He is doing remarkably well considering we were at the ER two weeks ago!  He spiked a temp of 102.3 and had pneumonia.

One week previous to my husband's ER visit I got a call from my youngest college student son with heart problems.  Long story shortened.....three hospitals, two ambulance rides, a stay over in the hospital he will be fine. This is the son who loves to play a few pranks and shows me how to properly use Instagram and Snapchat!  So with that said take a look at my Instagram photo and you'll see my own prank on his truck.  He does love cats but vandalizing the truck not so much.  LOL

Awhile back I quilted this quilt and extra small pieced rectangles for Jobi to make matching shams.  I love the idea and snagged this photo from her to share with you the final result.
I love it and the metal bed!

One more photo I wanted to share is these works of art Jobi whipped up in just a day and a half!
Jobi told me these were made to remind her of her own kitties and they are a pattern Jobi made!  The joints are beads so the legs and arms move, beaded tails, buttonhole detailed faces and just dang cute!  My favorite is the gray one. They are just different and make me smile!  I think she should sell them on Etsy!

I finished piecing this Sweet Treasures BOM and added to my own quilt tops waiting to be quilted.  It's a good size so this is the best photo I could get for now.

I'm offering 10% off on all edge to edge quilting service on quilt tops in my possession through end of May.  Contact me for full details at